Groundbreaking judgment on Wikipedia: 8000,- Euro compensation! | No. 48 Wikihausen

The Wikipedia author “Feliks” was sentenced to pay 8000,- Euro damages to Elias Davidsson. After his exposure by the team, “Feliks” is now known to the public as Jörg Mathias Claudius Grünewald.

In the judgment of the Koblenz Regional Court, the following passage from the judgment of the Hamburg Regional Court ( Grünewald ./. Fiedler, Pohlmann, Jebsen) was quoted, among others:


“However, it is in favor of the defendants that it must be assumed that the claimant, at least with regard to some of the articles edited by him on Wikipedia, has abandoned the standard of objectivity in a relevant manner and has influenced contributions on individual persons with critical passages in a significant way increasing the public interest. Such behavior is in principle capable of undermining the objectivity and independence attributed to Wikipedia by the public, which is associated with the claim of considerable trust in the correctness of the information that can be read there. Accordingly, such influence ignites a very substantial public interest.”

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