2021: The world as a gambling hell?

By Wolfgang Effenberger.

On December 11, 2020, the Economist special issue “The World in 2021” was published with forward-looking contents. The covers of the previous annual issues were, as always, very cryptic with their encoded plans of the background elites: a mixture of occult symbolism and references to manipulation and control of the masses.

For 2021, a one-armed outlaw bandit was chosen, with its lever arm gracing the globe. Pressing it causes the four reels to rotate. Instead of coins, “stimulus funds” are to be inserted. It’s all about the very big rip-off “CASH OUT” at taxpayers’ expense. Uninitiated readers are left to their imaginations.

What information is on the cover of the Economist?

The second roller seems to have already come to a standstill. The portrait shown is probably that of Joe Biden, the future U.S. president. This is not surprising, since The Economist – with its proximity to the so-called Deep State – had issued an election recommendation for Biden. In 1980, The Economist had for the first time issued a recommendation for a U.S. presidential candidate, then Ronald Reagan.(1) In Biden, The Economist sees a good man “who will return stability and decency to the White House” and begin the long, difficult task of “putting a fractured country back together.”(2) Well – Biden has not actually distinguished himself as a peacemaker anywhere in the last 45 years of his political career, quite the contrary. Recall his call for military action against the Bosnian Serbs to the U.S. State Department at the very beginning of the 1993 unrest in the Balkans.(3)

Following the war of aggression against Serbia, which was contrary to international law, UN Resolution 1244 of June 10, 1999, provided the international legal basis for the establishment of the Interim Administration Mission. This resolution established Kosovo’s territorial affiliation with Serbia. Notwithstanding this, the West pressed ahead with Kosovo’s independence and presented its arguments against it before the International Court of Justice on April 17, 2009. Even before the fifteen judges in The Hague could consider the independence request, U.S. Vice President Biden underscored the country’s independence as irreversible during a visit to Kosovo in May 2009. It is hard to imagine a clearer disregard for a supreme court.(4)

In 2002, as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden drove his country into an unprovoked war against Iraq. The UN’s chief weapons inspector at the time described his hearing before Biden’s committee as a farce:


“Biden and top congressional leaders determined in advance that they wanted to remove Hussein regardless of the facts and launch a full-scale military assault on Iraq.”(5)

After the illegal U.S. coup in Kiev in late February 2014 – from 1990 onward, the U.S. had invested $5 billion in Kiev for the purpose of “regime change,”(6) then-Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine in April as an Obama appointee to support the new, pro-Western cabinet and help reduce Ukraine’s dependence on Russian energy supplies. (7) Biden had no qualms about using the neo-fascist Svoboda party as well as the right-wing nationalist volunteer regiment “Azov” – now a political movement – to implement U.S. policy in Ukraine. In recent months, however, presidential candidate Biden demonstrated proximity to Antifa.

So far, then, Biden, a skilled tactician, has not portrayed himself as a friend of peace, a defender of the law, or a friend of the labor class. In contrast, he has mostly worked for banks, the financial industry and the military-industrial complex. For the U.S. state of Delaware, a financial haven like Luxembourg, also known as the “onshore version of the Cayman Islands,” Biden sat in the Senate for decades, representing the interests of business there. In 1999, Biden lobbied for the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. The direct result was the financial crisis of 2008, which has still not been overcome. As vice president, Biden did nothing to hold those responsible accountable. On the contrary, the banks were rescued with gigantic aid packages from taxpayers’ money.

Against this background, it seems impossible that Biden will be able to overcome the division of the country, which he has vigorously worked on throughout his political life. Thus, a nuclear war cannot be ruled out. The nomination of General Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense also goes in this direction. Austin, after retirement, served on the board of directors of defense giant Raytheon Technologies – a major Pentagon contractor. Former adviser in the Obama administration and law professor Rosa Brooks sees this as a “terrible message.”(8)

The first still-rotating cylinder features the virus, a face wearing a respirator and a syringe, and an emerging question mark. Without a doubt, Corona will dominate the whole year. Despite vaccination, the mask could remain – goodbye freedom? On the third reel, a question mark disappears and a Chinese flag appears. In between, a wind turbine (“climate protection policy”) and a US dollar. China’s economy – now at pre-crisis levels – could emerge from the crisis as a global and at the same time geostrategic winner. On top of that, China also stands for the model of surveillance and restrictions of freedom there. On the fourth roller, a virus appears again, while the economic upswing disappears. The camera symbol is likely to represent increased surveillance. The forest fires could stand for coming natural disasters. All in all, none of this is necessarily surprising. Gates and Drosten have been warning of a new virus for a long time.

Climate protection serves as a vehicle for rebuilding the world. A world free of wars and gigantic arms expenditures would be the best climate protection, but new wars are desired at least by the military-industrial complex and other profiteers. The latter seem to hope for a system of total surveillance after the “Great Reset.” In addition, there is a new digital currency. China seems to be the model for these gentlemen.

