Foundation for the Investigation of the Crimes of the Corona Regime of Terror and Central Memorial Site

By Anselm Lenz, editor of the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand.

Now that the wind has turned and a new strong democracy movement in Germany is pointing the way to the future, a moment of inner reflection is in order: Germans are taking the path of constitutional renewal, of neutrality, of comprehensive referendums. They will dare more democracy. But the time under the Corona regime also claimed victims.

Since the big demonstrations in Berlin in August 2020, the country knows it, the world knows it: the Germans are renewing their democracy from within, from their center. With the demonstrations against the Corona regime and the proclamation of a Constituent Assembly, the Germans have taken up great democratic traditions of the 19th and 20th centuries and shed light on the darkness at the end of the Corona era. This has met with a positive response worldwide and inspired democracy movements in Madrid, Paris and London, for example.

When hundreds of thousands and millions of people gather democratically in their country, everyone knows that a new era is dawning. The Germans take the best of the proven Basic Law with them into their future for more democracy; they agree upon Article 146 of the Basic Law again and thus transform the crisis into their common awakening. The need to review democratic institutions has been felt for some time, the need for new economic framework legislation certainly for over a decade, since the severe financial crisis beginning in 2007.

With their assemblies, the people of Germany are also overcoming a historical trauma – from the very beginning supported by the spirit of international friendship, peace and social balance. The liberal revolutions in 19th century Germany achieved many improvements. But in the years 1830 and 1848 the Germans only ever went halfway. Real and complete agreement on freedom and democracy failed to materialize, leaving it to the arbitrariness of the existing authorities. The Germans are still affected by this today; they are a “belated nation”, too romantic, perhaps too “confused” to really stay on the ball for democracy, as, for example, the French did with their successful Tennis Court Oath of June 1789.

But in 1989, the people of the GDR showed a different picture – and that included the state leadership at the time. When 70,000 people demonstrated in Leipzig and West German television showed the pictures, it was clear that the regime would have no future. It finally gave up peacefully; this can certainly be appreciated as a humanistic achievement, because all those in power in world history at all times and in all systems are reluctant to break away from leading positions in society.

Today we have the Internet, and so the whole world knows about it or will know about it in time, even if the old government media still try to hide it, to deny forgery: When 380,000 people or even more gather in any capital city on earth, be it Rome, be it Washington, be it New Delhi, then a historical fact has been created behind which it does not go back. The Germans completed it in 1989 together, in East and West.

One more reason not to let the goals of the democracy movement and cooperation be corrupted. The people of Germany want to discuss the truth with an open mind and vote on all fundamental questions in referendums: On their own currency, the economic framework legislation and the country’s possible neutrality and thus the possible withdrawal from NATO and the EU – and finally on the expansion of democratic participation and the institutions themselves. The people of the democratic awakening in the GDR did not want to sweep the country away, but a reasonable opening. With the Gethsemane Church in Berlin, the peaceful resistance had a symbolic meeting point, a place of friendship and a gathering place for democrats. The democracy movement of the year 2020 lacks such a place so far; the place of the present is the demonstration itself, the hundreds of walks and rallies with meanwhile several million participants since March 28, 2020.

At the moment of transition, in this month of September, in which the democracy movement breathes a sigh of relief in view of its own successes, but also in view of the distance still to be covered, dozens of large-scale rallies are once again taking place throughout the country. This is a moment in which the first chapter, the Summer of Democracy, should also be looked back at critically. As many have experienced first-hand, the unconstitutional Corona regime, against which the democracy movement is rebelling, will leave behind some terrible devastation, also of a psychological nature. From a complete loss of confidence in our political and media caste to torture-like situations and open terror.

It already began in March when the Finance Minister of the State of Hesse, Thomas Schäfer (CDU), took his own life because he could not support the Corona lie. Since a farewell letter was presented in which he clearly refers to the Corona emergency regime, his presumed suicide is directly linked to the civilisation breach of the Corona regime at the moment of its proclamation, with the breaking of the constitution and the mockery of the legislative and judicial branches.

Since 25 March, with the proclamation of the emergency legislation, a so-called shadow pandemic has been taking place in addition to the not entirely exceptional wave of flu infections. Social workers, teachers, psychologists and doctors reported about it early in the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand and many other democratic media. Police officers and lawyers joined in immediately.

The crimes against humanity, the breach of the constitution and the sometimes brutal attacks on the democracy movement already form a landscape of terror and horror, regardless of whether one arrives at a more governmental assessment of the influenza infectious agent or adopts a more orthodox medical view when assessing the danger or harmlessness of the virus. The crimes range from stigmatization to occupational bans, attacks on school children and even pregnant women. Many members of the opposition would therefore like to set up a foundation to deal with the crimes of the Corona horror regime and a central memorial at an early stage. This will be a central contact and collection point with photo archives, file archives, eyewitness reports and the most comprehensive case studies possible, which will make the most essential and comprehensive contribution to coming to terms with the crimes of the Corona horror regime in the coming years and decades.

A collection of openly lying reports and the failure of professional politics and some public offices will also be professionally expanded. Starting from the center, the obvious crimes against humanity and constitutional violations are processed legally, historically and socio-psychologically in the interest of the people affected. The sign is spreading throughout the country and the world: We of the democracy movement will leave no one behind, no one forgotten, and are already called upon to unite the destinies. A central memorial with a public information center at a central, easily visible and accessible location in the center of Berlin is to be filled perspectively with life.

Since Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said at the beginning of last weekend that he wanted to set up a ceremonial and possibly also a memorial for the virus victims – with which he is ultimately making a mockery of the Shoah, as well as of the 25,000 starving people worldwide every day and especially of the victims as a result of his own social disruption policy called “Hartz IV” and also of the health system in the country, which is getting worse and worse in his responsibility – the democrats see all the more reason to turn things upside down. In compassion and real support for those who actually suffer from illnesses – or even died of them or even just because of them – yesterday, today, tomorrow!

There will be a foundation for coming to terms with the crimes of the Corona horror regime and the central memorial. Now the only question is which church or which organization will provide the necessary protection so that the strong light of the Enlightenment in Germany will find a safe, neutral place from which to shine into a truly democratic future.

Finally, two quotations from Gustav Heinemann, the most sincere Federal President in the history of our united Federal Republic:


“He who does not want to change anything will also lose what he wants to preserve. – And: “The secret of even the great and revolutionary actions is to find out the small step, which is also a strategic step, by taking further steps towards a better reality.”

Anselm Lenz is a journalist and editor of the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand (DW). The weekly newspaper has grown from an informative pamphlet on the Corona regime into the highest-circulation weekly newspaper in the Republic in a very short time. It is distributed throughout the country by personal delivery and depends on donations to IBAN DE51 1001 1001 2625 2368 69 or, preferably, as a patreon.


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