Fake climate rescue to save the elites

A comment by Rainer Rupp.

In addition to the rising arms expenditure for the ongoing NATO war preparations against Russia, the fight against CO2 emissions to allegedly “save the climate” is also expected to siphon off an ever larger share of our country’s budget expenses in the coming years. As a result, more money will be lacking than before in the social sectors as well as in education, research and health care.

In the absence of new, economic and technological breakthroughs and in view of the increasingly declining financial and industrial sectors, a great economic and social malaise has spread in all Western countries. This broad and growing dissatisfaction of the masses, increasingly articulated through words and deeds, has begun to shake the foundations of the ruling money elites and their bought and paid experts in scientific institutes and the press-holders in the media.

From the point of view of the ruling elites, there was therefore an urgent need for a “reform” that would lead the masses of the population to voluntarily renounce and happily surrender part of their already greatly diminished purchasing power to the state for a good cause without riots in the streets. In this rather hopeless situation, the “social engineers” and mass manipulators in the service of the “elites” have succeeded in a real stroke of genius with the invention and PR exploitation of Greta Thunberg.

With Greta, they have successfully removed the myth of the threat to all life on earth posed by the trace element CO2 from the earth’s surface. The adventurous theory that the human portion (only 4.2 parts per million parts) of the naturally present trace element CO2 in our air is supposed to cause a global overheating belongs rather to esotericism than to science.

Nevertheless, true masters were at work here who knew how to get the results determined in advance with scientifically dressed up, statistical magic tricks. At the same time, these masters have designed their theory so flexibly that in the meantime they can always explain every climatic peculiarity – whether too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet or too stormy for their faith community – with the alleged effect of CO2 and global warming. We have already been much further along, or the public has been much more critical.

Because nature simply didn’t want to participate as Professor Mann and his “hockey team” had planned in their climate model developed with voodoo mathematics and creative, statistical methods, the spectre of catastrophic, CO2-driven, global warming had largely disappeared from public perception since the beginning of our new century. This was to change abruptly in the West, with the highly effective, pseudo-religious revelation of Greta Thunberg over a year ago. Since then Greta and the “Fridays for Future Children”, who together with their parents and teachers absolutely want to do something meaningful and good for the world, are loudly supported in their misguided belief in the imminent end of the world in their fight against CO2 by the elites of high finance and their politicians and presstitutes.

These naïve victims of the orchestrated CO2 dumping campaign have been so overwhelmed that they cannot even be blamed if they have not researched other sources, especially as these sources are already being denounced as “right-wing”, as “AfD near” or simply as “climate Nazis”. As a “Climate Nazi”, who has also been repeatedly insulted, I nevertheless recommend investigating the question of which of the many apocalyptic predictions of climate and environmental catastrophes have actually occurred on a global scale in the last 80 years. A good overview of the bad news from renowned scientists, experts and politicians can be found on the website of the Competitve Enterprise Institute (1).

Modern doomsday prophets have been predicting climate and environmental catastrophes for many decades. The archipelago of the Maldives Islands, for example, would have had to sink at least twice into the increased water floods if the CO2-based climate models of the UN’s so-called “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change” (IPCC) had been even close to correct. None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates up to the present date have come true.

Below we will look at some selected examples from the above collection of predicted global climate transitions.

Arctic melt, global warming – 0.1 (zero point one)

“In East Greenland, all glaciers are melting rapidly,” reported the Harrisburg Sunday Courier in Pennsylvania, USA on December 17, 1939. Without exaggeration one could say “that the glaciers – like those in Norway – are about to collapse catastrophically,” the paper quoted the Swedish geologist Prof. Hans Ahlmann from his report to the Geographical Society after his Arctic expedition.

Ahlmann, a world authority on climate and glaciers of his time, became even more vivid when, eight years later, he warned (2) of the possibility that “an enormous rise in sea level due to an Arctic climate phenomenon could result in widespread flooding”. Ahlmann continued: “Arctic change is so severe that I hope an international agency can quickly be set up to study conditions on a global basis.”

Until the early 1950s, stories about the melting Arctic continued to be in vogue: “The glaciers of Norway and Alaska are only half the size they were 50 years ago,” quoted the Australian Cairns Post on 18 February 1952 Dr William Carlson, an Arctic expert. And according to polar explorer Admiral Donald McMillan in the March 10, 1955 issue of Rochester Democrat and Chronicle: “There are now only six million square miles of ice in the Arctic. Once upon a time there were 12 million square miles.”

The small cold period from the end of the 1940s to the middle of the 1970s had long since begun.

Global Cooling

“Scientists predict a new ice age in the 21st century,” the Boston Globe reported on April 16, 1970 (3). The newspaper quoted environmental expert James Lodge, who predicted that “air pollution will cover the sun and could cause a new ice age in the first third of the 21st century”.

