The speech I did not give at the Berlin Whitsun Demonstration

A commentary by Ernst Wolff.

The Indian philosopher Krishnamurti once said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Over the past 14 months, we have experienced just how sick our society is:

Politicians who for decades ensured that health care in our country was systematically dismantled did a 180-degree turnaround in the spring of 2020 and imposed historically unprecedented measures on us in the name of public health. However, these measures have not had the effect of containing the disease, improving care for the population or rehabilitating the health care system. On the contrary, the disease has continued to spread, the health of most people has deteriorated as a result of the measures, and there has been countless avoidable collateral damage.

In return, however, the measures have had side effects that overshadow anything we have ever seen: Never before has such economic damage been done in the name of public health as in the past fourteen months. Businesses have been paralyzed, supply chains have been broken, hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises have been driven out of business, and entire sectors of the economy have been largely destroyed.

The consequences in the developing and emerging countries were even worse than in Germany: The standard of living of more than one and a half billion people has been drastically reduced and more than 100 million people have been condemned to starvation as a result of the measures. At the upper end of the social scale, however, the side effects looked quite different:

Never before has “rescue money” been given out in such amounts and on such a scale as in 2020. Never before has the stock market value of the top digital corporations risen so rapidly, and never before have the world’s major asset managers cashed in so much money as in 2020. While the global real economy has suffered the worst recession in human memory, the financial markets have flushed huge sums of money into the hands of major investors and the ultra-rich.

But what is behind this? How is it that the greatest redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top could be carried out behind the facade of protecting the health of the population?

The answer is that in 2020 we have reached the end of a historic process and thus a turning point in human history, and it is not politics that decides the future course of the world, but exclusively another – infinitely more powerful – force, namely the digital-financial complex. Over the past 40 years, this digital-financial complex has spread like a cancer across the entire world, penetrating all areas of our lives. Its most important representatives include the large IT corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook, the major international banks, the asset management companies such as BlackRock and Vanguard, and the central banks.

The rise of the digital-financial complex has led to a historically unprecedented process of money and power concentration in fewer and fewer hands. Never in the entire history of mankind have so few people owned so much as they do today. Never before have they wielded so much power as they have in recent years, and never before have they used it so ruthlessly as they have in the past 14 months.

The reason for this intensification of the pace is that the system that has helped the digital-financial complex to so much money and so much power has entered its final stage in 2020 and cannot be saved by conventional methods. And this is exactly what those who sit at the levers of power understand. That is why they are currently pursuing an agenda that has nothing to do with public health.

This agenda consists of squeezing and plundering the existing system to the last drop in its death struggle, while at the same time preparing a new system in the background.

We have been witnessing the looting of the system for months now through the ever new restrictions that are bringing the middle class in particular to its knees and driving it into ever greater dependence on the digital platform economy. Moreover, through the permanent injection of new money, which flows almost exclusively into the hands of the ultra-rich profiteers of the crisis, fueling inflation that helps speculators pay off their mountain of debt, but at the same time creepily expropriates the working population.

The public learns practically nothing about the new system – the introduction of digital central bank currencies. And this despite the fact that the major central banks are all working on it at full speed. With this currency, it will be possible to control the consumption behavior of the recipients, make it impossible for them to save, and force them to spend the money for a specific purpose within predefined time periods. It will be possible to reward good behavior, punish critics and even cut them off from all financial activities.

Digital central bank money will be the core of a coercive social regime that will largely manage without open violence because it can suffocate any opposition as they emerge. Digital central bank money is an almost perfect means of controlling, manipulating and conditioning the population. Its introduction means nothing more and nothing less than the most profound monetary reform of all time that will intervene in our lives. A world with digital central bank money is nothing other than a digital-financial prison in which there is no longer any room for freedom and democracy.

Are we helplessly at the mercy of this development? Or do we still have a chance to prevent the nightmare of a world of complete enslavement by money? I am firmly convinced that not only do we have a chance to prevent this nightmare, but that this chance has never been greater than in our time, for the following reason:

The current highly undemocratic, unjust and socially destructive system works only because the majority of people do not see through it. If the masses of people could see through it, it could not be maintained in the long run. But since this system can be kept alive only by ever harsher coercive measures, more and more people will come into conflict with it in the period ahead. But this means that they will look for ways out because of the problems that arise.

We are therefore entering a historical period in which the enlightenment about the actual structures of our society and our economy will meet open ears among a great number of people. So let us seize this historic opportunity and drive this enlightenment forward despite all censorship, all bans and all intimidation – and let us make it our goal to save ourselves, our children and our grandchildren from incarceration in a digital-financial prison and to enable future generations to live in dignity and in freedom.


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