“We decide on our own currency!”

By Anselm Lenz and Batseba N’Diaye

While professional politicians and the mainstream media are becoming increasingly aggressive under Corona, an extensive constitutional debate is developing in the democracy movement. On August 29, the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 is to be reasonably completed after 31 years. The chances for this are getting better and better.

By Anselm Lenz and Batseba N’Diaye (Editor of the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand)

“I am very grateful when fines are imposed,” the state news magazine Tagesschau quoted Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday evening, “even for not wearing masks or the like. Because “these are not just petty offenses, they are always endangerments for fellow human beings,” said the head of government, who has been in office for 15 years.

Outside in front of the door democrats had gathered with banners demanding the replacement of the government for “crimes against humanity” and “democracy, constitution, science and freedom”. Inside the Düsseldorf Ständehaus, the Chancellor presented another possible candidate for chancellor for the new elections that are becoming increasingly likely this year: The NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU).

With her call for tighter physical measures, Merkel also expressed on Tuesday an opinion which, in the view of orthodox medicine, had already been refuted before the break with the German constitution by the introduction of the emergency regime from 25 March 2020. According to this opinion, neither “Corona” poses a significantly greater danger than other flu infections, nor would wearing masks have a positive effect on the health of the wearer or his fellow men. All this is known to Merkel. On Tuesday, she was concerned with the political appeal for the German government’s crisis theater to continue playing its part in the global concert.

Tendencies of collapse of financial market capitalism had already begun to emerge since mid-2019 in the form of negative interest rates, with which the existence of cash became a problem for banks, corporations and large Internet trading groups. As early as March 2020, financial market expert Dirk Müller analyzed after the emergence of the Corona crisis regimes, “this crash is wanted”.

The virologist at the University Hospital of Bonn, Professor Hendrik Streeck, had proven his thesis with his Heinsberg study: “If we hadn’t noticed the virus, people might have said that we had a more severe wave of flu this year”. The leading expert Streeck is thus on the side of science like thousands of medical specialists worldwide. Knowledge of this has now also spread to the general public.

Merkel’s instruction on Tuesday to now implement new tightenings was thus only given to Armin Laschet, who must now apply with his counterpart in Bavaria, Markus Söder (CSU), to the Chancellor, pharmaceutical companies and discrete power structures with the respective tougher measures against his own people. Because, the “reins have to be tightened,” the Chancellor, who had not been active in any of the democracy movements in the GDR, affirmed under her political foster-father, former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, but within a few months after the fall of the Wall witnessed a rapid rise in the West German party and state apparatus. Merkel has been Chancellor since 2005.


The slipping of the Federal Government into the absolutism of global capital corporations in the course of the long awaited global financial market collapse is not surprising. Even before the last capitalism crisis in 2007-2009, a large number of people experienced a number of hectic attacks on civil society in order to keep up the profit rate after all.

From the Hartz-IV legislation and TTIP to a multitude of open and hidden warlike operations and the promoted “color revolutions”, new booty was procured for the leading big capital at the expense of millions of lives. Under these circumstances, the government’s slogan “Stay Healthy!” remains nothing but an implicit threat against its own people. The classification of entire population groups as potentially pathological and the stigmatization of millions of democracy-minded citizens as “endangerers” under Corona must now be described as structurally anti-Semitic.

So it is not surprising that the demonstrators on the other bank of the Kaiserteich in the center of Düsseldorf on Tuesday continued their discussion even after the withdrawal of the delegation of professional politicians, which had been completely shielded in Bavaria as it had been a month ago. Stephanie C., who since April has been campaigning for the democracy movement around Nicht ohne uns! And committed to Querdenken, encouraged the 120 participants in the demonstration organized in the morning in view of Merkel’s surprising summer visit to prepare for a referendum on the currency in Germany.

“In view of the fact that the world’s billionaires have already taken refuge in gold investments and their bunker facilities, we as democrats must regain sovereignty over our own currency,” the economist continued before a group of interested parties. The currency “Euro has failed as a project and has not had a positive effect on South or Central Europeans”.

A system of friendly nations with their own currencies, whose exchange rates can be fixed or released as needed, was far more appropriate. It was also important “not to tolerate any global or digital parallel currencies in the country and above all to place the greatest emphasis on cash transactions”, because this would also maintain the economic cycle in case the federal government wanted to introduce a new currency or access the savers’ reserves.

The university lecturer, who does not want to see her name published in full by the university management due to expected party-political reprisals, plans to present a proposal to this effect in writing on August 29, when several million people are expected in the German capital at the climax of the “summer of democracy”. On the weekend around August 29, the democracy movements want to renew the German constitution by acclamation and extend it to include independence, referendums and the introduction of the imperative mandate.

With the imperative mandate, deputies will be committed to the interests of the voters and the factional and party constraints will be abolished. Questions of changes in the currency could then only be dealt with by referendum. “We also decide on our currency ourselves”, Stephanie C. shouts to the spontaneous demonstrators who support this with extended applause. Finally, on August 29, the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 is to be completed, which never led to a common constitutional text emanating from the people themselves, as stipulated in Article 146 of the Basic Law.

In view of such developments, which are now part of the picture in German cities even on weekdays, the constitutional crisis that has existed in the Federal Republic since the Corona emergency regime seems to be translating into positive developments for democracy. This may include the grassroots-democratic foundation of the Demokratischen Gewerkschaft (DG), which offers a serious alternative to the wage-dependent representation of the merged government unions of the DGB, which has been highly controversial for decades.

Anselm Lenz and Batseba N’Diaye are editors of the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand (DW). The weekly newspaper has grown from an informative pamphlet on the Corona regime to the highest-circulation weekly newspaper in the Republic in a very short time. It is distributed weekly nationwide and depends on donations to IBAN DE51 1001 1001 2625 2368 69 or best as patreon: https://www.patreon.com/demokratischer_widerstand


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Image source: norbi k / shutterstock


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