“Defender Europe 21” – a threat against Russia and Serbia?

On the commemoration day of the US-NATO war of aggression in 1999, a weapons clashing large-scale manoeuvre near the Russian border and around Serbia.

A Comment by Dr. Rudolf Hänsel.

A few days before 24 March, the beginning of the US-NATO war of aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999, which was contrary to international law, the Serbian “Pravda” and the German “Lausitzer Rundschau” point out that the US army and NATO have started to let the weapons clang again near the Russian border and around Serbia (1). One of the goals of the large-scale manoeuvre “Defender Europe 21” is to move a division from a location in the USA “to a potential battlefield in Europe” in peacetime. The military training sites are mainly the NATO countries Romania and Bulgaria, including the KFOR base Camp Bondsteel. NATO member Germany will form a central hub.

Instead of apologising to the victims of the war crimes committed in 1999 and of the genocide knowingly and willingly brought about with uranium weapons, and instead of compensating them materially and providing them with medical support, a murderous threat potential is once again being built up against the two brother countries Russia and Serbia. After the economy and infrastructure of Serbia were destroyed to a large extent in this 78-day war and whole swathes of land were contaminated by the use of highly toxic and radioactive uranium weapons, years later multiple cancers, deformities in newborns and aggressive leukaemia in children increased by leaps and bounds.

In 2020, according to the medical platform “Izis”, there were tens of thousands of new malignant cases in Serbia. However, due to the transformation of many hospitals into pure “corona outpatient clinics”, these cancer patients only come for urgently needed medical treatment in the final stage. There, they can then only be offered supportive therapy.

In this context, the question also arises as to what the Serbian government has done in the past decades to assist the citizens who have been permanently affected by the US-NATO war and to support the medical doctors, scientific experts and institutions who are sacrificially providing them with help in their time of need?

It is hoped that independent international experts will take up the issue without delay.


  1. https://www.lr-online.de/nachrichten/brandenburg/defender-europe…-manoever-der-usa-_-was-kommt-auf-die-lausitz-zu_-54880745.html; https://pravda.rs/201/3/19/nato-i-amerika-zveckaju-oruzjem-oko-srbije-trajace-sve-do-leta/; www.pravda.rs, 19.03.2021: “Nato and America let weapons clang around Serbia”


Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is a graduate psychologist and educationalist.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


Image source: StockPhotosLV / shutterstock.com


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