The Great Reset – what is behind it?

By Ernst Wolff.

The world has changed in a historic way over the past six months. For the first time in its history, the global economy has been deliberately brought to a virtual standstill. This has caused damage whose consequences in the coming weeks and months will surpass everything that mankind has experienced so far in times of peace.

But this seems to be only the beginning. There are increasing signs that we are not facing a correction of this course, but its continuation and even its intensification. The alliance of scientists, media and politicians that brought about the lockdown six months ago is currently using every conceivable opportunity to conjure up the “second wave” of the pandemic – and this despite the fact that the first wave has never reached the horrendous proportions predicted at any time, but has consistently remained within the framework of previous influenza pandemics.

Since more dangerous outbreaks in the past have not been subject to measures anywhere near as extensive as those taken in the case of Covid-19, it is reasonable to suspect that there may be other motives behind the supposed concern for public health. In fact, there is a multitude of data, facts and developments that not only support this assumption, but make it seem extremely likely. They could be summarised under the generic term “The Great Reset”. At any rate, the world’s financial and political elite, whose leading representatives will gather in Davos in January 2021 for the World Economic Forum (WEF) under precisely this motto, and who have declared The Great Reset to be the central theme for the time ahead.

And indeed – an all-encompassing new beginning is imminent, for two reasons: Firstly, because the global financial sector in its current form is no longer viable in the long term, and secondly, because the global real economy is facing the greatest transformation in its history.

Here are the details:

Since the world financial crisis of 2007-08, the global financial system has been kept alive artificially by the world’s central banks, by the continuous lowering of interest rates and the creation of money out of nothing. However, the first remedy has largely been exhausted, as interest rates have almost everywhere reached zero. A further reduction into the negative range would make lending a loss-making business for the banks and would therefore destroy the banking system from the inside.

For this reason, the central banks are forced to use the second option, money creation. However, this has further inflated the already huge bubbles on the financial markets as a result of the trillion-dollar payments in the Corona crisis and threatens to destroy the purchasing power of the currencies if this policy is continued. Since the central banks have no further funds available to maintain the system, this means that the current monetary system has entered its final phase.

The situation is even more dramatic in the real economy. Here we are currently experiencing the greatest upheaval in the entire history of mankind due to the digital revolution. The use of artificial intelligence and the robotization of work have far greater consequences than the industrial revolution 250 years ago. Corporations and government agencies will launch huge waves of layoffs due to digitalization. Products of all kinds – from dentures to electric cars to prefabricated houses – can already be produced anywhere in the world by 3D printers. Factories will therefore close down en masse and logistics on land, at sea and in the air will become largely superfluous. In addition, home office and home schooling will become part of the new normality as well as telemedicine and crypto-currencies.

This development will destroy hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide and thus destroy the livelihoods of just as many people. This in turn has fatal consequences, because these people will cease to be consumers and thus the driving force behind the economy and trade. In addition, they will also cease to be taxpayers. Since the previous monetary system was based on the creation of value through human labour, artificial intelligence and robotization are thus depriving it of its basis. But instead of abolishing the old monetary system, which no longer does justice to these new circumstances, and introducing a new one, those who benefit most from the current system are currently doing everything possible to preserve it for their own benefit.

But in doing so, they are facing a huge problem: a gradual transformation of the existing society into the “new normality” will meet with increasing resistance within the population, most likely triggering social unrest and possibly popular uprisings or even civil wars. So the elites will have to come up with a different strategy, and that is exactly what they have been doing intensively in recent years. The result of their deliberations is contained in the motto of the forthcoming WEF meeting and is called ” The Great Reset “.

This reset is nothing more than a kind of shock therapy, designed to bring about change not gradually but within a short period of time. And for this purpose, the elites have obviously found the right partner this year: the new coronavirus. With its help, a scapegoat has been set up to take the blame for all the measures – from the lockdown with its mass dismissals and compulsory masks to the closing of the border and the abolition of cash. Officially, it is therefore not the selfishness of the elites that is causing the changes and restrictions, but their concern for the health of the population – an absurd distortion of the facts, but one that is currently accepted by the majority of people.

What does all this mean for our future?

Since only some of the changes have been implemented so far, meaning that we are still in the early stages of the Great Reset, we are very likely to see further tightening of the measures implemented so far. This is exactly what the creation of fear and panic in the face of a second wave should serve to do. If this is not enough, the state-appointed virologists will certainly resort to other threats, such as the bubonic plague that has just broken out in China. The fact that large companies in particular are being identified as “hotspots” for infections, and that more and more local and regional lockdowns are being imposed in a wide variety of places, is probably no coincidence. These measures, like the biometric recording of people, serve the purpose of targeted surveillance of potential trouble spots, and this will be of the utmost importance in the coming phase of maintaining public order.

This development will be accompanied by an ideological campaign, whose approaches can be admired on the WEF’s homepage, among others. For example, factory closures and the collapse of the logistics sector are being sold to people as “climate protection” because of the resulting drop in emissions. The helicopter money, which is necessary because of the millionfold unemployment and which serves only to increase the demand, is praised to the general public as “unconditional basic income”. And the digitization of small and medium-sized businesses is idealized as the way to a fairer future, although this is nothing more than the subordination of small and medium-sized businesses to Internet platforms, whose market power is currently growing immeasurably.

All this sounds extremely depressing and shows that the financial elite, i.e. about 0.001 percent of the world’s population, is in the process of leading the rest of humanity into a kind of digital dictatorship. What is particularly depressing is that the vast majority of people have not yet resisted this development. But this is likely to change fundamentally in the coming weeks and months. The effects of the lockdown and the further measures to contain a second wave will have such devastating social and economic consequences that many of those who have not yet moved will, through their own experience, come increasingly into conflict with the existing system.

It is precisely this conflict, which will affect millions of people, that should be seen as a challenge by us all, because it offers a unique opportunity to educate large numbers of previously unsuspecting people that the Great Reset is nothing more than an attempt to keep alive a system that has outlived its time. The continuation of this system benefits only a tiny minority, while it leads the majority into a future that resembles a digital prison, in which the development of the individual will be determined by algorithms, social coexistence will be monitored and controlled, and democratic freedoms will only be permitted to the extent that they do not stand in the way of data transfer from high-frequency computers.


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