Trump, the tyrant

A comment by Willy Wimmer.

On October 30, 2019, 19:00 CET, the former American Secretary of Defense, Mr. William Cohen, let the demons out on CNN in a conversation with the gifted “drummer” for American wars since the illegal war against Yugoslavia, Mrs. Christiane Amanpour.

Mr. Cohen is innately a Republican and held the post of Defense Minister under the Democratic President Barak Obama in the Democratic-Republican Washington War Coalition. Mrs Amanpour and Mr Cohen talked in detail about the state of play on the possible impeachment of President Trump. Mr Cohen then spoke about President Trump in a extreme manner, normally reserved for American preparations for war against another country.

It was a very atmospheric start when Mr Cohen placed President Trump alongside his favourite buddies from President Putin to the North Korean ruler. Relations with these gentlemen were more important to President Trump than those with his allies. Then President Trump was placed in the category “becoming a tyrant”.

In connection with the fateful American habit of drawing instructions for action from such formulations, the rest of the world can only take cover. Since antiquity, everyone has known what legitimacy is derived from this. Mr. Cohen’s indictment of President Trump: he placed himself above the law and a “one-person rule” over the other institutions can be expected in a further term of office.

As a foreign observer, one has the pictures of President Milosevic to President Saddam Hussein before one’s eyes, not to mention others.

But former minister William Cohen meant his own president elected by the American people. What is at stake was announced days earlier in the New York Times by George Soros when he announced the continuation of globalization against nation states for the coming year. None of the important speeches by American President Trump has penetrated European and German consciousness. Why should it be reported, since President Trump has more in common with the “Europe of the Fatherlands” in the sense of President de Gaulle than with Mr. George Soros?

There is not much missing in the German political speech and the American President Trump becomes the American relative of Mr Höcke in order to be able to locate the rhetorical Suada correctly. Putting someone in the corner of a “tyrant’ and then complaining about hatred and radicalization is the height of hypocrisy. The German model, in which “hatred and xenophobia” are hopeful when it comes to Moscow, corresponds to this.


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