Hygiene Dictatorship & Eco-Fascism

By Ernst Wolff.

We are currently experiencing a process that has never been seen before in the entire history of mankind. Under the pretext of protecting our health, we have been deprived of the right of assembly, the freedom of expression and the freedom to travel in the past thirteen months. In addition, we are increasingly being forced to undergo vaccination, without anyone knowing the long-term effects.

Many people believe that the measures are medically justified and temporary. They assume that they will be lifted when the supposed health crisis is over. But this is in two respects a fatal misconception. Namely, it fails to recognize the real intentions behind the measures and prevents people from resisting the progressive dismantling of their basic rights. In this way, it enables the masterminds and profiteers in the background to continue pursuing their agenda.

This makes it particularly important to keep drawing attention to this agenda and its goals: After all, what we are currently witnessing is nothing other than the forced collapse of the economy and society described by the founder of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, in his book “The Great Reset” for the purpose of a new start in the interest of those who have been sitting at the levers of power until now and who are in danger of losing this power, for two reasons:

First, the monetary system in its present form has reached its historical end and can no longer be sustained in the long term. Second, we are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which millions of jobs will disappear forever through the use of artificial intelligence. Both together mean that the economic and social structures of the past have had their day and must be replaced by new ones.

But what are politicians doing in this delicate situation that is so significant for the future of humanity?

Instead of clearly presenting to the public the dilemma in which we all find ourselves and democratically seeking a solution that is reasonable and realistic for all people, it is allowing a tiny minority to prepare a new system that will only benefit them and to plunder the existing system by every trick in the book until its final collapse. This is precisely the phase of looting the system that we are currently experiencing. Without regard for losses, huge amounts of money are being created by the central banks and given to large investors, who use it to drive the financial markets to ever new heights and fill their pockets. The states are also throwing money around like never before, creating budget holes that can never be filled. At the same time, small and medium-sized businesses are being deliberately ruined and subordinated to the digital platform economy, which is spreading like a cancer.

IT and pharmaceutical corporations are currently not only earning more than ever before, but are also gaining power on an unprecedented scale and making all of humanity ever more dependent on them. The fortunes of a tiny group of billionaires are growing immeasurably, while more than 130 million people are starving as a result of these measures, and one and a half billion people, who are already living at subsistence level, are having to tighten their belts day by day.

All this is done with reference to an exceptional medical situation in which we supposedly find ourselves. But the alleged excess mortality has long since been statistically disproved, the fairy tale of the symptomless disease has burst, and the repeatedly invoked overload of the health care system is not due to Covid-19, but to the stepmotherly treatment of this system by politicians for years.

With the onset of the warm season making it increasingly difficult to sustain the narrative of the ultra-dangerous plague threatening us all, but dictatorial measures being a necessary and indispensable part of the reset agenda, we are currently witnessing the reawakening of another narrative, namely the apocalyptic vision of climate change threatening humanity.

As in the Covid-19 case, however, there is no sincere concern behind this horror scenario, namely that of the ecologically precarious state of our world, which has suffered tremendous damage from air pollution, the contamination of the world’s oceans, and the nuclear disasters of Chernobyl and Fukushima, among others. Rather, the invocation of climate change is about protecting the interests of the financial and digital lobbies, which, among other things, want to pass on the costs of the upheaval to the general public through a CO2 tax and, in doing so, perfidiously exploit the good will and political cluelessness of young people by presenting them with controlled figureheads like Greta Thunberg.

In the coming weeks and months, which of the two narratives will be in the foreground does not matter at all to those who are pulling the strings in the background. For them, only one thing is important: that the coercive measures are continued and further intensified so that when the final collapse of this system comes, people will be controllable and they will allow themselves to be forced into the digital-financial corset relentlessly described by Klaus Schwab without too much resistance.


Image source: CEPTAP / shutterstock


This article first appeared in the 44th issue of the weekly journal Demokratischer Widerstand


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