Whoever thinks is an anti-Semite. Querdenken in the crosshairs | Uli Gellermann

When nothing else helps, the anti-Semitism gun is pulled out. Because decent Germans know from their history that anti-Semitism led to the crime of the century, the Holocaust. So people whose only crime is that they don’t share the majority opinion are labeled anti-Semites. Thus branded, one hopes to isolate and silence them.

Mass movement distrusts Spahn and Merkel

The “Querdenker” are the best-known part of a German mass movement that distrusts the Corona regime of the pharmaceutical friends around Spahn and Merkel. They are at odds with the government’s course, they think for themselves and encourage others to think for themselves as well. They demand democracy and diversity of opinion. So you have to smear them with the worst social stain imaginable: you declare them anti-Semites.

Dr. Michael Blume is a product of the CDU

At the head of this defamation campaign, which is gladly presented by the lousy mainstream media, has been for some time the anti-Semitism commissioner of Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Michael Blume. Blume is a product of the CDU ideology machine: as a schoolboy he got his right-wing spin in the Junge Union, and then later proved himself as a CDU city council member in Filderstadt for the civil service apparatus. Such a smooth careerist then also quickly got a job as anti-Semitism commissioner with pension rights in the state government of Baden-Württemberg.

Elimination of Parliament in Corona Times

As early as December, Blume denounced the “Querdenker” as a “danger to democracy” in Hamburg’s SPIEGEL. An assertion without any proof. His intellectually pathetic argumentation culminates in the accusation that Michael Ballweg, a head of the democracy movement, has spoken out in favor of a “constituent assembly.” The fact that this possibility of democratic development is provided for in the German constitution does not strike the religious scholar Blume any more in the same way that the undemocratic elimination of parliament in Corona times does not impress him.

Blume spreads an enemy image

Now Blume takes it one step further in the Berlin TAGESSPIEGEL: He accuses the democracy movement of “trivializing the Holocaust” and that there is “victim envy” in the movement. If Blume were in his right mind, he could certainly recognize victims and perpetrators in the arbitrary arrests during the actions for fundamental rights, the growing police brutality and the public defamation. But that is not what the official wants. He wants to spread an image of the enemy, and any crude lie will do.

Actions for the German constitution

In truth, the agitating TAGESSPIEGEL does not conduct an interview with Blume, but gives him keywords like this: “What role do children play in conspiracy movements?” And the practiced slanderer comes up with: “Children (are) also instrumentalized as shields at the demonstrations, when they are supposed to run along right at the front and oppose the police.” That concerned citizens with children go to demonstrations for the German constitution, that they also worry about the future of their children, about their considerable educational disturbances by the constant interruptions of the school operation due to the Corona obsession, the TAGESSPIEGEL and Blume in their ideological narrowness cannot and do not want to see.

Blume’s PhD financed by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Dr. Blume’s PhD was funded by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Since Angela Merkel (CDU) took office as Chancellor in 2005, political foundations have received 5.6 billion euros from tax revenues. That these self-service stores for indoctrinating the public are a de facto conspiracy against democracy and its freedom of expression virtually cries out for a theory explaining the connection between foundations and government action. The example of Blume is an easy one to prove: The party foundation has alimented him, so he also proclaims its opinion. The party has given him the office of anti-Semitism commissioner, so he uses the office not to fight racism, but for the good of his party and to discredit people who think differently.

Anti-Semitism Commissioner cooperates with heirs of Nazi profiteers

TAGESSPIEGEL belongs to the Holtzbrink family. The media man and clan boss Georg von Holtzbrinck founded his company in 1931 and led it to success during the Nazi era. This is because he became a member of the National Socialist German Student League as early as 1931, and was thus considered an “old fighter.” In 1933, Holtzbrinck consequently joined the NSDAP and became rich. That was the time when Jewish-owned media were expropriated and the regime had their owners murdered in concentration camps. But that doesn’t interest the anti-Semitism commissioner: he prefers to cooperate with the heirs of Nazi profiteers and spread slander about the defenders of the German constitution in their newspaper.


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Image source: Berit Kessler/  shutterstock


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