PRESS RELEASE Querdenken-711 Stuttgart: Demonstrations on 30.12./31.12.2020/01.01.2021

Stuttgart/24.12.2020, Michael Ballweg:

As you have surely already learned from the media, both the demonstration on 12/31/2020 and the demonstration on 12/30/2020 have been forbidden by the city of Berlin.

In the 21-page justification, the police refers, as expected, to § 28 para. 1 sentence 1 of the Protection against Infection Act (IfSG).

And interesting is also:


“It does not have to be proven for a legal restriction of the assembly here, by the way, that past assembly situations have actually had a negative effect on the absolute infection numbers and it has come to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2-Virus during these assemblies”.

It would have been certainly possible after the large demonstrations on 01.08.2020 and on 29.08.2020 in Berlin to deliver here reliable figures. But apparently they are not available. Hereby I call on the politicians to finally provide these numbers. Every state restriction requires a constitutionally sustainable justification.

I would like to ask you therefore to accept the prohibition of the meetings on 30.12., 31.12. and 01.01. and not to go to Berlin. At the same time, I call for an organization to be found to register a large demonstration in the near future to take stock of the “crisis policy” of the federal and state governments and to bring people together again on the streets.

The awareness of being many and being united in the criticism of wrong measures continues to give us strength and courage. Querdenken-711 and I will use the winter to rest, gather strength, push forward with networking and improve public relations.

I can promise that we will come back to Berlin in the summer to celebrate with you in a big gathering under the motto “2021 – the year of peace and freedom”.


Image source: Querdenken Stuttgart


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