The Betrayed Generation

Millions of children spend their decisive years under mask and hygiene constraints – they are likely to start their lives with serious damage.

By Michael Hüter.

“Protecting the children from all dangers is my damn father’s duty after all,” sang Reinhard Mey. At present, our children need protection above all from the rigid corona regime in schools. Our sons and daughters are severely damaged – physically and emotionally – by compulsory masks and distance rules, by constant ventilation in the freezing cold and the suppression of their vital needs for contact and impartiality. Moreover, their self-confidence is broken by the constant suggestion that they are a walking risk of infection. “On the side”, conformism and subjugation under duress are also trained. Which generation is growing up? Do we consider our children not relevant to the system and therefore sacrifice them all too willingly on the altar of the ruling corona narrative? We must finally defend ourselves against the organized unkindness to which our children are exposed.

As a historian, I have been deeply appalled for months at how, in the final analysis, it is only on the basis of mass PCR testing alone that an entire society, entire nations, can be collectively led into division and, above all, irrationality. For weeks I have been asking myself: Where is the so-called academic elite of Europe from history, political science, sociology and psychology, who rise up and shout: Enough is enough!

With a total “war against the virus”, according to Emmanuel Macron, thousands or millions of “civilians” – in this case healthy people – will lose their existence, be made ill, and ultimately killed (1). Where are the many European celebrities from science, art, literature, music and film, who come together and call out to the public: It is enough! We demand an end to the Covid-19 totalitarianism, not only in the media!

Three years ago the renowned German historian Philipp Blom, who lives in Vienna, wrote the admonishing book: “What is at stake!” (Was auf dem Spiel steht!) Meanwhile, everything is at stake: human rights, social peace, freedom, democracy, prosperity, work, tolerance, public health – not because of the virus, but because of the highly disproportionate measures such as “lockdown” – and ultimately the dignity of the human being. For all these humane achievements, people have fought for centuries and many have lost their lives. These achievements are not a law of nature, not divisible, not negotiable, not interpretable and not measurable.

It is not without reason that the greatest peacemaker of all times, Mahatma Gandhi, gave us a reminder: “Whoever silently accepts injustice is guilty of it!” Remember: Totalitarianism and fascism are spiritual children of Europe. Between 1914 and 1970, in all world and civil wars, in all totalitarian societies of Europe, with both right-wing and left-wing ideologies, around 100 million people lost their lives. All totalitarian systems in Europe – National Socialism, Stalinism, Italian Fascism, Franco’s dictatorship in Spain, etc. – they were not made possible by those in power, not by the leaders and commanders, but without exception and again and again by the tolerating or silent majority. By the informers, but also by the discouraged and fearful. By those who are worried about their possessions. In the end almost all of them lost everything: possessions, honor and human dignity.

I am writing here not only as a historian and childhood researcher, but primarily as a father of three children. Even on the World Children’s Day on May 29 and World Children’s Day on June 1, most public playgrounds for children were closed, while beer gardens and DIY stores were already open for weeks.

A society that implicitly says that children and young people are not “systemically relevant” does not want a future! Since the end of March at the latest and up to the present day, all international studies on SARS-CoV-2 have revealed the following: Children and adolescents play no role whatsoever in the infection process; they rarely get infected and if at all, they usually do not get sick (2).

A positive PCR test result does not automatically mean: infected! This should be known, understood and comprehensible to every journalist by now – even in Germany and Austria. And being infected with SARS-CoV-2 does not automatically mean that one gets sick with Covid-19. Not without reason every PCR test manufacturer points this out: The test is not suitable for diagnostic purposes.

Therefore, compulsory masks and quarantine for children and adolescents, based solely on a positive PCR test, are child abuse and simply a crime against humanity. Because there is no evidence-based medical and legal justification for this to date!

The initiative “Parents stand up” has conducted a nationwide survey among pupils on the compulsory wearing of masks at schools. A first interim report of 2,300 questionnaires reveals the following devastating picture:

For example, 44.1 percent of the students surveyed suffer from breathing difficulties. Headaches 73 percent, fatigue 86.4 percent, concentration problems 65.7 percent, dizziness 38 percent and anxiety around 36 percent.

