Corona crisis: Politics and the media change direction

By Ernst Wolff.

For two months, politicians and mainstream media have done everything possible to convince people that the Sars-CoV-2 virus is a health threat of historic proportions. In doing so, they relied on scientists who terrified the public with apocalyptic future scenarios. On the grounds that they wanted to protect people from the consequences of this pandemic, an alliance of politicians, media and scientists has deliberately brought the entire global economy to a standstill, thus making the collapse of the global financial system inevitable.

For about a week now, we have been witnessing the collapse of this alliance as both politicians and the media are increasingly distancing themselves from science. In Germany, for example, after a two-month campaign against so-called “Covid-19 deniers”, the German Bildzeitung newspaper has changed course by 180 degrees, now doubts the official statistics and praises Sweden for its “special path”. The forerunner among the changing German politicians is Wolfgang Kubicki of the FDP, who questions the competence of the RKI, among other things.

This trend can also be seen abroad. In Italy, the official death figures were branded as misleading in parliament last week, in the USA Donald Trump’s house channel Fox News and the news magazine Newsweek have been reporting in detail for several days now on the sometimes dubious machinations of the doctors partly responsible for the lockdown.

What is behind all this? Is this sudden change of opinion due to the fact that politicians and the media realize that they made a mistake? Probably not, because from the very beginning they did not allow any public discussion, rigorously suppressed all counter-arguments and publicly defamed and discredited serious critics. Moreover, they knew very well that the scientists they had been led to believe had already disqualified themselves in the past by exaggerated prognoses. So the change of opinion between politics and the media must have a different reason. In all likelihood, it is due to public opinion, on whose goodwill both depend. That is currently changing quite considerably.

More and more people are bothered by the disproportion between the measures ordered and the actual health risk. Neither are the death figures anywhere near as high as predicted, nor are the hospitals in the announced state of emergency. Nevertheless, measures are being maintained whose devastating economic effects, such as the increase in mass unemployment and the looming wave of company bankruptcies, seem increasingly threatening.

In view of this development, it is to be expected that the mood among the population will completely change in the coming days and weeks. This in turn is likely to lead to a considerable loss of confidence in politics and the media, which in turn could trigger social unrest. What could be more obvious for politicians and the media in this situation than to argue as follows: We have done everything for the security of the population, but unfortunately we have relied on the wrong scientists out of excessive concern. In this way, one could blame the responsible scientists and divert attention to avoid criticism.

Moreover, politics and the media have already done their job. This has never been to protect the population from a pandemic that is within the range of normal flu epidemics. It was clearly to enable the true rulers of our world, namely the hedge funds and big banks, to have a controlled crash of the global economic and financial system and to abolish as many democratic rights as possible in order to prevent resistance to the construction of a new system. The fact is that this will certainly have strong fascist traits, including the destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises, the monitoring of citizens by means of biometric registration, the abolition of cash, compulsory vaccination and the introduction of a digital identity.

Meanwhile, the global financial elite can rub their hands together, because they have been able to use the lockdown well for their own interests: Never before in economic history have the ultra-rich’s fortunes grown so much in so short a time as during the Corona crisis. The tiny group of billionaires in the USA alone were able to collect more than a quarter of a billion dollars in April 2020; Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has become 25 billion dollars richer in less than two months.

The fact that politicians and the media are now moving away from the scientists hired to enforce the lockdown shows basically nothing else but that they have done their duty. Their job clearly served the purpose of playing on their high esteem among the population and giving a pseudo-scientific touch to the biggest campaign of deception and diversion in the entire history of mankind, staged for the benefit of the financial elite.


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Image source: VladisChern / shutterstock


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