The Covid-19 dictatorship. Conspiracy against freedom

By Uli Gellermann.

Outside the big city of Berlin, where the Havel flows gently and carries the ferry to Kladow, on this bank the wanderer became a leper: At intervals of a few minutes, three women who met him pulled panicky scarves in front of their faces. The wanderer was and is healthy. But the women obviously suspected him to be a carrier of the disease, one who was running around freely without a protective mask and who would certainly make them sick immediately. This happened despite the fact that a few meters of clean air separated the women from him and he neither wanted to shake their hands nor embrace them.

Virus is communist!

Suspiciously the wanderer was also watched in the subway, carefully the passengers of the train sat far away from each other. A newspaper salesman was quite sure: The virus is communist! Why? Because it comes from China! A thick headline in the Berliner Tageszeitung screams: Opening of the new airport endangered by Corona! As if the virus has been around for years. The wanderer laughs, which makes him suspect in a public that carries fear.

From today on, we are locking down!

The noisy city has become quiet. On tiptoes, she tries to escape the virus. Fear is rampant, as if she were healthy. Inside, in the back rooms of politics, loud sounds are made, screams announcing prohibitions: Who forbids more? The ear-splitting noise of Söder is still at the top: Starting today, lockdown! Lockdown in Bavaria, this will intimidate the virus! The political competition is not about more money for hospitals, but about who will offer more money for “the economy“.

Protective measures against lobbyists?

The sessions in the Bundestag are to be held only with “distance and protective measures”. Distance and protective measures? Protective measures against lobbyists? The head of the Chancellery, Helge Braun, is threatening: “Saturday is a crucial day. We have our eye on that day in particular.”. Because if the population does not stay at home voluntarily on this Saturday, then the lockdown will come. Braun received a scholarship from the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung for his medical studies. He did his PhD with a dissertation on “Tachycardia during an operation”. Nobody knows why the Senate of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, awarded him the title of honorary professor. Perhaps it was the culmination of a career that began in 1989 in the Junge Union?

Ramelow prays for rain

Freedom of travel, freedom of consumption, freedom of movement were considered practical, individual freedoms in the system competition. The competition is gone. Now Bavaria is in a state of emergency. Söder blocks the exit for citizens, and in Thuringia, Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow of the LINKEN is ruling. He is praying for rain. Because “It is simply necessary to drive public life towards zero now ” To achieve this, Ramelow prays “to the dear Lord that it will rain, that it will rain all day”. Because when it rains, Ramelow’s God thinks, people will stay at home. Once the Left Party was oppositional. In times of the virus dictatorship, opposition is apparently not opportune any more.

All Germans enjoy freedom of movement

I remember reading something called the constitution. Article 11 once guaranteed “All Germans shall have the right to move freely throughout the federal territory. “. Yes, but, according to some people, the freedom of movement can be restricted. To combat the danger of an epidemic and also ” to protect young persons from serious neglect or to prevent crime”. Federal and state governments will vote on the question of further curfews in a telephone conference on Sunday. If the virus does not crawl through the phone. The neglect of the youth by truancy and Friday demonstrations for the environment has already been averted. The air will improve on its own when there are less people around.

Zero the electricity and waterworks?

In the name of health, freedom is abolished. And the conspiracy is not sinister, but clinically white: the more bans the healthier the country. Whoever gets to the top of the bans can win the next election. In this competition, the Saxon AfD is at the forefront, saying it is “perfidious, in view of the corona pandemic, to let thousands of citizens continue to work in their factories and expose them to health risks”. Not far from this, the Minister President (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) in Baden-Württemberg: “We must shut down our state – to virtually zero”. Down to zero the electricity and waterworks? To zero the buses and trains? To zero the constitution, because freedom can only be achieved by force, says the new dialectic.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Picture reference: Sybille Reuter/  shutterstock


This article appeared on the blog Rationalgalerie on 21 March 2020.


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