By Dirk Pohlmann.

On May 8, 2015, coincidentally the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe, the World Health Organization published a recommendation for the designation of infectious diseases.

Authorities and the media should avoid naming a new disease after the alleged location or nation of the outbreak, as was done for the “Spanish flu”, or after the carrier organism, as was done for the”swine flu” or “bird flu”, or after professional groups, as was done for the “Legionnaires’ disease”, or after the name of the discoverer, as was done for the “Chagas disease“.

The official name is ultimately determined by the WHO, which avoids attributions of the aforementioned types.

The WHO justifies this as follows: “WHO, in consultation and collaboration with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has identified best practices for the naming of new human diseases, with the aim to minimize unnecessary negative impact of disease names on trade, travel, tourism or animal welfare, and avoid causing offence to any cultural, social, national, regional, professional or ethnic groups.”.

This could perhaps be explained to Donald Trump, who speaks of the “Chinese virus”, or Mike Pompeo, who calls it the “Wuhan virus”, because Trump would probably find it at least “very, very sad” if the Spanish flu of 1917, which killed between 25 and 50 million people, depending on estimates, i.e. caused more deaths than World War I, were to be called the “US epidemic”. Because it is now assumed that the Spanish flu originated in the USA. The only reason it was named the Spanish flu was due to the fact that the first reports of the disease were published in Spain, and its existence there, unlike in the other countries where it occurred, was not subject to military censorship.

Trump said at a recent press conference that he called the disease “Chinese virus” because it originated in China. This statement is false, possibly in two ways incorrect.

Firstly, it is not clear whether the disease really first appeared in Wuhan and originated there. General practitioners from northern Italy report that a previously unknown pneumonia with the same symptoms as COVID-19 already occurred in northern Italy in November 2019, well before the official outbreak of the disease on February 21. So perhaps the high case numbers in Italy are the result of an undetected spread of the disease in northern Italy before the first tests.

There may also have been cases in the USA before that. In fact, the argument of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, who has now been officially maligned because of his different analysis, cannot be dismissed: COVID-19 is only registered in areas where it is tested, but neither the origin, nor the number of cases, nor the mortality rate are known.

The fact that the number of cases of the disease is now exploding in the USA and that COVID-19 could become a deadly disease for the poor is probably related to the fact that the USA only had 10,000 tests and that they were used very restrictively. The death rates in the US might surpass the rates in China and Italy.

Calling the disease a “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus” is also a deliberate mistake by the US president for a second reason. He wants to classify it as foreign, as an evil intruder from outside into good America, just as the illegal Mexican immigrants are intruders who are urgently needed by US entrepreneurs as ultra cheap labor for exploitation in agriculture, but are denounced as social parasites. A wall should protect the US from the evil or the evil from abroad. That is why someone in the USA is planning to build a wall. It just hasn’t worked out yet.

If the virus originated in China, it would fit perfectly into the current scheme of conspiracy theories in the USA, which are currently permitted by the state. While the Democrats suspect the Russian world conspiracy of Vladimir Putin behind all evil, the Republicans rather believe in the yellow danger, in the protocols of the Wise Men of Beijing, whose discovery must be imminent, no doubt. A fact that Prof. Michael Butter, the greatest Americanist of all time, beautiful, the greatest expert, we have the greatest experts, as Trump would say, has so far missed in his intense search for research topics. How can this be?

But let’s get back from the rampant nonsense to the virus. …and to belligerence. Anyone looking for statements about the inevitability of the coming war between the descending economic power USA and the rising economic power China will be swept away by a tsunami of such statements on the Internet. Simply google and let yourself be carried away by the waves, which Elmar Theveßen on ZDF, for example, is helping to reinforce. He is concerned about the effects of Donald Trump’s policies on NATO’s fighting strength. In his view, Trump is diminishing NATO’s fighting capacity against Russia, and this at a time when the US war with China is inevitable. As the now-retired General Hodges explained to him.

Fox News, probably the most stupid station on the globe despite Thevessen’s competition, had set a stage for Republican US Senator Tom Cotton, who claimed the coronavirus came from a Chinese bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan. Trump and Pompeo are referring to this devastating fake news infection with the word “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus“.

Regarding the fact that in July 2019 there had apparently been a release of a pathogen in the greatest bioweapon lab in the world, beautiful, we have the greatest bioweapon labs in the world, Fort Detrick in the US state of Maryland, and that the lab was demonstrably closed in August, further details were denied by the US health authority CDC with reference to the national security of the USA, gave the Chinese secret services and the Chinese government another idea. Namely that the “Wuhan virus” could in reality be a “Fort Detrick virus”. They have requested since then a release of the data and a scientific discussion of the origins of the disease.

Especially because there were people in the USA among the first to fall ill who were demonstrably not in China and had no contact with people who were in China, or even in Hubei province, where Wuhan is located. In addition, among the first 40 Chinese sufferers in Wuhan, there were several people who had no connection with the wildlife market where the virus is said to have first spread to humans. Among these unrelated patients was the first known infected person in Wuhan. That’s odd.

The market is a so-called “wet” market. Wet refers to blood. In China it is common to buy live fish, but also wild animals like snakes and bats, which are slaughtered at the market.

So far, two precursor viruses have been found that are very similar to the SARS Cov-2 virus that triggers COVID-19. One virus occurs in a species of bat, the other in a species of pangolin. The causative virus is probably a chimera, a mixture of both viruses. But in which host animal did this union take place? Or was it a mutation in humans? This is still unclear, and the search for the first sick person, the so-called “patient zero”, should now be extended to Italy and the USA.

