Erdogan’s refugee weapon. How the West produces refugees

By Uli Gellermann.

Sultan Erdogan is somebody again: At times he was considered a dictator in the EU and its German heartland. Then, in March 2018, he concluded a refugee deal with the EU: the Turkish state prevents people fleeing war and hunger, who want to reach the European Union via Turkey, from continuing to flee. Turkey receives money for this and above all recognition from the EU. Since the agreement, at the latest, the Turkish ruler has regularly threatened with the refugee weapon if it suits him: be nice to me, says Erdogan, otherwise I will let the refugees cross the border without hindrance.

The deal from March 2018 has an imperial touch in addition to repulsing refugees. Because the EU and Turkey are working together “to promote unrestricted and unimpeded humanitarian access throughout Syria.” Whoever wanted to help the Syrians become more humane would have to end the war in their country. He would need to talk to the Syrian government about humanitarian measures. But anyone who, like the EU and Turkey, demands and agrees on ” unrestricted access” to foreign territory ignores the sovereignty of that state, wants to play his game according to his rules in a region where he has no right to be there under international law.

Assad must go! With this slogan a conglomerate of different foreign forces has been operating in and around Syria since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011 in order to bring Syria under foreign control. This interference in the internal affairs of another country, illegal under international law, was the purpose of the conference of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, an extended arm of the Chancellery, which, under the title “The Day after”, formed the Syrian opposition to the fight against the Syrian President Bashar Hafiz al-Assad. Even if you believe the Assad label “dictator”, two questions come to mind: Where and how in international law the overthrow of governments is legitimized from outside and why the Saudi dictatorship, for example, or the Egyptian military dictatorship are not on the Western agenda for regime change.

At the beginning of 2017, the G-7 states (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) naturally demanded “Assad must go”. Anyone who can remember the beginning of the Iraq war knows what it means when the USA accuses the Syrian government of using toxic chlorine gas without proof: It legitimizes illegal interference in Syria and justifies a conceivable military invasion of a country that neither attacked nor threatened the USA. Erdogan, the erudite student of the USA, claims that his troops recently destroyed a chemical weapons facility near Idlib. And from TAGESSCHAU to SPIEGEL and “t-online”, German media announce this claim without reminding of the faked US chemical weapons justification for the Iraq war.

The intentionally blind media may not be able to establish a connection between the refugees and the anti-Assad war waged by the West. The fact that Erdogan, on whose territory 3.6 million Syrian refugees are currently living, produced most of the refugees himself and then used them as a weapon against the EU, is something the ordinary editor simply cannot see, since he would have to pull his head out of the warm butt of the authorities and expose himself to the cold wind of reality. Instead, as usual when media realities have serious gaps in explanation, somehow the Russian is blamed. The well-frequented website “” follows this line almost perfectly, and without a hint of proof, it tales “refugee crisis – Putin is both beneficiary and initiator”. The fact that the owner of this instrument for making people stupid, Ralph Dommermuth, has a fortune of 5.9 billion dollars and is thus one of the 300 richest people in the world and has just donated 500,000 euros to the CDU, who knows? Who wants to know that billionaires have their own private truth?

Almost acrobatically, one twists and turns to denounce the Russians: In a Bundestag debate, the CDU blamed Russia for the “escalation of the security situation in Idlib”, and the GRÜNEN promptly demanded further sanctions against Moscow. Although the Russians are currently making serious and honorable efforts to establish a cease-fire around Idlib, in order to at least come close to peace, blurry media such as the ZEIT report that hundreds of thousands of people are currently fleeing the Syrian and Russian attacks in the direction of the Turkish border. The fact that this war is caused and carried on by completely different forces disappears behind the romantic term “rebels”. After all, it is brave rebels who are fighting against Assad and the Russians.

These “rebels” – financed and armed by a coalition that ranges from the Saudis to Qatar and Turkey – are all Islamist terrorists who are fighting the secular state of Syria. The same people who loudly warn against Islamic terror like to make themselves the accomplice of sinister Sharia bandits in the case of Syria. It is precisely these gangs that have been waging a cruel war for years, day in and day out, which is causing people to flee Syria. And those who allow them to appear in the media as “rebels” in camouflage suits make themselves complicit in this war: through deliberate confusion of terms.

The refugee weapon of Mr. Erdogan is not only a means of blackmail. It is also a heavy gun against that Western order which is supposedly so bravely defended by politicians and editors of the “middle”. It is this weapon that is used by groups such as the AfD against the traditional parties. Because it is from this very center that the causes of migration are consistently hidden, any nationalist nonsense about the role of refugees can be told, the suffering Syrians, when they cross the borders of the EU, become ammunition against the structures of their host states. “The day after” – planned in Berlin against Assad – can become the “day after” of Merkel, Seehofer and Lindner. Only the Dommermuths will survive this system-correction. Their system simply incorporates the refugees as users in the 1&1-communication or as cheap laborers in their call centers.


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Picture reference: Alexandros Michailidis /  shutterstock


This article appeared on the blog Rationalgalerie on 08 March 2020.


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