PRESS RELEASE: Political party dieBasis – Situation in the Bonn hospitals

Bonn, 29.04.2021. Gregor Berneiser, the Bundestag candidate of the political party dieBasis, criticizes the media portrayal of the coronavirus-situation in hospitals and presents the current hospital occupancy in Bonn. In doing so, he opposes one of the justifications for implementing curfews.

Extract from the press release:


According to the official DIVI register of intensive care bed occupancy in North Rhine-Westphalia, approx. 17% of intensive care beds are currently occupied by patients who are counted as COVID patients. However, multiple counts are also included here, as each transfer within a hospital is counted as a new case.

Gregor Berneiser comments on the situation in Bonn’s hospitals based on the latest data from the city of Bonn :

“The ten major hospitals in Bonn have a total of 4,148 beds. According to information from the city of Bonn, a total of 62 COVID patients are currently being treated there in normal wards and 40 COVID patients in intensive care units.

For Helios Klinikum Bonn/Rhein-Sieg (formerly Malteser), for example, with more than 400 beds, this means, according to Helios, that 13 COVID patients are currently being cared for in normal wards and only three in intensive care. This condition is nowhere near critical for a large hospital.”


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