Unconstitutional corona measures – Violation of law by the executive

By Wolfgang Bittner.

Government measures to contain the corona epidemic are disproportionate and illegal. Interferences in the core area (essence) of several constitutional rights prevail, violating Article 19, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. Despite the recent amendments, this is not covered in this excessive manner by the Infection Protection Act. Criticism is prevented and demonstrations are prohibited under threat of punishment. For this reason, there is an acute danger of a largely unlimited deprivation of inalienable fundamental rights. There is no doubt about that. But the population is paralyzed by the panic-mongering by politics and the media. Afterwards it will be said again: “We did not know and did not want it!”


Collective guilt

By Wolfgang Bittner

We didn’t know,
No one knew,
No one wanted to know,
No one wanted to know.
Even those who could have known,
Didn’t want to know,
Even those who were able to know it,
Didn’t want to know.

That’s the way it happened,
What could we have done,
If we didn’t know anything?
We have nothing to blame ourselves for,
We’re not going to take the blame for anything!
We have to stop this once and for all!
We had nothing to do with it.
We have nothing to do with it.

We didn’t do it,
Others have done it,
But no one knew.
Only those who did it,
Knew about it,
But they did not know what they were doing,
They did it,
They followed orders,
One must follow orders.

We are innocent,
No one can drag us through the dirt,
We didn’t do it,
And we wouldn’t have done it either,
We didn’t even know about it,
No one can say we knew,
Of course we did not want it either,
No one can say we wanted it.

Nobody wanted it,
And nobody knew,
Some might have suspected it,
But nobody really knew,
Nobody knew,
Nobody wanted it,
Who might have known something,
Wouldn’t have wanted it,
If he had known anything,
No one can want anything from us.


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