Karl Lauterbach’s conceptions of truth or delusion?

By Bernhard Loyen.


Repulsion study: Karl Lauterbach warns against going to the toilet during corona times (Express. 03.09.2020)

“Unappetizing” aerosols: Study reveals new corona transmission path – Lauterbach warns of “chimney effect” (Merkur, 05.09.2020)

Lauterbach warns of lifting the mask obligation in the retail industry ( Rheinische Post, 05.07.2020)

Lauterbach warns against carelessness through Corona-Warn-App ( Saarbrücker Zeitung, 14.06.2020)

Risk of a second wave – Lauterbach gives a warning concerning major events (ZDF-heute, 14.07.2020)

Remarkable warning from a professor who months after her Covid-19 illness, no hospital treatment, was physically and cognitively far behind her former life (Twitter@Karl_Lauterbach, 06.09.2020)

Study on particulate matter. Karl Lauterbach warns: mortality in Leverkusen 2.5 times higher. More severe Covid-19 cases (Leverkusener Anzeiger, April 9, 2020)

SPD health expert Lauterbach warns against wave of bankruptcies (Handelsblatt, 22.09.2020)

Lauterbach before the flu season: SPD health politician Karl Lauterbach warns of supply bottlenecks with flu vaccinations (RND, 31.08.2020)

Pandemic : Lauterbach warns against renewed school and daycare closures (Berliner Zeitung, 31.08.2020)

Karl Lauterbach warns of delivery bottlenecks for flu vaccinations (Hasepost, 31.08.2020)

SPD politician Karl Lauterbach warns against playing soccer in front of an audience (Sportbuzzer, 08.07.2020)

“Not responsible”: Karl Lauterbach warns against fans in the stadium because of Corona (Osnabrücker Zeitung, 08.07.2020)

Free corona tests: Drosten and Lauterbach warn (PNP, 24.08.2020)

At Markus Lanz: Lauterbach warns of higher probability of dementia after corona infection (Prisma, 22.09.2020)

Lauterbach warns against the abolition of the mask obligation (evangelisch.de, 05.07.2020)

Holidaymakers celebrate, Lauterbach warns, the RKI has concerns: Dealing with the Corona pandemic has changed (Aachener Zeitung/facebook, 29.07.2020)

Lauterbach warns in an interview: “We must act now, not wait” (n-tv, 13.08.2020)

Lauterbach warns because of the coronavirus: “The gong has not yet been heard in the population” (Tagesspiegel, 19.03.2020)

Karl Lauterbach warns to stay in hotels – with wilfully twisted facts (Financial news, 12.08.2020)

Lauterbach warns with regard to further pandemics (Presse Augsburg, 30.03.2020)

“If Mallorca continues like this”: Lauterbach warns against forced quarantine! (BILD, 23.07.2020)

At Maischberger: Karl Lauterbach warns of a second wave (Paderborn paper, 06.08.2020)

Corona outbreak: Lauterbach warns against trips from the region of Gütersloh (onvista, 22.06.2020)

“Indivisible” demonstration in Berlin : Lauterbach warns against mass infection with coronavirus (Berliner Kurier, 14.06.2020)

Hart aber fair (ARD): Corona noise! When Karl Lauterbach warns against it, Arzt is boiling with rage – “Nonsense!” (Der WESTEN, 22.09.2020)

…to be continued

Lauterbach on Twitter: Enlightenment or scare tactics? (tagesschau.de, 16.09.2020)

Dieter Hallervorden to Karl Lauterbach : “I must honestly say…these are not warnings anymore…this is panic-mongering.”

(at Hart aber Fair, 21.09.2020)


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