YouTube warns KenFM again and blocks new uploads for 14 days!

YouTube has again warned our channel because of an alleged violation of the community guidelines and we are now unable to upload new videos to our YouTube channel for 14 days.

We are alleged to have violated the following community guidelines:


„No content is allowed on YouTube that explicitly questions the benefits of social distancing or self-isolation recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities and that could lead to people not following these recommendations.“

The concrete cause is the video “KenFM am Set: Rechtsanwalt Markus Haintz von Querdenken711 zu seiner Festnahme in Berlin” (Lawyer Markus Haintz of Querdenken711 on his arrest in Berlin).

Free and independent media portals have no future on YouTube in our opinion and especially due to current events – deletion of videos and temporary upload blocks – because this is only the beginning.

Please feel free to consume our content via our homepage or our App. Our contents are also available to you via DailyMotion and in our telegram channel @KenFM –

Soon we will also offer a channel on Bitchute.

Free media are the immune system of a democracy. Please recommend us and share our content!


KenFM strives for a broad spectrum of opinions. Opinion articles and guest contributions do not have to reflect the views of the editorial staff.


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