At any rate, bats are sold at the famous market in Wuhan, but most probably not pangolins, because their sale is not only forbidden, but they are almost extinct in China.

It is very likely that both the American and Chinese assumptions about the origin of the new coronavirus from a bioweapons laboratory are wrong, as a new publication in Nature proves.

But Xi Jin Ping and various Chinese officials have made the same statement after the attacks from the USA, and this is also a reality – and not a good development. Especially because the USA under Trump is not interested in good relations with its power rivals, as it was once under Ronald Reagan, who had maneuvered the world almost into World War 3 during the Able Archer operation. Simply put, but factually correct, the USA is seeking dispute with China wherever possible.

Trump even plays with insinuations in his remarks that this is his way to restrain China. He said at a press conference on the corona virus: “Think of it: biggest economy in the world, by far.  China would have overtaken us in this year; they were expected to for five years.  2019, they were going to overtake us.  They’re not even close, and they won’t be close as — as long as somebody smart is right here, they won’t be close.” It is very difficult not to see a connection to the virus here because Trump uttered these sentences at a press conference on the coronavirus. But I’m sure that Spiegel and ARD won’t.

Especially in view of the fact that since 2001 the USA has no longer complied with the Biological Weapons Convention, which it signed in 1972. They spend hundreds of millions every year on bioweapons research and in 2005 they published that they had succeeded in reproducing perfectly the Spanish flu virus. What is this research for and what is the purpose of its publication?

The Chinese are also aware that since 2018, swine flu has been circulating in China, killing over 300 million animals. Some of the pathogens have been released by drones over pigsties. Allegedly by criminals, who then acquired the urgently slaughtered pigs to sell the meat under false declaration. But in some cases the drones’ attacks happened at different places at the same time.

The Chinese authorities do not really want to believe in an accumulation of coincidences, given the catastrophic effects of a normal flu in 2019, swine flu and COVID-19, which broke out just before the Chinese New Year.

It is also really tricky. The Chinese New Year resembles the Western Christmas. The family gets together, the whole of China is on its feet and there are many “Christmas parties” of companies and authorities. So the New Year is the ideal time to start an infection. The effects of these epidemics, not just COVID-19, are as immense as Trump claimed. China’s economic output has collapsed by 40%.

Two weeks before the outbreak of COVID-19, a military Olympics was held in Wuhan from 18-27 October, with 172 athletes and 369 participants from the USA. The Chinese were astonished that this strong US team, one of the largest delegations at the Games, which otherwise has a number of top athletes, won almost no medals in 2019, ranking 35th in the medal table behind Tunisia and Namibia. The Chinese are wondering what the US team’s task was in Wuhan.

Two weeks after the military Olympics, which is the incubation period of COVID-19, the first known infection occurred in Wuhan.

On the same day as the games started, an exercise was held in the USA to simulate a coronavirus pandemic. Organized by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Safety, the exercise also involved the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and former Deputy CIA and Deputy National Security Advisor to Barack Obama, Avril Haines.

Event 201 simulated the effects of a pandemic with a fictitious coronavirus called 2019-nCoV, which incidentally became the exact original name of the new virus causing COVID-19 before it was renamed SARS CoV 2 by the WHO. As already mentioned, the naming is not intended to make any associations with specific countries or persons. The WHO follows its own guidelines.

The Event 201 simulation assumed 65 million deaths and dealt with the effects of a global economic shutdown caused by the pandemic. So the US authorities are now experiencing a Déjà-vu. Like 9/11, when the exercise and the real event even got mixed up and many people did not know whether they were dealing with the exercise or the real terrorist attack. And as with 9/11, the contingency plan, known as the Contiunitiy of Government, was declared and a parallel government was set up to keep the state functioning. This can also be seen as an enabling act. It is advisable what is made possible by it. Already known is the possibility to imprison people indefinitely without charge. What is the use of this in combating a pandemic?

All these strange facts have raised a lot of questions in China, not only in official circles, but especially there. Among other things, there is great interest in finding a scientific answer to the possible origins of the disease outside Wuhan.

Will the publication in Nature, which is a clear indication against the bioweapons thesis, be sufficient to eliminate these thoughts? That is open to doubt.

And the developments that are now taking place will lead governments, the military and intelligence services to think about the possible use of new kinds of bioweapons, with great impact, but different from any bioweapon before.

They are not aimed at maximizing death rates, but at damage to the economy, you could call them disruptive biological weapons, where it remains unclear whether they are being used and who is behind it. An instrument that is as effective as a terrorist attack, but where questions or investigations into reality and authorship are treated as a conspiracy theory. And this has also been taken care of. The news situation of the mainstream media is not clouded by any doubt.

Recent history is full of events that are dealt with in this way, despite a strangely unclear set of facts, from the shooting down of MH17 to the chemical weapons attacks in Douma, to the Skripal affair.

And, a final drop of bitterness: the alternative media should also make an effort to provide critical coverage, and that does not mean seeing dark forces at work everywhere and all the time.

Because whatever the causes of this pandemic are, it is one. It must be fought. It is not a fake. We can see the effects it can have in Italy and soon probably also in the USA. We should just be careful that the measures to combat it do not cause more damage than the pandemic itself.

The task is to use one’s own intellect, using all the truthful information available. It applies to all media. It is not an easy task. It would do both the mainstream and the alternative media good to search more, to gather many facts before judging. Maybe it is also too early to judge.

We all don’t know exactly what is happening, why, and what is right. Corona is in many ways the first time.


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