COVID-19 – A Trojan Horse, a European 9/11?

By Rüdiger Lenz.

What I am writing here shall be short and concise. Because I do not want to pre-interpret what is happening here in Germany and Europe. Everyone should form their own opinion and picture of what is happening here, uncolored and as clear as possible. Link and spread this article and its appendices as often and as broadly as you can.

The whole propaganda about the coronavirus is still in its early stages and many people are far from having a rigid attitude towards it. Which means, we can still inform the public without getting too strong reactions in the mainstream. In a few days we will encounter the most violent cognitive dissonance and be turned into the conspirators again.

On March 16, 2020, the German Chancellor issued a whole catalogue of regulations restricting the coexistence of the entire society. The reason for this is to reduce the risk of infection with the coronavirus COVID-19. According to the Chancellor, the aim of the many regulations is to keep the number of deaths that might occur after infection as low as possible.

Germany, and indeed many countries in the EU, are now in a state of emergency and naturally for a good cause. Remember: The perpetrators often act as rescuers afterwards. And if the Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn survives the whole incident, he will become the next Chancellor, sold to the public as the savior of this country, not Mr Merz. Just as an aside.

Now I have completely different information about the coronavirus. Yes, I even ask you to spread this information, which I enclose here as attachments, as much as possible. Because what is currently happening here has nothing, nothing at all to do with COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a Trojan Horse

COVID-19 is a Trojan Horse and probably, who is surprised, it is about global financial interests. That’ s all I want to speculate about. I prefer to leave that to the financial experts here at KenFM or elsewhere.

The German Chancellor, and you will see this just as I do, if you look at the following appendices and study them closely, is leading Germany and all of Europe into a totalitarian pattern. Perhaps she is now also leading democracy to its end. I don’t know. I only know that the economic damage, including yours, will be devastating.

It’s like 9/11, 2001. I saw the smoking tower live on the screen and a plane flew into the other tower. Then I called a friend and told him to turn on the TV, they are doing it themselves right now. I also told him on the phone that I was firmly convinced that the towers would also collapse. Many people probably had an intuition like that. And then they collapsed. I didn’t know why that happened, but it was crystal clear to me that this was an inside job.

What we are all experiencing now is a European 9/11, a caesura of our remaining democratic society into another state, another order. But everyone should come to his own opinion here. This here is just my opinion.

The fact is that this is not about COVID-19, nor about protecting the population from a virus. That’s a lie, as you can see for yourself by checking the sources below.

Stay true to your hearts, don’t panic. Because that’s what they want. Because when you panic, you want to be rescued and the rescuers are already in their starting blocks.

No serious virologist will ever confirm what the German government is saying and how it views COVID-19. Only, the scientific luminaries are silent at the moment, are not invited by Maybrit Illner and the others who have long since sold themselves.

And we here, we know exactly why they remain silent. The honest scientists know that the truth will cost them their jobs and ruin their careers.

And now? Now please deal with the attachments.



  2. Dr. Wodarg bei OVALmedia:

  3. Dr. Wodarg bei Punkt Preradovic:

  4. Dr. Wodarg bei Frontal21:

  5. Hier noch der Wikipedis-Eintrag von Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, der, Ihr werdet es selbst beobachten können, mit der Zeit umgeschrieben werden wird:

  6. In diesem Interview werden zwei Bücher aufgezeigt, die den ganzen Coronavirus-Hype auffliegen lassen:

  7. Dr. med. Marc Fiddike klärt amüsant und ernst über Corona auf:

  8. Hier die Erklärung der Bundeskanzlerin Frau Dr. Angela Merkel vom 16. März 2020:


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