“The Great Reset” A new start? A transformation?

In early June 2020, the head and founder of the “World Economic Forum” (WEF), Klaus Schwab, announced an initiative to help make the world a better place after the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 prayed the possibility, Schwab said, that “our economic and social foundations”(9) could be rebooted. He listed Covid-19, national debt, and climate crisis as problem areas. The world is to be made more resilient to surprises such as other types of viruses, as well as more inclusive and equitable, and ultimately greener. To do this, we cannot return to the system of multilateralism that emerged after World War II; we need a reform of the international system: “We need to implement new dimensions of global trade, for example, everything related to e-commerce and so on.”(10)

Back in 2016, the WEF had summarized 8 predictions for the world in 2030 in a promotional video: (11)

1. people will be dispossessed. Goods are free or borrowed from the state.

2. the USA will be replaced as the leading superpower – a handful of countries will dominate.

3. organs will not be transplanted, but printed.

4. meat consumption will be minimized.

5. massive displacement of people will take place with billions of refugees.

6. to limit CO2 emissions, an exorbitant price will be set globally.

7. humans can prepare to fly to Mars….

8. the western value system will be stressed to the breaking point…(12)

Who is this relatively unknown “clock generator”, networked worldwide in many ways and not democratically legitimized?

Klaus Schwab, a German economist, was professor of corporate policy at the University of Geneva from 1972 to 2003. As a student, he had taken a seminar with Henry Kissinger at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS); he still maintains close contacts, especially with David Gergen. He served as communications director under Presidents Ford and Reagan and as an advisor to Clinton and Secretary of State Warren Christopher.(13) Schwab’s friend David Gergen is a member of the influential Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Klaus Schwab himself, on the other hand, sits on the eight-member Bilderberg Steering Committee. The invitation for each three-day conference of around 130 people from industry, politics, finance, the military and the media is issued by the chairman in consultation with his steering committee. Before their election as chancellors, Schröder and Merkel, for example, were invited. Macron was also there before he was elected president, as were quite a few other presidents. At the 2019 meeting in Montreux, Schwab’s favorite topics included: Climate change and the future of capitalism. Rico Gebhardt, LINKE state leader in Saxony, speaks of a “self-appointed neoliberal elite” that makes decisions with far-reaching effects without their meetings having any form of democratic legitimacy.(14)

In 2004, Schwab founded The Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGLs), a unique community composed of the most extraordinary leaders from all regions of the world. They include filmmakers Ashton Kutcher and Leonardo DiCaprio, media magnate Mark Zuckerberg, Internet entrepreneur and Google co-founder Larry Page, and Sebastian Kurz, the world’s second-youngest head of government.(15) With Schwab and Gergen, then, the WEF has global influence that should not be underestimated.

In early July 2020, Klaus Schwab published the book “Covid-19: The Great Reset” with Thierry Malleret – an economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in London and a strategist at a major Russian investment bank. Devoid of any human emotion, Schwab and Malleret link the pandemic to their futuristic proposals, hailing it as a harbinger of the socioeconomic upheaval they propose. According to U.S. journalist and active Vietnam War opponent Diane Johnston, Schwab and Malleret use technocratic psychobabble “to proclaim that the pandemic is already in the process of altering human mentality to adapt to the new reality they believe is inevitable”(16).

According to Schwab’s and the WEF’s scenario, by 2030 the world will look very different according to the 8-point catalog: Artificial intelligence will fundamentally change the way people work and live today. Part of humanity will no longer be needed and will only be allowed to be entertained. With this picture in mind, at the recent WEF meeting in Davos, Israeli historian Yuval Harari issued a powerful warning:


“While in the past people had to fight against exploitation, in the 21st century the really great struggle will be against meaninglessness, (…) a new ‘useless class’ would form (…) And this useless class will be separated from the ever more powerful elite by an ever widening gap.” (17)

Indian globalization critic, social activist and Sydney Peace Prize winner Vandana Shiva put it even more bluntly, “The Great Reset is about maintaining and empowering the corporate extraction machine and private ownership of life.”(18)

Can the Economist’s hidden messages be read in terms of Schwab’s planned “Great Reset”? Bill Gates is determined to vaccinate through most of the world’s population – an unprecedented attempt at humanity. The globe, including humanity, as the object of a gigantic gamble by technocratic, unscrupulous gamblers.

The visions of the technocratic elite are not new. Already in the first half of the 19th century, radical theories of common labor and common property were developed, especially by Henri de Saint-Simon and later by Karl Marx. For Saint-Simon, useful members of a community were those who actively participated in services and especially in the production of goods. Saint-Simon utopian socialism, in its cold through-organization and utilitarianism bears a strong resemblance to the “reset” fantasies of Western elites. The totalitarian experiences of the 20th century should have taught us better: Technocratic systems for “world improvement,” which leave no room for the individual and the natural, consistently lead to a hell of coercion and contempt for humanity.


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