The world will not recover from German climate policy

A comment by Rainer Rupp.

No matter what happens in Germany or the EU to save the climate, at least two thirds of future CO2 emissions depend on countries that laugh at Western “CO2 climate science” as a hocus-pocus. Nevertheless, the German government and with one exception all parties are determined to drive our CO-2 dependent industry into the dirt and thus destroy millions of jobs.

In view of the fact that in recent years none of the major financial groups has jumped on the tens of trillion euro CO2 train, it is not surprising that the German government, as the EU flag bearer of neo-liberalism, has also devoted itself with great vigour to “saving the climate” by eliminating coal, oil and natural gas from the German energy balance. The aim is to replace the proven, highly energetic, reliable energy sources that can be stored at will by alternative energy sources such as windmills and solar cells, which are notoriously unreliable, e.g. with little wind and sun, and whose power generation is very inefficient compared to coal, oil and gas, cannot be stored, but is much more expensive.

The consequences of this climate policy for our industry and jobs, which are heavily dependent on cheap and reliable energy, are incalculable. The fact that the masses of so-called “small people” have to pay themselves for the destruction of their industrial jobs, namely through higher energy prices and CO2 taxes. But probably this policy of additional redistribution from the bottom to the top is supposed to cut back the expectations of the lower classes regarding new jobs in a neo-feudalism system.

With the arbitrary destruction of its traditional industrial structure, Germany is of course taking a giant leap back into the CO2-free past. But flexible workers will find modern, new jobs, e.g. in the grand estates of the money aristocracy as gardeners, cooks, coachmen or chambermaids. Without a works council, of course.

It is astonishing that of all parties large parts of the party “Die Linke” do not yet find the extremely anti-social climate policy of the Federal Government radical enough. This is only logical, however, if one considers the development of the left-wing youth who have now firmly arrived in the post-industrial cloud cuckoo land. They are panting after every hip, new movement and have completely lost sight of the social core concern of the left.

After the gender movement and the discovery of 49 other sexes alongside men and women and gays and lesbians, the Left Youth devoted all its strength and benevolent attention to the uncontrolled arrival of a million migrants. Their propagandistic battle cry “No Borders! No Nations” has not fallen silent to this day. No one thinks about the social and societal consequences of their demand for our country. But with the climate debate things have gotten even worse.

Fascinated, the left-wing youth followed how the childish climate prophetess from Sweden with her doomsday fantasies made the spoiled youth of the upper middle class in the West take to the streets to save the world in FfF demonstrations. Promptly, the left-wing youth jumped on this train without thinking, for example, about the potentially catastrophic consequences of this development for jobs and the well-being of the masses of working people.

How, for example, the CO-2 taxation mainly affects the poorer sections of the population in Holland last July, could be read on the website “Makroskop” published by Prof. Flassbeck and Dr. Steinhardt. Under the title: In den Fallstricken des Klimadiskurses (1), a forecast was presented by the Dutch Consulting company CE Delft (2), according to which in the context of the so-called climate rescue, the share of energy costs in the disposable household income of richer households in Holland will rise to 5.7 percent on average by 2050, but to 17 percent for the poorest households. It’s easy to calculate that if rent and ancillary costs already account for 50 percent of income, there won’t be much left over for food and other things.

So while rich households do not even feel CO² pricing (although their CO² footprint from SUVs, long-distance travel and large homes is particularly large), it can be a question of survival for poor households. While large sections of the less privileged population groups are worried about their additional burden from intensified CO2 reduction efforts, the LINKE is making ever more radical climate demands.

Tadzio Müller, for example, speaker for climate justice and international politics at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation of the Left Party, calls for “climate protection – even if it gets tough” for employees (3). Ulrich Brand, Professor of International Politics at the University of Vienna with a focus on environmental and resource policy, recently reproached the socially and ecologically sensitive sections of the trade unions in the “Blättern für Internationale Politik” that their demand for sustainable growth was misguided because they were still concerned about growth (4). Recently in April 2011, Professor Brand had postulated to the Left Party in the Bundestag that “capitalism will never turn green”.

