PRESS RELEASE: Political Party dieBasis – Lockdown for Easter

Duesseldorf 02.04.2021 – The Lockdown is extended and in some federated States clearly intensified. The regional association NRW of the party dieBasis criticizes this procedure and reminds of the necessity of respecting the principle of proportionality.

Reinhard Wilhelm, a lawyer from Dortmund and a member of dieBasis NRW, together with three other party friends filed several applications for the issuance of temporary injunctions as well as actions for annulment and an application for a special complaint at the Administrative Court of Braunschweig and the Higher Administrative Court against curfews already imposed in Peine and Gifhorn.

Extract from the press release:


The pillar of freedom

Liberty rights, which are anchored in the Basic Law (Constitution), are our most precious good. They are the prerequisite and the space for our development and constant advancement on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual).We decide on our own responsibility and without fear, what concerns the earth, the living nature and us humans, without violating the freedom rights of others. The State and its organs shall respect and guarantee fundamental rights and shall at all times respect the principle of proportionality.

The pillar of power limitation

The use of power to shape and develop the society is necessary and reasonable. The transfer of power by the sovereign, the people, to persons and entities should be limited in all functions and offices. The separation of powers must always be guaranteed, and independent media must provide comprehensive and truthful information. We stand for maximum transparency of political action, the supplementation of parliamentary democracy with procedures of direct democracy and the involvement of interdisciplinary bodies in decisions of social significance.

The pillar of mindfulness

Being human and respecting humanity are part of the foundation of a free society. We live a loving, mindful interaction with ourselves and others, with nature and all other living beings. We are present with all our senses and always ready for open dialogue without immediately judging. Being mindful means actively listening and learning, observing and applying the rules of appreciative communication.

The pillar of swarm intelligence

This is how we shape policy through the wisdom of the many. The development of a strong and stable society requires the direct and equal participation of its citizens. To implement performance-oriented ideas and proposals, we use many different perspectives. With the help of modern communication tools, we enable all citizens to contribute their skills and individual potential.


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