It began with the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany

By Anselm Lenz.

The Demokratische Widerstand is now the weekly newspaper with the highest circulation in the Federal Republic of Germany. Yet six weeks ago we actually only wanted to distribute books with the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. It is an unprecedented campaign of terror and incitement that is being waged in Berlin against opposition members and journalists. Doctors and lawyers are being incriminated against, receive Stasi-like house calls and are pulled out of the crowd at rallies by specifically targeted special officers, held in cars for hours and threatened.

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the emergency regime on 14 March, I continued to observe the situation for a while. It became increasingly clear that the collapse of global Finance capitalism could be overshadowed here. The government and professional politicians – who for a decade or so have not been able to walk thirty meters through any part of the city without being pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes – wrapped themselves in a doctor’s coat in a final act of mercy before their own demise. As before, they are actors when they say that they would already fix everything for our own good. And where is the opposition in the parliaments? In line with government policy! So are all the big media companies.

The scenario that is emerging is by no means the humanist and social-liberal-ecological turnaround that so many people are hoping for. We would have to do the Corona situation first.
We founded the Kommunikationsstelle Demokratischer Widerstand on 23 March and called for a distribution of Basic Laws on Berlin’s Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz on 28 March.10 speakers with one minute of short speaking time each were planned. Journalists, physicians, lawyers, workers, pensioners, women and men of all backgrounds and colors were to make it clear: No, we disagree, and yes, there is still an opposition in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2020.

Since then we have been covered with forms of terror. Police troops kick at our apartment doors. The media and political functionaries cartel declares us “Kremlin agents”, “right-wingers” or “conspiracy theorist“. What does that mean? It means the regime is on its last legs. We are liberals and democrats and we are being arrested for distributing books with the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. In a word, they have finished. They’re panicking. And will collapse. They will lose because they are wrong. And because they can’t go on.

The only question that remains for us today, May 1, 2020, our Labor Day, is this: What will they up there do to us, the opposition, on the road to their own comprehensive defeat? For us, the following applies: we are absolutely peaceful. Provocateurs are not one of us. Nazis do not belong to us. And historically proven: “No Violence!“

We were forbidden to speak in the square named after the strong woman who coined the famous phrase: “Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently”, Rosa Luxemburg. I was fired from my employer, the daily newspaper taz, because I had written down more truth about Corona. I was slandered, to this day I am not paid my remuneration and I was defamed.

Thanks to 250 donors, including a three-figure number of doctors and lawyers, we now publish the largest weekly newspaper in the Republic and distribute the third issue on the 1st weekend of May thanks to committed volunteer democrats throughout the Republic. As long as supplies last and as long as they are needed: The Democratic Resistance. We are the opposition! And our rallies continue, decentralized and nationwide, with over one hundred thousand participants this weekend.

For the Basic Law, for liberal civil liberties and a transparent, grassroots democratic negotiation of future economic legislation. Because we will all have to live under it.


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Image source: Christin Klose / shutterstock


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