We must stop the masquerade!

By Peter Frey.

High politics is by no means thinking of actually abandoning its “new normality” as a concept of society. The “relaxations” – administered in the style of feudal rulers – are deceptive, because part of the game is to hold the population back until the “second wave” finally arrives. At least in Berlin, people are waiting for the paradox to occur. Paradox because there has never been a “First Wave”, except for the one that has been washed into people’s minds and hearts with the fears it has spread.

Traditionally, the beginning of another flu season will also be heralded in the autumn of 2020. Flu season is a symbolic name for the time of sniffles, feverish colds and large rashes in the reactions of immune systems. As in every flu season, this will cost people their lives, especially the elderly, the seriously ill and the weak. Life is only possible because there is also dying. The number of people whose loss we mourn will increase seasonally. This is also because climatic factors, coupled with our living conditions, play into the hands of a weakening of our body’s own protective functions.

This year, however, will be different, unless a strong movement from the population undermines the plans. The de facto highest ranking German politician excelled on April 9th of this year with Fake News:


“Even if the numbers improve by one day, it (the pandemic) will not go away until we really have a vaccine to immunize the population.” (1)

Why this can be considered fake news – the transmission of news that does not correspond to reality – should not be a problem for the alert mind. Because if it were like that, as Angela Merkel puts it, there would already be nothing but a sick, languishing world population. Let us consider the self-conception of the ruling class (emphasis by the author):

“… a vaccine with which we can immunize the population.”

The rulers as subjects, the population as incapacitated objects. In this particular case: the complete ignorance, i.e. incompetence, of aspects of immunization as a characteristic of the thinking of the rulers; spoken out of the mouth of the German Chancellor. Another fake news from Angela Merkel, gladly widely spread by the so-called quality media:


“The Chancellor was quoted as saying that it has so far been quite successful in not overburdening the health system. For example, it is now taking longer for the number of infected people to double. (2)

The Chancellor did not have any knowledge about the number of infected people, indeed she still does not have any. Why? Because there are simply no surveys, baseline studies, representative tests. These are still missing today, in early July, six months after the outbreak of the pandemic. Is that premeditation or stupidity?

Here is fake news from Springer, calling on Lothar Wieler, the head of the Robert Koch Institute



“RKI head Wieler is also alarmed. The number of new infections is still at a “high level”.

All conjured up, finger-sucked, unsubstantiated allegations. False reports are the daily work of the mass media. Opportunistic, but above all uncritical, system-compliant thinking is the cause of this systematic dissemination of fake news. If it were otherwise, the world would be digging intensively in these days at the latest, almost a quarter of a year after the news I have just quoted.

Because the Welt also wrote:


“The RKI is now planning to launch major nationwide antibody studies on the spread of coronavirus. These studies are intended to determine how many people have already been infected and are therefore immune to the virus, at least for a certain period of time.” (4)

The Welt thus indicated the problem of the lack of information that turned the political slogans commented on above into fake news: the missing database. Of course, already in April the Welt did not ask why such a representative database was not available . On the same day, the RKI reported on its website (emphasis by author):


“Nationwide population-representative seroepidemiological study: By determining antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in a nationwide representative sample, the actual spread, immunity, proportion of asymptomatic infections, actual mortality rate and risk factors for a severe course in the population in Germany should be better estimated. The study will involve 15,000 people aged 18 years and older at 150 study sites. The subjects will also be asked about clinical symptoms, previous illnesses, health behaviour, living conditions and mental health. The study is expected to start in mid-May 2020, first results are expected in June 2020”. (5)

The RKI could have added, yes, it should have:

“As long as this data is not available, we cannot make any serious statements about a possible epidemic, nor about its spread and dangerousness.”

But that’s exactly what they have been telling a frightened population during all these months!

But did you notice anything, dear readers?

We are in July now. But I cannot find any reports – delivered by the media at the top and in large letters, analyzed and thus made widely available to the public – that point to the results of these tests, which are so important. How sincere was the announcement of the RKI in April actually meant?

Not at all lazy, I went on a search, and I also found something on the subject at the RKI. Now please hold on (emphasis by author):


“By determining antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in a nationwide representative sample, the actual spread, immunity, the proportion of asymptomatic infections, the actual mortality rate and risk factors for a severe course in the German population will be better estimated. The study is currently being planned.” (6)

Representative studies – carried out with the aim of obtaining a rough but realistic picture of an epididemiological situation – can be carried out within a few weeks or even days. Such studies can be continued as a continuous process, thus correcting and refining the results. Baseline studies also do not cost the sums of money that have been spent for months on the crazy and unreliable mass tests.

Representative studies would have to be routine for an epidemics institute such as the RKI, and the first results should have been available as early as March 2020! But they have not even been started until today – although announced by the institute three months ago!

We can all be quite sure that these results – if they were finally available – would not put us in fear. But the results are not there, and that is a political intention. Instead, further campaigns are being run to carry out more than questionable mass tests (7). This is an extremely profitable business, for one thing. But on the other hand, these tests and the reports about them maintain the alarmist fake news atmosphere that our politicians so urgently need in order to really and permanently establish the “new normality” in the minds of the citizens.

Only on the basis of such permanently spread lies can one still peddle masks as a hypocritically propagated gesture of solidarity, but in reality a symbol of subjugation and disempowerment.

Conclusion: we are lied to, systematically and continuously. We are also lied to about how, where, when and why people in Germany allegedly died of Covid-19. We are urged not to tolerate this any longer.

Please remain attentive.

Notes and sources:

This article first appeared in Peds Ansichten.

(General) This article of Peds Views is licensed under a Creative Commons License (Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivative Works 4.0 International). It may be redistributed and reproduced subject to the terms of the license, including a clearly visible link to the author’s blog. In the case of internal links to other articles of Peds Ansichten, you will also find there the external sources with which the statements in the current text are substantiated.

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