Warning from the South | By Nicolas Riedl

The developments of the corona policy in Australia and New Zealand give a foretaste of what could still flourish in Europe.

By Nicolas Riedl.

Every year in summer, virologists and epidemiologists look to the colder southern hemisphere to get a rough idea of what viruses could be heading for Europe and North America in winter. In 2020, however, Australia and New Zealand are not primarily virological, but rather offer a glimpse into a possible future, especially politically. Restrictive measures, which even here in the western part of the northern hemisphere are only conceivable in rudimentary form, are already a reality in these places. Winter is approaching, and there is still a chance to learn from the deterrent example of Australian or New Zealand conditions. There we see what can happen if we do not decisively counter the concentrated misanthropy of the Corona regime.

Duty to wear masks on the open street in the state of Victoria, Australia. Forced quarantine in hotels and less comfortable facilities in New Zealand. Drones scanning the license plates of cars to check if the owners are too far away from their permitted location. The fantasy of a pandemic, completely detached from reality. These are all aspects of what is already happening in Australia and New Zealand. The places where the winter reigns, which could threaten us.

Let’s imagine this metaphorically: The obligation to wear a mask on the open street. How in the world does someone who is still halfway sane and does not intend to spread false information want to make it clear to someone else that this could protect against transmitting a virus? But some of our contemporaries in Europe seem to be ready for this step. How else could one explain that some people are tempted by the lack of any sense and reason to ride a bike with a mask but without a helmet? If the course of man’s development from a stooped monkey to an upright walking Homo sapiens were a curve, would the masked cyclist be an expression of an evolutionary “flatten the curve”?

Let us imagine that we, the remaining rational citizens of Europe, would be forced to cover our faces not only in stores and means of transport, but also when we stroll along an empty sidewalk.

This would mean that we would not even be able to go out for fresh air, as we would now have to inhale our own exhaled air even outside. In some places this is already being thought about, in the totalitarian hotspot of Munich it has already been implemented in the city center. Australia has come dangerously close.

Let’s imagine that the government would no longer have to make any effort at all to build a corona narrative even remotely on facts if, like the New Zealand government, it has been able to issue emergency ordinances since February from a covid death toll in the lower two-digit range. Imagine being arrested for sharing a call for Querdenken demonstration on Facebook. Something similar happened in Australia, the continent that is unfortunately slowly regaining its historic reputation as a prison island.

With the goal before our eyes and the abyss on our necks

These images, these messages can paralyze. But they can also be driving forces. They can be a reminder of why people are fighting to overthrow the Corona regime. The hard lockdown is now a few months back again, months in which the semi-summer could make our mad situation a little bit forgotten. But some might have forgotten again how the situation felt at the end of March and in April, when fear and uncertainty prevailed and it was not foreseeable in which direction it would develop. Not to mention the existence of a broad-based resistance movement.

The leaves are wilting again, the first scents of ice and cold are in the air, the jackets are coming out of the closets again and with this season the virological summer slump of the Corona regime ends. From the now again running sniffing noses, a second wave can then be easily constructed. Since people have a completely rusty immune system due to the permanent wearing of masks and social distancing, it will only be a matter of time until sniffles and coughs break out and all fingers will point to the coronavirus.

Let us be prepared for the fact that now the reins will be tightened again, the measures more restrictive and the interpersonal climate worse. Let us not forget, however, that this time the surprise effect is no longer on the side of the corona regime, but that during the summer of democracy a broad network of resistance movements has formed that will not be able to get away with a killer virus fairy tale constructed from statistics and PCR test orgies. Lawyers, doctors, activists and democrats have now come together and set up structures that can prevent a situation like that in Australia and New Zealand.

However, this cannot happen without the support of the critical mass. It is therefore up to all of us to network locally and nationally, to deal with our immune system now more than ever before and to pay attention to the well-being of body, mind and soul so that we can enter this turbulent, in many ways cold season strengthened and with a warmth radiating from within.

Note on the Rubikon contribution: The present text was first published in „Rubikon – Magazin für die kritische Masse“, on whose advisory board Daniele Ganser and Rainer Mausfeld are active, among others. Since the publication was done under a free license (Creative Commons), KenFM takes over this text for secondary use and explicitly points out that the Rubikon also depends on donations and needs support. We need many alternative media!


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Image source: Gordon Best / shutterstock


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