Dear children! The masks are nonsense. The government lied.

By Bathsheba N’Diaye

The adults are having a fight right now. The government and some powerful business leaders are saying, “Everyone must be very afraid! The virus is dangerous for all of you! We will determine what to do with your bodies!”

“No!” is what the best doctors in the world say. They say: “The virus is not new and it is no more dangerous than the flu. The masks are disgusting and useless. The restrictions are almost all unjustified!”

The government is aware of that, too. And most adults in our country know it as well. But they are scared, very scared of the government and the big bosses.

Most people wear the masks only because they are completely frightened and discouraged. They hope that all this will pass without them having to fight back. But it will not.

Last Monday, the Chancellor, who has been Chancellor for a very long time, said that all people should continue to wear the masks, although she herself never does. She knows that the masks are of no use at all, but only torture and ugly disfigurement for people, especially for children. Because a virus is very small and would fly through the mask anyway. Like a football through a 20-meter wide goal.

Viruses are something quite normal, they exist longer than people on earth. You can’t defeat them forever or eradicate them altogether. We humans can only live with them. People can be vaccinated against some of them if they think it makes sense. Because nobody has to get an injection if he simply does not want to. Only government advisers want to do that. Especially a laboratory researcher named Drosten and a medical doctor for cattle herds. His name is Wieler.

Therefore Democrats say: “Nobody may simply decide about us!” At least they think: “NOT WITHOUT ASKING US!”

The coronavirus, for example, is almost only dangerous for very old people over 80 years of age. Or for people who are already very, very sick. These people have the right to care – and protection, but only if they want it.

Because every human life ends with death. Anyone who has already become very old, even over 80, has already been very lucky in this respect. Unfortunately, a great number of people die of starvation every day on our planet because governments and bosses do not want to take care of it. Every single day more people starve to death than have ever died with Corona.

That’s why the best doctors say that there is something wrong with Corona. “Even with Corona, people prefer to control their own bodies,” they say. The best doctors are called Professor Ioannidis, for example. He is in America and knows more about viruses than most people. Here in Germany one such expert is Professor Bhakdi. He has proven in a book that the government is lying.

Millions of citizens in our country say that the government only wants to make sure that under Corona a lot of power, a lot of money and a lot of valuable things can be given to the bosses. They can then use the houses, the shops, the department stores, the specialist shops, the factories, the schools and the universities for themselves. In order for them to be able to do this, the government must break the constitution. The government wants to please the bosses.

But the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany, as the name suggests, is a fundamental thing. Not even the government can break or change this law. It is above the government as well. This text is more powerful and more important than all politicians and bosses together.

The Basic Law states that all people are allowed to decide for themselves, to assemble, to express their opinions and that all important decisions must be democratic. That is why the Basic Law is so important. It should prevent a dictatorship from being introduced. People who defend the Basic Law are democrats.

Many of them have children and spend a lot of time with them. They protect the Constitution and say: “We will not back down until the Constitution is respected again. And then we want to take votes on the most important issues of the community. So that nothing like the corona lie, dictatorship, fascism, paternalism, feudalism, cruelty to man and war can ever happen again in our country!”

They want the peaceful coexistence and the open discussion of all important public matters. They are for the Republic, for separation of powers and democracy. The Democrats want a safe Germany, which is self-determining, scientific and free, where nobody is forced to do anything. And nothing should be forced on people in other countries either.

That is why, for example, there is our newspaper, which is published every week and is independent of parties, governments, gurus and bosses. This text will appear in the next issue number 11 of the newspaper and this time it is also aimed to children.

It is the newspaper of the Democrats, it is called Demokratischer Widerstand and on page 8 there is always the most important thing from the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. It is financed by many individual donors, among them many parents who care about the opposition voice: IBAN EN83 1005 0000 1066 5860 19.

With the donations, new newspapers are then printed and distributed as long as it is necessary and possible.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Image source: shisu_ka / shutterstock


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