KenFM am Set: Demonstration in Berlin 29.08.2020 (Part 4, Voices of the demo participants)

In the last part of the four-part KenFM report on the Querdenken demonstration on August 29, 2020, we asked the participants about their personal worries and wishes and wanted to know how they feel about the compulsory mask in their daily lives.

Until late afternoon the demonstrators on the completely filled Straße des 17. Juni listened to the speakers on the main stage and showed their dissatisfaction with the government and the Corona measures on many colorful posters. The participants of the demo train, which, as is well known, was “stopped” in Friedrichstraße after only 0 meters, now also joined the main rally.

Despite frustration over the illegal blockade by the police, the mood remained peaceful, cheerful and friendly.


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