They would like to leave their drafty cold summits | By Dirk C. Fleck

By Dirk C. Fleck.

I often ask myself what the zombies in governments and executive boards are up to. For the madness of those who, in their permanent war against man and nature, can allow themselves every conceivable mess with impunity, I have only one explanation: THEY WANT TO BE DEFEATED! They crave for an instance more powerful. In their innermost being they suspect that they are too small and too insignificant for what they have succeeded in doing and what they continue to presume to do in satanic solidarity. They probably sense that they too are only helpless beings who want to throw themselves into a protective lap. They cannot believe that with their means they are actually able to unhinge the global civil society. WHERE IS HE THEN, YOUR GOD, THE ALMIGHTY?! Why does he allow us to determine the fate of the world and thus his very own creation!

They are stunned. Therefore they push their provocations to the extreme. But their destructive energy is poured into time like everything else. Their power and the perverse pleasure gained from it are transient. Actually they only want to be slowed down and punished. Only then are they able to leave their draughty cold peaks and re-immerse into the warmth of a living community in which humans, plants and animals form a filigree network and in which their cold hearts are able to open up again. Sometimes I just don’t know any other answer. This is not encouraging. Neither is the following poem by Ingeborg Bachmann, which appears like a single sad head shake:


“We come unasked and must give way.

But that we speak and do not understand each other

and not reach a moment of the other hand,

smashes so much: we will not survive.”

Maybe we should just tell more stories again instead of fighting to the point of exhaustion against a system that will abolish itself. They should be exciting stories, love stories, exciting, adventurous, quiet stories – stories through which we reach the other hand…


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Picture source: Bob Pool / shutterstock


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