Cross-front! From Junge Welt to NTV

By Uli Gellermann.

The JUNGE WELT belongs to a cooperative and sees itself as a left-wing medium. The TV station NTV is owned by the Bertelsmann multinational conglomerate and is an expert in making money and manipulating. And yet the two media find each other when it comes to insulting the defenders of the Basic Law as cross-front (Querfront), i.e. as those left-wingers who allegedly make themselves common with right-wingers.

Defamation of the Saturday demonstrations

There is a broad front in Germany when it comes to defaming the Saturday demonstrations on Berlin’s Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz: The market-oriented West-Berlin Tagesspiegel knows about a “Cross-front protest in front of the Volksbühne”, the more social-democrat-oriented “Berliner Zeitung” triumphs in a headline “Police dissolve cross-front demonstration in Berlin” to the more provincial “Naumburger Tageblatt”, which worries about “right-wing extremist or anti-capitalist conspiracy stories” when it reports about “More and more demonstrations against corona measures”.

Police briefly lifts “residence ban order”

Unlike most slanderers in the editorial offices, I myself have been to Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. A special permit from the police chief lifted my “residence ban order” for 25 April for a narrow hour. I owe this to the good work of my lawyer. But, writes the President, the hour is valid only “in so far as it serves to carry out his journalistic duties”. Meaning: Do not shout slogans, do not wear a banner, do not support chants.

Are you RIGHT?

So as a journalist I have asked a lot of people if they are “right-wing”. The question was supported with keywords like AfD, NPD, Identitär. Whoever now objects that “right-wingers” would not admit this, should be reminded that organized right-wingers are generally people who are committed to their convictions, they would gladly say YES. The reactions of those questioned fluctuated between outrage and resounding laughter. Even the police spokeswoman could not put me on the right track, despite my polite request.

No right banner to be seen

No right banner was to be seen, no posters, no matching flyers. There was an 85-year-old on Facebook who demanded the “abolition of all Corona rules, because they only restrict democracy”. This was reported by “”. Is this man at least right-wing? No, it is Dr. Ansgar Klein from Würselen, an old member of the peace movement. He is then quickly and without any evidence brought close to conspiracy theorists at “”. Stamped, ticked off, but never dealing with the content of the issue.

Just don’t get involved with the content

Do not get involved with the content: This is the stream of all those media who can’t bear an alternative opinion to the ruling Corona policy. The fact that the government’s decision-makers knowingly lied about the claim that a privatized health care system is better than the state system obviously does not diminish their credibility. The fact that it is precisely those majority media that spread nothing but dirty war lies during the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, and today pass on all the government’s corona messages in a stereotypical way, does not even raise doubts among former opposition media such as Junge Welt or Neues Deutschland.

JW censorship

The well-known left-wing psychologist Klaus-Jürgen Bruder gives an interview to a colleague from the Junge Welt. In it he also wrote this beautiful sentence: “Fear is not simply ‘natural’! So-called ‘fear’ is mixed up with neurotic fear. Scaremongering is used again and again as a means of domination.” The editors rejected the finished interview. Reason: “Unfortunately, the editors rejected the interview with you. As far as I understood it, there were mainly concerns that the danger of the pandemic would be relativized”. This is how cross-front works with the servile Junge Welt.

One Euro for food

On the ride home in the S-Bahn from Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, an older woman who has obviously seen better days speaks to me: Whether I could possibly give her one euro. During the conversation she tells me that she receives a pension, but she can’t always buy enough food from it.

First win the war against Corona

At present, a lot of values are being destroyed in the wake of the Corona measures. Through shutdowns, through short-time work and through bankruptcies. In the end, billions and billions are being taken out of the economic cycle. The cross-front doesn’t want to know that this is one of the reasons why begging is becoming increasingly common. The fact that the financial resources to support the poor economy would be better channelled into a genuine social program doesn’t interest this cross-front. Because now the war against the Corona threat must first be won. Just as the War on Terror had to be won.

Neues Deutschland makes this assertion in the Corona environment:

“In this light, an anti-Semitic stereotype resonates in the Corona conspiracy theory, even if Jews are not mentioned by name – gratefully accepted by those who hate Jews. It is no coincidence that Israel in particular is mentioned as a potential source of the virus.”

In short: Anyone who doubts the official Corona course is anti-Semitic.


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This article appeared on the blog Rationalgalerie on 26 April 2020.


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