The democracy movement celebrates its first anniversary

Out on the streets on March 28 in Berlin and everywhere! The most comprehensive attack on the human condition can only be repelled if we gather together and do not give up.

A commentary by Anselm Lenz, editor of the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand.

Coming March 28, 2021, the democracy movement celebrates its first year – this on Palm Sunday at 14:30 on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin. Already at 12 o’clock at the Nettelbeckplatz near the Berlin S-Bahn station Wedding the trek of initiatives starts among others with Captain Future, Batty N’Diaye and the Freedom Parade, the Democratic Trade Union (Demokratischen Gewerkschaft), Berlin stands up (Berlin steht auf), the Corona Investigation Committee (Corona-Untersuchungsausschuss), Querdenkern, Freidenkern, NichtOhneUns, Lawyers for Enlightenment (Anwälten für Aufklärung), Robert F. Kennedy, Uli Gellermann, representatives of all religious communities and sympathetic and open-hearted people from the social center with many children. The solemn and dignified rally in front of the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz will then turn into a dance party for young and old until the evening hours.

Long live freedom!

After all, the German democracy movement has already achieved some successes. After two dictatorships on German soil, the population is sensitized against totalitarian attacks, also from within itself. For the first time in history, Germany was a pioneer of democracy. For the German democracy movement, in all its undividable and, in the long run, invincible decentralization, has become the model of resistance in other countries of the globe as well. With the mass demonstrations of a million in Berlin, the hundreds of thousands in Kassel alone last Saturday, and especially the many thousands of small and medium-sized demonstrations throughout the country since April 2020, in every region, every small town and every district, the German democracy movement is everywhere.

A vast network of advocacy groups, women doctors’ groups, journalists, workers, business owners, farmers, engineers, students, retirees, information technologists, and artists and families have risen up across the country. The democracy movement is everywhere today. There are sympathizers, informers and even activists of the democracy movement in every government agency, in every major business, in every police unit, even in the closest staff of federal and state governments. There is no turning back from this. There is no effective weapon against this democratic power, which cannot be split into atomized clusters and remains mobile and penetrable. Germany’s democratic revolution has already begun demographically and socially with it, even if it has not yet taken effect administratively. But the time is approaching.

The awakening

The members of the political-media establishment have only a small window of time left to give in and look for their own chance to save themselves in the process of democratic opening-or to attempt to continue to take refuge in a parallel world with tyranny, lies and electoral fraud. But this cannot succeed in the long run, and the judgment of history would not know the slightest hint of mercy. Especially since those responsible are becoming more and more known, right down to the middle and even the lowest executive levels of the institutions and media companies, and the events are being archived for lawsuits and investigations.

So all that remains is an end with horror or horror without end. Completely unaffected by this is the longing for serious environmental protection, a serious reaction to global warming as well as economic balance: freedom, equality, fraternity. These themes have been paused and postponed by the Corona regime, which unfortunately must also be considered one of the goals of the coup. The keyword “re-set” has particularly set back those who hoped for significant environmental and social improvements. This pre-emptive shock strategy through U.S.-led civilian propaganda warfare was and is the goal of the coup. Finally, it is very likely to falsify a presidential election in the United States. For such things, one needs the help of Big Tech, Big Pharma and the “Deep State”.

In terms of life, however, the Corona state of emergency can also be interpreted as a kind of self-immolation of the political media establishment. As a final dramatic act, a form of self-sacrifice on the world stage. In any case, a democratic and economic reformation has been set in motion: The democracy movement in Germany has built up so many positive and durable structures beyond money or military power, which also contain economic and social security, that the initiative has thus clearly switched to the side of genuine civil society.

This is where the future is being made! Out of the democracy movement the germ of the departure into the new epoch has already arisen. Even brute force, censorship and historical distortion will not be able to stop what is growing every day, but will only contribute to the further creation of legends. The victory of the democracy movement will be comprehensive – one way or another.

Clear, comprehensible goals of the democracy movement

Against the regression of politics into pre-enlightened conditions, the head of democracy already rose in Berlin on March 28, 2020, on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. The democracy movement was born. From the very beginning, the goals were clear, rational and achievable: First, the compliance with the first 20 articles of the Basic Law, true to their meaning and wording, and thus an end to the unconstitutional state of emergency. Second, full respect for the dignity of the elderly and the sick and thus an end to the game of panic, cumulative death cult, isolation and forced experiments on people with vaccines. Third, an end to authoritarian state terror and an end to the emergency regime. Fifth, reasonable elections, comprehensive political transparency, referendums on all fundamental issues including framework legislation for our future economic system.

The deliberate cracks in our society have been so deepened by the “Corona” that they can only be overcome by a political cut. The Federal Republic must be renewed from the bottom up, and that means a sovereign act of the people freeing themselves from foreign domination and undemocratic structures in order to peacefully reconstitute themselves in their own decision on all fundamental issues, as provided for in the Basic Law in Article 146.

In any case, the Basic Law is a wise text, which in Article 20(4) assures every German citizen a comprehensive right of resistance if a domestic or foreign power group attempts to eliminate the free democratic basic order and the social and federal character. All this is undoubtedly the case. However, the breach of civilization by some New Age sectarians under the leadership of a part of US capital and Chinese profiteers is not complete, but reversible and thus into the long overdue positive awakening for a neutral and sovereign, harmless and people-friendly Germany. This departure, however, is irreversible.

Anselm Lenz is a journalist, book editor and publisher of the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand (DW). On March 28, 2021, the one-year anniversary of the democracy movement will take place with,, and many friends and organizations of the democracy movement in Berlin at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.


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Image source: Cineberg/ shutterstock


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