Querdenker are the other Querdenker

A commentary by Rob Kenius.

The term Querdenker (lateral thinker) was probably invented or publicized by Michael Ballweg. This was not a linguistic masterpiece, because the word can easily be turned into a swear word. Michael Ballweg has other merits: In the first place, he has shown amazing organizational talent and has stood up against a superior force for higher values than incidence figures: realism, freedom of opinion, the Basic Law (German constitution).

This is exactly how politicians should be: People who stand up with conviction and competence for a cause that benefits everyone, harms no one, and improves prospects for the future. But the C parties offer us men like F.J. Strauß, Helmut Kohl and Markus Söder.

These are rather unpleasant egoists who will say and do anything just to get into power and, when it’s their turn, stay in power. It’s easy to see through, but it works in our representative democracy. Who do they represent?

There are a lot of young women and men in the second, third and last ranks who like to follow the big ego because they want to be with the winners. Among these conformists are also a great number of journalists.

Who is lateral-minded?

Journalists have made the word Querdenker (lateral thinker) into a swear word; they couldn’t think of anything original. They wanted to defame those who do not follow the official version of the dangerous epidemic. They demonstrate against it and are more interested in the multitude of people than in the latest laboratory technology, which can be used to track the spread of viruses and present it to the public in ever new numbers, so that people get really scared of the mutants.

Querdenker (lateral thinker) are, taken literally, those who do not continue a thought in a straight line, but steer it sideways onto a different track. This does not apply to the people around Michaell Ballweg. It is the other way around. Lateral thinkers are those who, in the WHO, have recently defined a pandemic in such a way that it is no longer a question of the number of sick people and deaths, but only of how quickly a virus spreads across borders.

Querdenker (lateral thinker) are those who do not focus all efforts on protecting the elderly and those in need of care who are so weak that they could die if infected. These lateral thinkers are virologists, they focus on using mass testing to determine the number of those who have traces of viral RNA (or DNA) in their saliva, because that’s a lot more and you can make a big impression with these numbers.

Querdenker (lateral thinker) divert attention from the immediate danger and then, like a noisy stream without a bridge, draw attention to the danger of not publicizing a possible danger in time.

Words and numbers across the board

Querdenker (lateral thinker) are those who put the false word “new infections” on people who have tested positive, and conceal the fact that only a small percentage of those who have tested positive show symptoms of infection at some point. Lateral thinkers are those who, again and again, put up new numbers as a danger, positive tests, incidence, R-value, although, thinking straight, it is about diseases and about deaths, which fortunately occur only rarely.

Querdenker (lateral thinker) are also those politicians who close schools and tell the children that they have to save their grandmother, who is desperately looking into emptiness at home because no one comes to visit her, by preventing contact.

A lateral approach that misses the mark

Querdenker (lateral thinker) are all those who spread fear with exaggerations, false figures and daring forecasts instead of aiming straight for the goal. The goal would be to directly protect and care for the really endangered, the old and the weak, and, if desired, to vaccinate them soon and then put an end to the scaremongering and get back to the real problems.

Querdenker (lateral thinker) are all those who constantly think about Corona and only write about it, make their mark on it and politicize about it and ignore all the more important issues:

  • Financial power,

  • Redistribution,

  • Tax evasion,

  • Low wages,

  • Environmental degradation,

  • Climate change,

  • Energy policy and last but not least the decay of our democracy.

All this is addressed on the banners during the demonstrations, which are ignored by the journalists. These are journalists who cross the big media and do not let the straight and consistent thinking people through.


Image source: Fortgens Photography / shutterstock


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