Murderous Alliances

The NATO states cooperate with fascists and terrorists at any time, if they appear useful to them.

A comment by Jens Bernert.

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Orwell’s nightmare presented in his novel “1984” is 35 years later a painful reality. We don’t live “five to twelve”, but are right in the middle of this horror society, even though the facades of our 1984 version glitter so beautifully for some. Professional lying is at least as common today as it is in Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”. And “friend” and “enemy” are also blurred in an alarming way. As happened in Ukraine, NATO also works with people who don’t find it difficult to raise a swastika flag. And this is just one example among many…

The present time is marked by the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 – 9/11 – and the resulting repressive measures against the population, as well as by conflicts and wars, often resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths (1, 2). During the 9/11 event itself, four commercial aircraft were hijacked and 3,000 people died.

The following picture shows the official crash site of one of the planes, the Boeing 757 of United Airlines Flight 93:

Picture 1: Official crash site of the Boeing 757 in Shanksville. The photos were produced by US authorities and are therefore freely available under Public Domain (3, 4).

The photos clearly show that this is not the crash site of a passenger aircraft. Next to the crater, which is the size of a living room, there are people, on the right photo you can see vehicles near the crater. Every viewer of the photos is aware that this cannot be the impact crater of a Boeing 757 (5).

The official information about 9/11 has already been refuted several times. Already with the photos of the Shanksville crater the data of the US government fall apart. This inevitably results in the USA being involved in the 9/11 attacks. This realization is logically compelling, whether you like it or not. And although the evidence is openly on the table, it is relentlessly demanded that the population believe in some kind of “magic hole in Shanksville”.

Unexpected Highlights

In this world of madness there are always new highlights.

Just a few years ago, anyone who predicted that the Western community of values would soon be working on the border to Russia with fighters who were professing Nazis and racists, raising swastika flags and killing members of the Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine would have been considered crazy.

Especially where Hitler’s troops were active in World War II.

Picture 2: US soldiers meet with the Nazis of the Azov battalion to discuss the situation; Azov Nazis at a group photo; Azov Nazis recruit at a Nazi festival in Thuringia; Bild-journalist posts “funny swastikas”; photo journalist celebrates Nazi parties with Azov; Spiegel reports 2,500 European Nazis on the Eastern Front (6-10) in small print.

Nowadays US soldiers meet with Nazis of the Azov battalion to discuss the situation and German journalists post “funny” swastika pictures from the Eastern Front or celebrate parties with the Nazi battalions. In the small print Der Spiegel reports 2500 Nazis from all over Europe as volunteers in the “fight against the Russians”, and these right-wing radicals naturally also recruit candidates in Germany, for example at the Nazi festival in Thuringia. Meanwhile, the propaganda shouts: “They are volunteers.” So the Nazis should appear as a kind of voluntary emergency helper – as if “Nazi” and “volunteer” were a contradiction (11 to 14).

And it goes even more bizarre: In the current Syrian war – and in other conflict areas – the USA and its allies work together with Al Qaeda. With the terrorist organization responsible for the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the USA – including the Shanksville crater (15). While one admits in press conferences and travel warnings that Al Qaida is in charge here, the propaganda sells the “pro-Western” terrorists and mercenaries as “moderate rebels” (16 to 18).

Picture 3: Spiegel Online cheers on Al-Qaeda units: “The Islamists are Aleppo’s last hope”, a seven-year-old girl or rather the British secret service tweets in English for the Third World War, “because of the Holocaust” (19, 20).

Spiegel Online cheers on the Al Qaeda fighters in the fight for Aleppo and calls them “last hope”. Meanwhile, a seven-year-old girl – or the people who abuse her – tweets in English from Aleppo, under severe abuse of the Holocaust and applause from the Western media for World War III. The world’s population is regularly covered with cheap propaganda salvos – for example by the white helmets that kill a child in front of the camera for their propaganda  (21).

The Federal Government is just as indifferent to such an event as it is when the “moderate rebels” cut off the head of a living boy in front of a running camera (22, 23).

Under international law it comes down to the same thing whether Nazis, mercenaries and terrorists à la Al Qaida and others are used to attack foreign countries and to overthrow their governments, or “angels with white vests”: The serious crime to be reprimanded is the attack on another state and whoever carries it out plays practically no role. But in view of the Nazi prehistory of Germany and Europe and the – alleged – Al-Qaida-9/11 prehistory of the USA, the whole thing is double and triple insane. It is so insane that it benefits the perpetrators again, because many people think in their despair: “This is so crazy, it can’t be possible at all”. They quickly repress what they have seen and simply continue on.

This real existing madness can be ended relatively easily and everyone can contribute by only spreading information which is not in the mainstream media and which serves to educate the population, such as this text.

Never before has it been so easy to put a stop to the perpetrators and help the good to victory. Because the perpetrators live on lies alone.

And the perpetrator group – the power elites and their helpers – is responsible for pretty much every mess on this planet, whether abroad or on the home front. They are exposed by facts, which deprive them of the necessary consent.




This article was published on 02.11.2019 by Rubikon – Magazin für die kritische Masse.


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