Querdenken 711 Stuttgart – press release concerning the demonstration held on 29.8.2020

Demo of August 29, 2020 – no effect on infection incidence

As before, we also analyzed and evaluated the figures of the RKI after our large-scale demonstration on 29.08.2020. Once again, it was shown that the very large crowds of people have no negative impact on the incidence of infection.


More than 14 days have passed since the demonstration. The evaluations show that the number of infections has not increased – even though many thousands of people demonstrated for peace, freedom and a peaceful resignation of the current government of the FRG around the Victory Column, on Altonaer Straße, Spreeweg, Hofjägerallee and the Straße des 1 August.

The data situation in Germany after the 29.08.2020 in Berlin is as follows:

The number of cases remains unchanged. Per 1,000 tests, no changes have been observed. Especially not after the events in Berlin.

Since many questions remain unanswered when it comes to the reliability of the tests, Querdenken refers to the intensive care occupancy, as well as the death rates, since these are the only reliable scales that can be used. Here, too, there is no change, especially after August 29, just as there was no change in the events before this date.

The RKI figures only show more positive tests due to massive test intensification, but the rate of intensive care treatments does not correlate with this increase, suggesting an increase in false-positive results:

After our large-scale demonstrations, we can now say with almost certain probability that demonstrations do not have a negative effect on the occurrence of infection.

We are therefore looking forward to any further large-scale demonstrations and demonstrations throughout Germany and Europe.

Thank you for your attention.

With kind regards

Stephan Bergmann

Email: presse@querdenken-711.de

Phone: +49 177 8 444 371


Thanks to Querdenken 711 for the right to publish the article.


Picture source: Querdenken 711


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