Coronavirus: fighting viruses with power

By Franz Ruppert.

Viruses are living organisms that need host cells for their self-preservation and reproduction. They take what they can get. This means that any organism that cannot protect itself sufficiently from them will gradually be eaten up by viruses and may even die from them. Sometimes it is possible to establish a kind of symbiosis between the virus and the host cell, so that the viruses only have temporary access to the host cell, e.g. when the immune system is weakened. Host cell self-protection programs and mutations of the viruses are in a constant race to see who is ahead for a certain period of time.

The coronavirus appears to be a very voracious virus that can now colonise not only animal bodies as before, but now also human bodies. It can cause them to die relatively quickly because they soon lose their vital heart and respiratory functions.

Viruses do not care about nationalities and state borders. They migrate with their human host cells. In a globally networked world, they are quickly everywhere. Therefore, universal protective measures are also required, which must leave out the usual interstate competition as far as possible. The coronavirus currently appears to require particularly massive protective measures to prevent it from spreading unrestrictedly.

What is currently happening in China has little to do with a proper containment of the virus. People are being taken to overcrowded hospitals or forced into mass accommodation, where the risk of mutual infection is further increased and where poor hygienic conditions create the danger of further infectious diseases. Instead of compassionately offering the infected and already weakened people peace and clean air for their recovery, they are put under pressure, their fears are increased even more, so that their immune system is further weakened. Forced fever measurement on the forehead with devices that look not unlike pistols does not exactly help to reduce stress either. As a result, even those who are not yet infected panic more and more often and undermine their own self-healing powers. Instead of relying on self-healing powers, the state should fix it. Their fear is then accompanied by their anger when they feel abandoned, which, as is well known, further escalates the stress reactions in the body.

The Chinese state power, which anyway claims the universal competence for its population, now thinks that it has to assert its leading role with power demonstrations and political show fights. This alone puts tens and hundreds of thousands of people in the country under existential stress leading to more illness. These weakened people are easy targets for viruses of all kinds.

The fight against viruses cannot be won with state, police and armed force. The more mental stress this causes, the weaker the self-healing powers of the people affected become. What we need instead is a loving attitude towards ourselves and empathic compassion with our ill fellow human beings.

Whether this is possible for rulers, whose special ability lies precisely in shutting off their feelings as effectively as possible, is unfortunately more than questionable. For their political survival they often walk over corpses without hesitation.


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Picture reference: zef art / shutterstock


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