Two years later, in 1972, two geologists from Brown University wrote a letter to President Richard Nixon (4) reporting that a conference had taken place in which “42 leading American and European climate experts had participated”. According to them, “there is a very real possibility that global climate degradation on a scale that no human civilization has yet experienced will probably become a reality very soon”. The letter to the US President goes on to say: “The current rate of cooling is occurring at such a rate that in about a century (in the US) glacier temperatures will be reached if the current rate of cooling is maintained”.

In 1975, the hysterical wave of warnings of the new man-made ice age reached its peak in the media, although by that time the cooling period had already come to an end. The Washington Post (5), the British Guardian (6) and Time Magazine (7) all published their own special reports predicting how the world as we know it would freeze in ice because of our self-made climate errors.

And back in 1978, the New York Times (8) reported: “An international team of specialists based on eight climate indices has come to the conclusion that there is no end in sight to the cooling trend of the last 30 years, at least in the northern hemisphere”.

A year later, in 1979, the same New York quality newspaper reported exactly the opposite, namely that the Arctic ice would disappear as a result of global warming. The article went on to say: “There is a real possibility that some people who are still in their infancy today will experience a time when the ice has melted at the North Pole, leading to rapid and potentially catastrophic climate change.” This report is one of the first to explicitly blame global warming on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in a mainstream medium.

The Chicago Tribune, on the other hand, appears to have overslept the recent change in climate fashion towards warming and still reports in 1981 on “global cooling”(9).

A good summary of this cold period was recently published in the German daily newspaper “Die Welt” under the title “When a new ice age threatened us 30 years ago” (10).

Arctic melting, global warming. 0.2 (zero point two)

In the late 1980s, global warming again dominated the climate debate in the media and the melting of polar ice on a catastrophic scale was again predicted.

“A high-ranking United Nations environmental commissioner, Noel Brown, says that whole nations could be washed off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if global warming is not reversed by the year 2000,” Californian San Jose Mercury News reported on June 30. “Coastal flooding and crop failures” would create an exodus of “eco-refugees”, “threatening political chaos,” Brown, director of the New York office of the UN Environment Programme, is quoted.

The first to disappear would be the island nations only a few meters above sea level. The small nation of the Maldives, in particular, would be threatened with rapid extinction, “by the gradual rise in average sea levels,” Agence France-Presse reported in 1988 (11), noting that “the end of the Maldives and its population could come faster if, as predicted, drinking water supplies dried up by 1992.”
But today, 31 years later, the economy and life in the Maldives are booming. The population has doubled since the 1980s, and the picturesque islands are “ready for a wave of new resort hotel openings,” reported the trade journal Hotelier Maldives in 2018 (12).

After a pause during the cooling-off period, the bad news of the melting away of the Arctic ice cap and the destructive rise in sea levels has been back in full swing since the 1980s. According to various forecasts by renowned scientists, the entire north should be ice-free in the summer of 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2018. Far from it! The Green Land Limane Research Centre (13) even reported a lot of ice in the Arctic in August 2019.

As we have seen from this brief review, despite the use of state-of-the-art technologies, the climate issue has by no means been solved. This contrasts with the claims of the CO2 faith community, which is gathering around Professor Mann’s hockey team. This community is firmly convinced that the earth is exposed to warming caused mainly by CO2 emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels. Other scientists disagree because they see the dominant effect of the sun on the one hand and the cosmic rays that cause cloud formation on the other as the main forces of climate change in both directions, hot or cold. And then again there are scientists who see the current climate fluctuations as normal changes on the time axis.

A climate that has changed radically, however, is the social climate in society already mentioned at the beginning. Because the climate discourse is no longer about scientific knowledge but about a highly politicized, tens of billions of euros project. With the help of this project the ruling elites want to save their dominance over the crises in economy and society. And the CO2 version of man-made climate change is best suited for this purpose.

To achieve this, it must be possible to convince the plebs, the industrial malochists, the middle class, the motorists and the meat eaters that they, and only they, are to blame for the rise in CO2. Then they can also be held responsible and made to pay CO2 taxes, charge them higher energy prices, send parts of them into unemployment to save the climate and pay lower wages to the rest. This is how the elites enjoy saving the climate. Therefore, contradiction or even just questioning the CO2 climate theory and its confusing models cannot be allowed.

Today’s climate discourse is therefore not about science but about fogging the political judgement of the population with the help of shock strategies about imminent doomsday scenarios. It is about a climate populism that is tailored to the wealthy, bona fide part of Western youth. It is about a CO2 climate discourse that has become an effective instrument of social division in the hands of the elites.

At the same time, the climate discourse serves as a powerful means of power for the implementation of a neoliberal, social re-education program, which is embellished with lip service for humanism and world rescue. And last but not least, the prevailing discourse is intended to direct social concern towards the alleged “rescue from climate chaos” and at the same time to distract attention from the concern for good social and ecological living conditions for the masses of the population.

With all this, the suspicion arises that we are – unnoticed by most – on the best way to a totalitarian “climate dictatorship”, in which every contradiction is punished hard as Nazi crimes, with job loss as minimum punishment.


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