Global Financial System: Deliberate Destruction Underway

By Ernst Wolff.

Many people are currently desperately waiting for the lockdown to end. They are hoping that businesses will reopen, unemployment will decline, the economy will pick up again and they will finally be able to return to their old lives. But that’s not going to happen, and here’s why: the lockdowns are not the cause of the current problems, but merely an accelerant that is dramatically exacerbating the economic collapse.

The middle class, which was already in trouble before the lockdowns, has already been driven to ruin to a considerable extent, small and medium-sized banks are facing a wave of unbearable loan defaults and government budgets have enormous holes in them.

An unprecedented flood of bankruptcies of small and medium-sized companies lies ahead of us. Banks will have to be bailed out, unemployment will explode, prices will rise, taxes will be increased and social benefits cut. The standard of living of the vast majority of the population will collapse. In the months ahead, we will see a desolation of inner cities and a spread of poverty and homelessness unprecedented since World War II.

At the same time, we will see a further growth of the already gigantic speculation on the financial markets. This will further exacerbate social inequality, which has already reached an all-time high. We will also see the failure to give back the fundamental rights that have been taken away from us over the past twelve months, and the censorship that has been exercised for several months, rather than being abolished, will be further intensified.

All of this can be predicted if you don’t look at incidences and mutations in a state of shock, as most people do, but instead take a very sober look at the figures in the economy and the financial sector. They show that the global financial system, which has been artificially kept afloat since the crisis of 2007/08, can no longer be sustained by conventional means. As interest rates have reached zero worldwide, the collapse of the system can only be postponed in time by unlimited money creation. The price for this is the relentlessly progressing devaluation of money.

Those responsible know this, and that is why they are already preparing a new monetary system in the background. It will end the banking system as we know it and place money creation exclusively in the hands of the central banks. In this way, it will be possible to control the money supply, charge negative interest rates and target economic demand.

However, there is a problem with this new monetary system. While the envisioned currency will be digital money, unlike existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it will not be decentralized at all; on the contrary, it will be one hundred percent centralized. This means that all transactions can be monitored, controlled and prevented by both the state and the digital corporations involved in issuing the money. Digital centralized money thus means nothing other than the complete subjection of account holders to the supervision of the state and the digital economy.

Under normal circumstances, however, the population would hardly accept this unchallenged. So how can they be persuaded to accept the new servitude? There is obviously a plan for this, too: by systematically plundering the existing system and thus creating socially untenable conditions that drive a large part of the people into existential hardship so that they can then appear as saviors.

How else can it be explained that we are now living in an endless lockdown that continues to worsen the economic and financial situation of those affected on a daily basis? Which ensures that those struggling for a life preserver are deliberately pushed under water?

This is quite obviously an agenda aimed at putting large numbers of people in extreme need in order to then offer them – as a humanitarian measure, so to speak – digital central bank money to save them from impoverishment. Anyone who thinks that this is an apocalyptic vision of the future that is far removed from reality should urgently find out how far the central banks’ preparations for the introduction of digital central bank currencies have already progressed.


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Image source: K.E.V / shutterstock


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