As a reminder: For centuries, Europe’s schools were primarily a place of religious, political or ideological indoctrination and also a place of violence. For months I have been oppressed by the feeling that, since March, Europe has been releasing all the negative spirits of the last centuries literally with one blow from the bottle. Now a small excerpt of the interim evaluation of 2,300 questionnaires at primarily German kindergartens and schools in 2020:

In some nurseries and kindergartens, parents have to leave their children at the door, even during the so-called familiarization phase, because adults are not allowed to accompany them! School classes with masks and humid jackets sit all day long in classrooms with open windows!

Again and again students collapse because of wearing masks and on top of that they are punished with denunciation and exclusion! Again and again young people are told that anyone who does not wear a mask is a murderer! Meanwhile however dozens of studies prove that the wearing of everyday masks for the containment of the virus spreading brings absolutely nothing.

Students are only allowed to drink and go to the toilet according to schedule, not according to need!

In some schools it is no longer allowed to take a shower and blow-dry your hair after swimming lessons! Again and again children are massively frightened, with the argument: If you don’t wear a mask, it’s your fault if grandpa and grandma die! This enumeration is madness, is pathology. Here healthy people are made ill. It is a human rights catastrophe.

Under what legal basis do we simply rob an entire generation of children and young people everything? Relationships and friendship, education and training, sport and health, freedom and self-efficacy, the acquisition of vital skills, literally the future! Recently, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, spoke of a “human rights catastrophe” at the 41st session of the Human Rights Council. “But if the rule of law is not respected, the health emergency threatens to become a human rights catastrophe whose negative effects will long exceed those of the pandemic itself,” warned the UN High Commissioner.

To all highest and constitutional judges of Germany and Austria: Stop immediately all Covid-19 measures for young people, for children and adolescents, end compulsory masks and school closures, end the exaggerated hygiene and distance rules, come to your senses and look towards Sweden!

The young Astrid Lindgren, author of Pipi Langstrumpf,, wrote in her diary in the 1940s: “Mankind has lost its mind.”

Sweden in 2020, a country that has not yet implemented a lockdown or introduced a general mask obligation. No school closures and above all no compulsory masks for children and young people. In Sweden to this day not those of Angela Merkel, Sebastian Kurz, Christian Drosten and Co. have died, as predicted by Angela Merkel, Sebastian Kurz, Christian Drosten and Co. Sweden does not make the healthy sick and does not abuse its children and young people with compulsory masks.

Is it possible that Covid-19 has mutated into a political virus in many parts of Europe? A small but possibly clarifying detail on the side: Sweden is still neither in the euro zone nor a member of NATO. While Germany and Austria, for example, are in the second “lockdown”, schools, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, etc. are open in neighboring Switzerland.

First judgement on general quarantine obligation

A Portuguese court of appeal (Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa) is the first court in Europe to lift the general quarantine obligation for positively tested persons in its ruling of November 11, 2020. Its reasoning: The principle “in dubio pro reo”. The PCR tests are unreliable and positive testing does not necessarily mean contagious or infected. According to the court, only a doctor can make a medical diagnosis (3). Is it possible that we are merely witnesses to a gigantic and historically unprecedented medical-political abuse of power? That a virus is being used here as a scapegoat for something else?

Children and adolescents are not a virus danger for society, not even for the old, sick and elderly. Children are and remain our only future! Anyone who cannot stand a child’s laughter, who cannot stand a child’s mental health, who forces children to wear masks and keep their distance, is himself ill. Not ill with Covid-19, but with lack of love, ignorance, hate and dehumanization.

One thing is impressively demonstrated by the history of mankind: no epidemic, no single virus can cause as much misery, suffering, illness, misery and even death as a mentally ill society, human arrogance and above all hubris. We should protect our children from this!


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


Picture source: David Tadevosian / shutterstock


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