Barcelona and London – The unstoppable disintegration of the EU

A comment by Ernst Wolff.

Last weekend once again demonstrated the unstoppable process of disintegration of the European Union. In London, the three years and five months ago election decision in favour of a Brexit was once again disregarded with the help of parliamentary tricks. In Barcelona, police officers from EU member Spain beat the hell out of dozens of people for exercising their right to freedom of expression.

The way the mainstream media reacted to both events was also revealing: the debate in the London Parliament could be followed live for hours on various channels and the demonstration by EU supporters in front of the British Parliament building was mentioned in detail on all news programmes.

The fact that more than half a million people demonstrated in Catalonia was only marginally mentioned, and the brutal attacks by the Spanish police on predominantly young demonstrators in Barcelona were simply ignored.

This type of reporting is no surprise: the public channels are controlled by politicians, while the private channels are owned by ultra-rich families. Both politicians and the financial elite have an eminent interest in preserving the EU in its present form, as they have benefited from it for decades and do not want to give up this trump card voluntarily.

However, this is becoming increasingly difficult as the gap between the two groups and the working population continues to widen. This is due to developments in the economic and financial sectors, which are increasingly favouring the wealthy, while the standard of living of the vast majority of the population is either stagnating or falling.

However, since most people do not understand these connections, both the supporters of Brexit and the Catalan separatists have succeeded in winning a large following, although their purely nationalist goals – Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and Catalonia’s separation from Spain – will not solve any of the existing problems.

On the contrary, the consequences of Catalonia’s withdrawal or possible separation from Spain would certainly be passed on to the working population by the economic and financial industry.

The situation in Great Britain is particularly absurd at the moment: While a large part of the economic and financial elite is trying to prevent Brexit by all means, several hedge funds have for some time been taking a counter-position and trying to make a profit out of Brexit: they have supported Boris Johnson in his Pro-Brexit campaign, bet on the fall in the value of the pound that actually occurred after his election and have now placed billions in bets on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU on 31 October this year.

We will know in a few days whether their strategy will be successful. The fact that it is at all possible to make billions in such a way through a combination of betting and political manipulation throws a significant light on the state in which both our current economic and financial system and parliamentary democracy find themselves.

But what would be the solution?

The only way to improve the living conditions of the majority of the population in the EU would be to end the current all-encompassing rule of the financial giants – primarily the big banks and hedge funds – to shut down the global betting casino, close tax havens, change tax and inheritance laws and return the financial sector to the real economy.

Only when the majority of people see through the functioning of the current financial system, rebel against it non-violently, but insistently and above all across all national borders, will Europe have a chance to become a Europe of the majority and not to degenerate further into the speculative object of the most greedy parts of the financial elite.


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