Psychopaths rule the world | By Peter Stuurman

The so-called Corona crisis brings it to light: the ruling factions live out their psychopathology without restraint in the omnipresent state terrorism. They are bullying and harassing the population. Since March 2020 at the latest, it has been obvious: The majority of the people submit to the psychopaths at the levers of power with a servile victim attitude. In doing so, they support the terror regime under which they suffer themselves.

By Peter Stuurman.

Literally translated, psychopathy means mental illness. Over time, however, the term has acquired a more specific meaning. It now refers to a particular type of mental illness that is radically different from all other mental illnesses in almost every way: One of the most important differences is that psychopaths could do no harm without the cooperation of mentally healthy people.

According to research, psychopathy affects 1% to 5% of the population. The remarkable thing about this most common mental illness is that the “victims” themselves facilitate the phenomenon by unknowingly collaborating with psychopaths. Since it affects so many millions of people, one can speak of a collective problem.

Because this phenomenon is widely unknown in public. And what we do not know, we cannot recognize. Most people use the word “psychopath” as a swear word rather than as a clinical indication of mental illness. Many associate the term with the stereotype of a lust-driven serial killer or a cruel person as portrayed in Hollywood movies. But this image is completely false. It is not typical for psychopaths to hurt or kill people. They simply don’t love anything. The most important characteristic of psychopathy is the absence of a conscience. The conscience is the most important moral compass among mentally healthy people. Some call it the “soul.” Love, empathy, and shame, moral self-reflection, are part of this human core. Because psychopaths lack this soul, they know no moral boundaries.

Since psychopaths cannot feel love, they cannot love themselves. Therefore, all psychopaths despise themselves and are convinced that others will also despise them once they see their true nature. Therefore, they always create a mask of normality for their outside world. They adopt this feigned character from an early age and try to improve it throughout their lives. They present themselves as the opposite of what they really are: as caring, socially engaged, extremely valuable and talented, as leaders, saviors, and bringers of safety, security, and happiness.

Psychopaths are convinced that they cannot take care of their own well-being. They need the attention and support of others. They also believe that others would never turn to them willingly. Therefore, they enslave people in order for them to satisfy their needs. Psychopaths want slaves. Some researchers believe psychopathy is a genetic defect, others believe it is the result of early childhood trauma. While the condition often occurs in successive generations, it is not necessarily genetic. After all, traumatized parents traumatize their children. The cause cannot be changed, but the consequences can.

Only when psychopaths succeed in deceiving their prey and gaining power over them is it possible for their psychopathy to work. They deceive by seducing. They are masters at sensing and responding to the desires of their prey. At the beginning of a relationship, the psychopath seems like a gift from heaven. He shares your exact interests, understands your problems, is attentive and shows full understanding of your feelings. His narrative is so compelling and attractive that it seems irresistible. But the promised “salvation” is always prolonged. So the psychopath accuses his prey of being impatient. Then he blames his prey. You are too unstable, too stupid, too selfish, too psychologically unbalanced and too disobedient. You must first fulfill his conditions in order to receive the promised salvation. As soon as the prey thinks of leaving, a new charm offensive is deployed, often accompanied by mea culpa. Often the prey will believe again. If that doesn’t work, the prey will be attacked with ferocity. But psychopaths want more than submissive slaves. Because they are missing a soul, they are deeply unhappy and jealous. They want to steal the human essence of their prey and make it their own. Psychopaths generally choose prey that is valuable to them, and thus the exact opposite of themselves: good people, with valued qualities. Since a soul cannot be adopted, in practice they choose to destroy the essence of their prey in order to free themselves from their burning jealousy. Because they have no conscience and know no empathy, they are completely indifferent to the suffering they inflict on their prey.

All psychopaths strive for power. Through their need for power and their lifelong training in lying, they eventually achieve the positions of authority they seek. “Successful” psychopaths therefore always occupy positions in which they can impose tasks on others. Because psychopaths are not hampered by moral boundaries, they have a decisive advantage in the race to the top. Where others give up – because they cannot reconcile it with their conscience – they carry on. Sometimes they go over dead bodies. They use their power to ruthlessly destroy non-psychopathic competitors. The higher up the hierarchical ladder, the more psychopaths are to be found. Meanwhile, all crucial positions of power are occupied by psychopaths.

Therefore, the world is ruled by psychopaths. They are creating a psychopathic world in which there is less and less room for the essence of being human, and lies are so dominant that truth hardly seems to matter. Although this psychopathic world does not fit the mentality of the vast majority of people at all, but it was built by most people under the leadership of the psychopaths. The majority must learn to take back and keep control of their own emotions, such as fear and the desire for safety and happiness. Anyone who offers security and happiness and demands sacrifice in return is a psychopath. A liar. Liars can only lie successfully if the prey does not realize that they are liars. Hunter and prey are both necessary. As soon as the prey can no longer be used because it has recognized the hunter, it is over. With a collective awareness of the phenomenon and the recognition of psychopathy, the necessary breeding ground is gone.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


Image source: fotogestoeber /shutterstock


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