India is dying out. Germany is participating

A commentary by Uli Gellermann.

The further away the Corona death is, the greater the horror appears in the propaganda. Facts and figures are harder to check when you don’t know anything for sure. At the beginning of the propaganda disease it was the coffin pictures from Bergamo. They were familiar to everyone and after their publication people knew: Death will be here for me soon, today in Bergamo, tomorrow in Wanne-Eickel, and when will it be the Uckermark’s turn? Afterwards, little noticed, it became known: The coffin photo pictures the victims of a boat accident off Lampedusa in 2013, but to this day the neighbor still knows: It started in Bergamo.

The amount of dead makes a difference

Now it’s India’s turn: the sheer number of dead makes a difference. That a lot of people also live in India? Who wants to know that, who wants to mention that? At least not the Corona propaganda. India’s population is about 17 times the size of Germany’s: 1360 million vs. 80 million, so all Indian figures have to be divided by 17 to make comparisons. Google recently said at the peak of the wave there would have been 4000 deaths per day in India. If we divide the number by 17, we end up with 235. In Germany, we had more (if you take the RKI seriously). With the daily new infections in India the same applies: 400,000 by 17 = 23,500. There also we had more.

Mutants create fear

But numbers alone don’t deliver the results. In order to stir up fear, a mutant has to be produced again and again. The DEUTSCHE WELLE reports: “Indian Corona variant is worrying”. Why? Never mind. At least another public broadcaster, the WDR, can put question marks:


“How dangerous is the so-called Indian Corona variant? It is not yet known exactly. So far, only a few samples have been examined in the laboratory. Only then will it be possible to see whether this mutant will prevail against others, i.e. whether it is more contagious. But results are still missing for that.”

Indian fungi are the topic

If it’s not the mutant, it’s the “black fungus.” The deadly fungus may be ghosting through India in the Corona wake, certainly through the German media. The fungus is similar to a hospital germ. There are plenty of these in Germany, as well: every year, the germs kill 20,000 people. For years. And for years they have not been a topic of discussion. But Indian mushrooms with imaginative names are a topic, if you can somehow connect them with the coronavirus.

Starvation is not a issue

Not an issue, either, is starvation: In India, millions of people are at risk of starvation in the wake of the Corona Lockdown. According to a survey conducted in December 2020, more than half of India’s population has less to eat compared to pre-Covid times. Who wants to know? The Corona media certainly doesn’t. And because they supposedly don’t know: Media consumers don’t want to, can’t, and certainly shouldn’t know. That’s why paid Tagesschau editors like to slam such headlines on the living room table: “Coronavirus in India – Death is omnipresent”. The viewer is not supposed to know that it’s about starvation.

150 million more people starving because of Corona

“150 million more people starving because of Corona,” VATICAN NEWS reported in December, based on a prediction by Joachim von Braun, a development researcher and president of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Of course, starvation is not caused by a virus, but by the measures that supposedly fight the virus. Because, the evil conspiracy theorists at the Vatican continue, “In poor countries, lockdowns led to less work and hampered the supply of food.”

Those who submit to Corona dictates have lost the battle

If there is still a left, people who see and understand social connections, must turn against the corona lies. Against that propaganda that subordinates everything to the virus and makes everything else disappear behind it. Only those who take up the fight against the lies are seriously fighting for a different, a better society. Those who submit to the Corona dictate have already lost this fight.

Oppositional solidarity does not only work virtually

On 15.05.2021, over 100 countries around the world will again demonstrate simultaneously for self-determination, freedom and healthy coexistence.

Likewise Germany is with the “Worldwide Demonstrations”, as already in February in Kassel, with it and demonstrates equal in all 16 federal states at the same time.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


This article first appeared on the blog Rationalgalerie on May 12, 2021.


Image source: Manoej Paateel / shutterstock


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