QUERDENKEN711 Demonstration on 31.12.2020 in Berlin

PRESS RELEASE from Querdenken711

Demonstration on 31.12.2020 in Berlin “Welcome 2021 – The year of freedom and peace”

Stuttgart/02.10.2020 The date of the next big demonstration of QUERDENKEN711 in Berlin is fixed. Michael Ballweg, founder of the initiative QUERDENKEN711 announced in his speech in Berlin today that he has registered a demonstration for 31.12.2020 in Berlin.

The demonstration is to take place analogously to the demonstrations on 01.08.2020 and 29.08.2020 on the 17th of June Street.

We were surprised by the answer of the Berlin Police:


“You have registered a demonstration for 31.12.2020 on the 17th of June Street from 15:30 – 01:00. Due to the annual New Year’s Eve celebrations and the associated special rights of use of the organizer, the location you requested is not available. This concerns the entire area Unter den Linden, Pariser Platz, Platz des 18. März, Ebertstraße, 17th of June Street up to the S-Bahn station Tiergarten and the entire area of the government district”.

Obviously, the city of Berlin is planning an even bigger New Year’s Eve celebration than before – despite the pandemic. The area communicated by the police is estimated at 333,000 m2. For this, QUERDENKEN711 would like to thank the Governing Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller and the still-senator of the Interior, Andreas Geisel.

This is also a good day for the event industry (#ALARMSTUFEROT). We hope that other cities will follow Berlin’s example.

Unfortunately this information has not yet been communicated to “sib Silvester in Berlin Veranstaltungen GmbH”. On the website berlinersilvester.de it still says:


“1.5 km along the 17th of June Street- from the Brandenburg Gate to the Kleiner Stern – the party zone for the grandiose New Year’s Eve spectacle extends. The party mile ends about 100 meters before the Victory Column”.


Meanwhile, the program sounds promising:

– Live music and open-end disco

– High altitude fireworks and laser show

– Fun zone with Ferris wheel

– Food and drink on the party zone

– Live broadcast on television

At this point, we would like to remind the City of Berlin that the following wording is included in the current Corona self-authorization:

„Part 2 – Personal limits and prohibitions

§ 6 Maximum number of persons at events

(1) From September 1 to the end of December 31, 2020, outdoor events with more than 5,000 people present at the same time are prohibited.“

The designated area of 333,000 m2 provides space for 53,280 participants. This must be adjusted accordingly (end date 30.12.2020) so that the New Year’s Eve celebrations can take place.

QUERDENKEN711 has developed a new hygiene concept to make the demonstrations even safer: DHB + AHA II.

Double holds better (DHB):

Double mask obligation (multi-stage filter systems work better than single-stage ones)

Duty to wear headgear

Manual covering obligation

In addition, we plan with regard to space utilization according to the principle of “double minimum distance” (AHA II). This results in a requirement of 14.8 m2 per participant.

Either way – QUERDENKEN711 calls on all initiatives in Germany and Europe to join the celebrations for 2021 on December 31, 2020 in Berlin. If the city of Berlin does not organize an event, we will hold our meeting “Welcome 2021 – The Year of Freedom and Peace” on the basis of Article 8 of the Basic Law.


QUERDENKEN711: presse@querdenken-711.de

Police Berlin: Dir2A28ED@polizei.berlin.de


Thanks to the author for the right to publish.


Picture source: Volodymyr Zakharov / shutterstock


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