Zero Covid – Zero Doubt. Left-wing campaign for the virus state | By Uli Gellermann

By Uli Gellermann.

A considerable amount of left-wing people have come together for a call under the heading #ZeroCovid. Quite a few of them have long been considered oppositionists, and some even see themselves as Marxists. The majority of them can be assumed to have honest intentions.

Authors take over unchecked numbers

From the beginning, the text of the appeal assumes that the Corona narrative propagated by the government and the mass media is true: “Thousands are dying every day” write the authors, adopting unchecked those figures disseminated by an apparatus that does not want to distinguish between those who died FROM the virus or WITH this virus.

Stereotype of the “infections” adopted

The stereotype of the “infections” is taken over almost childlike. That “infections” are by no means to be equated with “diseases”, that this word beats like a steam hammer day after day on the heads of the citizens to frighten them, is ignored by the originators of the ZeroCovid message.

Virus mutations have always existed

The “mutations” recently introduced into the debate are similarly naively adopted from the Corona regime’s arsenal: That there have always been viral mutations, that they will continue to exist, that they need not necessarily be dangerous: All this could be known to the initiators of the appeal.

Viruses have been with us for thousands of years

The proclaimed zero-infection goal also goes against the grain of scientific knowledge: Viruses have accompanied humans for millennia. They are part of life, just as death is part of life. If you want to eradicate viruses once and for all, you have to eradicate their carriers: The people.

The state is an instrument of the ruling class

When the appeal demands:

“To fight the pandemic effectively, we immediately need a joint strategy in Europe.”

it carefully conceals who WE are. Until now the strategists of the pandemic fight sat and sit at the head of that state, which pretends to be WE. In reality, it is the instrument of the rulers against the ruled.

The state as a creator of disease

From this ruling state, the authors of the call now demand a “a joint long-term vision” and diffuse “screening and vaccination strategies”. It is the state that has proven itself to be a disease-maker with its privatization of the health care system. It is now supposed to make its subjects healthy: “together,” as if there were no opposites.

The pharmaceutical industry does not appear at any point

With this strange neutrality, as if the state were above the classes, it is also written about vaccination and claimed:

“Vaccines are global commons.”

The term pharmaceutical industry does not appear anywhere, nor do the billions earned from vaccines.

Doubt is the tool of scientific debate

Not a word of the alternative scientific opinions on the coronavirus and its suppression. No thought that doubt is part of the unconditional tool of scientific debate. No mention of the extremely closed, non-contradictory media front.

Appeal leads to a belief system

Instead of confronting the new Corona world with questions and doubts, the appeal leads to a statement of faith:

“Democracy without public health is useless.”

As if someone had called for such a democracy, this cardboard position is invoked only to bravely bash it. The woolly text goes on to say, “Public health without democracy leads to authoritarianism.” As if there were not long since the restriction of fundamental rights to the point of their abolition.

As if Merkel and Spahn had guided the authors’ hand

The call culminates in the desire for a total shutdown:

“Shutdown means: we limit our direct contacts to a minimum – including our contacts at work!”

As if Merkel and Spahn had guided the authors’ hand. Because that’s what the government has been aiming for months. And behind the majestic WE, the claim to power is easy to discover.

Who doesn’t name the horse and rider, refuses to face reality

The majority of the supporters probably mean well. But those who do not want to name the horses and riders in the battle of opposites, who do not want to determine the different interests, who trust the information provided by the state apparatus, are refusing to face reality.

That is unhealthy. At least for the mind.


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