The American Spring

By Mathias Bröckers.

Regarding the civil-war-like conditions in the USA and the uprisings against the regime led by “moderate rebels” in many cities, the Syrian government has announced that it will provide military support to pro-democratic forces within the USA in their fight against the authoritarian regime in Washington. This was announced by President Bashar al-Assad in a speech – as exclusively reported by the Postillon.


“We can no longer stand by and watch this mad dictator use terrifying brutality against his own people and violate the rights of peaceful demonstrators,” Assad said. “Therefore, we will support moderate rebels from Seattle to New York with weapons and military instructors from now on. “According to Assad, this is the only way to preserve the chance for a change towards a just democracy in the troubled country. However, it is questionable how successful the strategic support from Damascus will actually be – after all, the autocrat Trump, who is considered unpredictable, seems determined to do everything possible to quell the protests in his country with the help of the military. However, the Syrian President has already announced that in the long term he will also consider air strikes on US military installations and government buildings if the aid decided today is not sufficient. “As long as there is a chance,” Assad concluded his speech, “we will support the American spring.”

The German Foreign Ministry welcomed the initiative from Damascus: “The eyes of the world community are on Minnesota, Chicago and Washington,” said Heiko Maas. He said that ruler Trump would be “held personally responsible for the crimes against human rights”. because “whoever wages war against his own people” has ” left the Western community of values”. In the evening, Maas and his counterparts from London, Paris, Moscow and Beijing agreed on a common approach. They would jointly support the moderate rebels financially and materially. However, Maas did not want to confirm whether this also included arms deliveries.

Meanwhile, complaints by the US regime about looting and “terrorist violence” before the UN Security Council were rejected by the Chancellor’s Office: “Looting is the transition to freedom”, Angela Merkel quoted former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, but at the same time called for continued demonstrations to be as peaceful as possible and for mouth guards to be worn. The complaints from Washington were also put into perspective by the Department of Commerce: the damage caused by illegal looting was just 0.1% of the amount of legal looting of the treasury by the corporations of ultra-rich oligarchs in the context of the Corona emergency aid.

The fact that the ruler had peaceful demonstrators cleared away with tear gas before he went to the house of prayer, where he posed for the faithful with the holy book, caused international incomprehension and disgust. The fact that even the dictator’s rival, Nancy Pelosi, could think of nothing better than to access the Bible on Twitter paints a telling picture of the fundamentalist one-party system with two right wings that has been imposed on the country for decades.
Meanwhile, no one is really surprised that a majority of the population supports the protests – in no country in the world are more people shot by the police or imprisoned, and the victims of this brutal police state are overwhelmingly members of the coloured minorities.

It is currently unclear to what extent the clans and oligarchs competing with the current ruler are taking advantage of the protests against racism and police assaults and infiltrating them with provocateurs in order to cause further chaos and force the government to take increasingly harsh measures. In order to prevent the regime from using barrel bombs, Hillary Clinton and German Secretary of Defense Kramp-Karrenbauer have already called for the establishment of a no-fly zone. Meanwhile, the autocrat in the White House classifies the protests and riots as “terrorism”, against which all means are being used (…) – and forbids any interference in internal affairs.

It is unlikely that the riots and demonstrations will really lead to a change in the “systemic racism” that is deplored by all sides, because the notorious police assaults are not only the responsibility of the gang of the incumbent ruler, they also took place permanently among his predecessors. His rivals from “Team Clinton”, for example, had already privatized the prison system in the 1990s, turning the disproportionate imprisonment of colored people into a lucrative stock market business.

An “American spring” and a change to more justice is not in the pipeline now – but rather the prelude to much greater distortions that seem inevitable after three months of pandemic lockdown: economic decline and systemic collapse. Then not only Black Lives, but All Lives will be on the brink of collapse. And a satire like this could very quickly become real…


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Image source: Creative Photo Corner / shutterstock


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