The end of the pandemic – or: A newspaper for the German constitution

By Anselm Lenz.

The government and the media close to the government are not trustworthy under “Corona”. Quick new elections, free debate and a committee of inquiry are essential. Opposition members are gathering in Berlin on August 1 in the “Summer of Democracy” for peace festival and the celebration of basic rights. 500,000 are registered. There might be even more.

There are at least two opinions on the coronavirus, which differ strongly. The fact that the federal government and the media companies are trying to get on the same page is driving people to compete in swarms. The aging nobleman of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Georg Mascolo, double earner at the Tagesschau, recently even demanded the establishment of a censorship authority to eliminate and punish the remaining free press. Perhaps the flu pandemic is after all based on a dangerous zombie virus that does not take prisoners, at least intellectually?

Basically, it would be amusing if it wasn’t a source of tears. Because by now practically every child knows that not only individual media creators have been bribed – like the weekly magazine DER SPIEGEL, which accepted 2.3 million euros from technology and pharmaceutical guru Bill Gates – and that the oppositional press in Germany in 2020 is harassed and even persecuted.

A breach of civilisation is unfolding before our very eyes and the only question is how far the caste of rulers is prepared to go before their own defeat. For perhaps not the moderately talented Mascolo, but many other mainstream journalists know it and let it be heard with a reproach: “History will be on the side of the opposition under Corona, because they simply have the better arguments.“

For example, the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany and the most experienced scientists on Earth. But in order to survive in the face of history and its own claims, the Corona regime doesn’t even seem to have stepped in. It appears openly with violence and first forms of terror. The argument, free debate, opposition formation, representation, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and science are only a thorn in the side of the emergency government. Workers, employees and the middle class, on the other hand, are already feeling the full force of the collapse of financial market capitalism, which was dragged out for ten years and, since the middle of 2019, has entered its final collapse in the form of negative interest rates, among other things.

But a walk through the media landscape of the Federal Republic of Germany during these months is like a hike through the orphaned Lüneburg Heath, as the writer Arno Schmidt described it in his novel “Schwarze Spiegel”. In a landscape that was not necessarily exciting at first sight, less than nothing is happening now. Only a “summer of democracy” can help against this.

The Corona regime, which acts with fear of death and emergency decrees and undermined democracy, is now declared to be over. On Saturday, August 1, the “end of the pandemic” will be announced. This will be announced by the population itself. The non-party candidate for mayor of Stuttgart, Michael Ballweg, and many other large and small oppositional organizations registered a gathering of 500,000 people for Berlin last week. The first trains from all over the Federal Republic were rented. It is to be a celebration of peace and freedom for the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The following Sunday, several foundation meetings and discussion meetings are to take place throughout the city.

For, as even the ARD-Brennpunkt  conceded, 33 percent of the population did not agree with the emergency regime of the Federal Government as early as April.

But there is still a huge gap in the mainstream media coverage. It is so huge that all that remains is for everyone to stand on the sidelines and try not to notice it. Again and again people like Mascolo shout something. In 2020, one can only advise every colleague to join the alternatives. On the brighter side, there is much to do.

For example, for the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand, which with print runs of sometimes over 500,000 to soon one million provides the people in all our Republic with the oppositional view.

This is important because many people still remain at home in mortal fear and are exposed exclusively to TV propaganda and government newspapers.

The next tenth publication will appear on Saturday, 27 June 2020, without advertisements, data collection and patronage, without the influence of parties, the state or larger structures – but supported by thousands of donors, among them many physicians, who are interested in spreading an otherwise suppressed, serious and scientifically founded view.

One more reason that this weekly newspaper will exist as long as it is needed. It will be distributed all over the country.


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