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An Italian association is asking the government to provide documents that could shed light on the background to the Corona state of emergency.

Italy has suffered even more than Germany from the almost complete deprivation of liberty under the Corona restrictions. There have been repulsive and frightening examples of dictatorial action by the state power.

All decisions taken by the Italian Government to deal with the emergency were based on the opinion of the Technical and Scientific Committee (CTS). A small number of people thus shaped the government agenda – from the duration of the blockade to masks, social distancing and other measures. It would now be highly instructive for the people concerned to be able to look behind the scenes of this decision-making process. But the government is withholding the protocols of the Scientific and Technical Committee of February, March and April. A civil society initiative is now launching an appeal:

“Ask your governments to access the technical and scientific data on the Covid-19 emergency.”

We appeal to all associations (and citizens) whose countries have experienced and still experience restrictive measures like Italy. We must inform you of an unacceptable fact and we would like to call on other citizens of the world to take measures to shed light on the many shadows surrounding the emergency situation we are facing.

We are an Italian association (1). We have been fighting for freedom of choice in the field of vaccination and therapy since 1993, but we are also speaking here today to those associations that do not fully agree with our way of thinking and living.

The Italian population has gone through the Covid-19 pandemic strictly according to the rules imposed. The Italians have respected the restrictions and regulations imposed by the government, but nevertheless, for months we have been watching television programmes showing drones, helicopters and law enforcement vessels tracking and identifying individual citizens travelling on deserted roads or empty beaches (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) and even law enforcement agencies excluding religious services.

The media has turned its finger on runners, ordinary citizens have been running alone and suddenly become terrible plague carriers and a major cause of infection, according to the mainstream media narrative.

We tacitly accept that our country’s economy is falling apart, and we should at least expect our government, which is responsible for the restrictive measures imposed, to make people understand and be prepared to provide evidence and answers. Every single decision by the Italian Government to deal with the Covid-19 emergency was based on the opinion of the Technical and Scientific Committee (CTS). A small number of people outlined the government agenda, from the forms and duration of the closure to the masks, social distancing and all the regulatory laws, which were always issued “after consultation with the CTS”.

Recently, three lawyers who are part of a foundation decided to file a FOIA (request for access to documents), in particular to consult the minutes of the Scientific and Technical Committee of 18 February, 1 March, 7 March, 30 March and 9 April. The data and opinions expressed and collected in these minutes are essentially the reason, impetus and basis for the Government to have adopted all measures relating to the emergency management of Covid-19.

After the application was rejected at first instance, the lawyers had to file a new application before a court. On 23 July 2020, the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (TAR) had decided to publish the documents by 21 August at the latest ( 8 ).

And here is the shocking and, for us, unacceptable fact: on 31 July, the Italian Government, through the Public Prosecutor’s Office, decided against it (9).

The Court of Justice (TAR) judgment justified this on the grounds that publication ‘would have caused real damage to public order and security, which, by disclosing the CTS protocol at this stage of the emergency, would have led both to technical assessments and to general guidelines from the technical body (…)’ (10 ).

On 5 August 2020, we learned from journalistic sources (11 ) and from the same lawyers who requested access to the documents (12 ) that the Italian Government would publish these protocols, but the questions remain unchanged:

  • Why did it not immediately make transparent what really happened in the emergency?
  • If the Italian Government reacted to expert opinions, why did it refuse to publish the data?
  • What is the content of these reports that should cause damage?
  • Why should damage to public order and security be expected at all?

Over the next few days we will inform everyone of the content of these protocols and, together with many experts who are working with us, we will check whether the emergency guidelines were correctly implemented, whether they were fair or excessive or disproportionate, at least until the end of the protocol.

We are very concerned about the state of emergency and the fact that the government has refused to release documents that should be public. We recall that the news of the release of the protocol, when analyzed with intellectual honesty, shows that it was done solely for political conflicts with the parliamentary opposition, not for genuine listening and transparency towards citizenship.

All of you who read us, both ordinary citizens and associations, have an instrument that was developed for this type of action: the law on freedom of information (13). This is the law that grants freedom of information and public access to data held by national governments!

Anyone can make a request for access to the documents by a legal team, but also independently, in the same way, to check under what conditions, in what protocols, in what documents the different countries have issued decrees and various laws, and the context of the Covid 19 emergency, obviously in relation to those acts that were the counterpart of economic and restrictions on personal freedoms.

In our opinion, this is necessary not because of any a priori mistrust, but because of an appropriate sense of citizenship and a supervisory role that is exercised democratically with the available instruments that exist precisely for these purposes.

If you believe that the conditions for legitimate doubts about the management of Covid-19 are met and your government has not published all the data, opinions and “advice” of the experts dedicated to the Covid-19 emergency, which has led to the adoption of laws with inevitable strong repercussions on the lives of citizens in the short and long term, demand in the first person the access to the original data and reports!

The resumption of this measure in various countries increases the possibility of shedding light on how to deal with this emergency situation in relation to Covid-19, where the Italian Government has vetoed this possibility, at least for the time being.

We are here to support all interested parties. In accordance with our capabilities, we will provide further clarification and our assistance to better understand how the request was made and how the government decided to respond.

Coordinated action is particularly important and useful because it gives a clear signal of people’s need and will for answers and increases the chances of obtaining data and answers in this regard.

Thank you all.

Editorial note: This appeal was published on 5 August 2020 under the title “International Call to Action: Call on your governments to access the technical and scientific data of the Covid 19 emergency” on the homepage of the Italian association Corvelva.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


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