The American Viceroy of Germany

A commentary by Willy Wimmer.

In Washington, pressure is being exerted against the Berlin government and thus against Germany. Allegedly, diplomats are railing against the insubordinate attitude in Berlin with regard to three political issues. In addition to the Baltic Sea pipeline, these include Germany’s position on Russia and, increasingly, China. Allegedly, according to German press reports from Washington, no one wants to be identified as being the one who is alienating Germany, except for one individual. It concerns the former American ambassador in Germany, Mr. John Kornblum. He is known in the country and Ambassador John Kornblum knows Germany. Probably even better than most Germans know themselves. His international experience and his knowledge of the circumstances in Germany over decades have contributed in this regard. A heavyweight, therefore, connected in any case with the American ambassadorship in Germany. According to these press reports, Mr. Kornblum now speaks of ” the German problem” in connection with the three policy areas mentioned. In order to make the seriousness of the situation clearer, this is accompanied by an attempt to relativize Germany’s role in the EU. This should not be a major problem, however, since any American ambassador in EU member states can make it clear to the host country where the power lies without hesitation.

In the case of Germany, it had already been made clear after reunification how high the number of American agents officially working in Germany would be. One can safely forget the idea of the usual reciprocity. This also applies to the famous transatlantic networks, whose task seems to be to ensure, at all costs, that Germany’s political and media institutions are brought into line with the Americans in such a way that the friction in relations does not last too long. Or has anyone ever heard that German positions regarding Washington, for example in the matter of the Baltic Sea pipeline, should have been represented from these networks. Everywhere the spirit of Dr. Norbert Röttgen prevails, who has so far only refrained from making his usual reproaches to Moscow because the reunification started and was operated by Moscow. Otherwise, the Röttgens and Büttighofers seem to follow the principle: Open fire on everything that crosses Washington, even if it is their own country. At some point, the nasty phrase of Churchill comes to the mind of the inclined observer. According to Churchill, one has the Germans “always either at your throat or at your feet.”.

So for President Jo Biden, surprise is the order of the day. Hardly in office, Germany represents for him the “German problem”. A vocabulary sufficiently suited to recall the notorious “querelles allemands,” with which every German stirring about national interests could be buried. The “German problem” it is once again a suitable expression with which one can set the Germans against each other for the sake of American interests. Thus, for the purpose of establishing submissiveness, one can again indulge in the favorite transatlantic sport. Nevertheless, this policy of the “German problem” is apparently a huge surprise. It was the German chancellor and “world stateswoman”, Dr. Angela Merkel, who as the European ringleader of the “Obama campaign group against Trump” had undertaken something that would have to be called historic as a guardian of the interests of the democrats in Europe. She helped to not only checkmate politically in Germany and EU Europe an American president who was counting on understanding with Russia. It has contributed offensively to making his policy of understanding with our Russian neighbor without a chance. It may be unique in history to postulate not the balancing of interests but the rolling of tank tracks in the annual deployment against Russia as German interest, as it has been implemented by the Berlin government in the Trump years to the detriment of Germany.

So, this is now President Biden’s American gratitude for the German Chancellor’s self-sacrificing stance in the “Obama battle group”? At first glance it might seem so, but only at first glance. Dr. Merkel will be able to get over the months until she leaves office as far as the so-called “German problem” in Washington is concerned. She should have supported in Washington the one who had represented American interests that could also have been German interests. The deep American state had nailed him to the wall. The murmurings of the “German problem” in Washington as the new American agenda against Germany will go right past the Chancellor’s back. The time will be short until a German government in line for this American policy, that is supposed to be “Green”. The Washington agenda is congruent with what Mrs. Baerbock and the entire Green leadership declare all over the country. So much for the perception of German interests and Germany’s sovereignty. It is the model that the German defense minister, Ms. Kramp-Karrenbauer, was last allowed to experience. The new U.S. Secretary of Defense flew in and told the lady of an increase in U.S. troops in Germany instead of a confirmation of withdrawal. After all, if you can do whatever you want here, you’ll hardly need the oracles in Washington. And in Berlin? Laschet, who is by no means going crazy when it comes to Moscow or Beijing, is nothing but a nuisance. That’s why he can be stabbed in the back by the media on the show “Anne Will”. Anyone could have noticed how little there was to the accusation that the chancellor had pursued “social democratic policies.” Given the policies she has pursued, it is now logical to pass the baton to Ms. Baerbock in Washington’s interest.


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