In an article in the party’s own newspaper “Neues Deutschland”, the free journalist Hanno Böck may even accuse the Left Party of “primarily seeing itself as a representative of the socially weak here and now” instead of thinking internationally about future generations (5). The LINKE must confess itself now to the fact that “the right to life of humans affected (internationally) most strongly by the climatic change is more important in the doubt than the job” at home. And Andreas Novy even complains to the left-wing “transform-network” (6): “If the social question is generally perceived as central, then ecology falls by the wayside”.

But what these left-wing or other fanatical CO2 climate activists have in mind are insane plans. They have a dangerous illusion when they believe that only Germany has to take care of the CO2 emissions to save the world climate and thus the world. That’s crazy. It would even be pointless if man-made CO2 actually increased temperatures worldwide.

It would also be a hopeless undertaking if the shutdown of coal-fired power plants, oil and gas heating systems, the switch to electric cars and the installation of countless wind turbines and solar plants were to be a complete success. This is because Germany’s share of the global CO2 produced by humans is barely 2 percent.

No matter what happens in Germany or the EU to save the climate, future CO2 emissions depend on India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and above all on China and the USA. What all these countries have in common is that their governments laugh at Western CO2 climate science as a hocus-pocus.
They see CO2, which is not a poison, as a vital gas for our plants and trees. Even in the Paris climate treaty, these countries have not committed themselves to limiting their CO2 emissions until 2030, and then they new negotiations will take place. Until then, these countries will continue to fuel their economic growth with the cheapest and safest energy and build more coal-fired power stations every year, which of course produce a lot of CO2. The USA, which under President Obama in Paris had committed itself to sharp cuts in CO2 emissions, has already announced its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement under President Trump.

China accounts for 29% of man-made CO2 worldwide, the USA for 16%, India for 7%, Russia for 5%, South Africa for 1% and Brazil for 1%. If Iran and Saudi Arabia are added by 2% each, that is almost two-thirds of global CO2 emissions. (Source: Union of Concerned Scientists)(7)

It is enough if China is not part of the CO2 climate savers and all the efforts of Greta, Green and Left are useless. With their apocalyptic messages, they help the climate finance jugglers, who are not afraid to drive large parts of our industry and society into the mud for new sources of profit.

For the Chinese, on the other hand, what counts is economic growth and the necessary security of energy supply. The Chinese leadership does not wake up in the middle of the night and worries about the climate. At the end of October 2019, the Russian government also declared that it would not introduce a CO2 tax, contrary to what the West had expected, as there are still doubts about the alleged man-made causes of climate change.

It is not only the Chinese who are shaking their heads watching the Western Climate Express travel over daring bridges into the unknown. This also includes the German government’s intention to shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2038. What could happen to the Germans on their way to the beautiful new world without fossil fuels and with “zero CO2 emissions” was presented this week in a newspaper report from the not so distant future:

Snow chaos all over Germany, December 12, 2030 (8)

Heavy snowfalls and cold have hit all of Germany. Photovoltaics snowed in, wind turbines switched off due to a storm, coal-fired power plants do not exist, and the reduced gas supply is weakening. Combustion engines, stove heaters, open fireplaces, motor saws, snow blowers etc. were banned years ago.

On the highways, kilometers of traffic jams of electric vehicles that ran out of electricity overnight. The electrified rescue services are also affected. Even with better weather conditions, the vehicles can no longer move on their own, but have to be towed away individually, which even the Bundeswehr cannot cope due to a lack of operational vehicles. Electric excavators and wheel loaders can no longer be connected to the network or are only operational for a few hours. Due to a lack of demand, refineries produce neither petrol nor diesel, which can only be purchased in small quantities at a few dangerous goods distribution points.




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