Trump alone at home, pursued by the Deep State

For almost 3 years, US President Trump has been thwarted in his peace policy initiatives, often by opponents within his own ranks in the White House. At the same time, unimaginably dirty campaigns are systematically undermining both his reputation as a person and his political authority as US President.

A comment by Rainer Rupp.

Willy Wimmer, CDU Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Defense towards the end of the Cold War and whose commentaries are well-known and appreciated by RT Deutsch, has raised the fascinating question in his new book as to whether the current US President Donald Trump will mark the beginning of the end of the global US war drive in the foreseeable future. Trump’s peace negotiations and mediations between South and North Korea or his officially announced political goals of “putting an end to senseless and endless (US) wars” and “bringing US soldiers home” raise hopes for a more peaceful future with the

United States in a multipolar world.

The current withdrawal of US troops from the Syrian-Turkish border could be a further indication in this direction, says Wimmer. However, Trump’s path in this direction is filled with many seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And every time it looks as if he has made progress across party lines, the so-called “security establishment” of the globalised US corporation puts up new barriers. Because Trump apparently wants to free his country from the many international military entanglements and instead focus on the reorganization of his own country. This is probably what his “America First” means – a term that dates back to the time before the Second World War, when a powerful anti-war movement in the USA wanted to mobilize against President Roosevelt’s plans to enter the war, albeit in vain.

Trump’s “America First” policy, which is also expressed in the protective tariffs for the domestic US economy, is diametrically opposed to the business model of the neo-liberal elites, which is why Trump is condemned in the strongest terms not only in the USA, but also in the entire West by elitist globalisation winners in business and politics, along with their “press-ituiates “.

Even after Trump had managed – contrary to all expectations – to emerge as the Republican Party’s top candidate from the primary elections for the presidential candidate, the security establishment in the USA had attempted to prevent the Republican and thus Trump’s electoral victory across party lines. It was due in large part to the arrogant incompetence and corruption of Hillary Clinton, who was too obviously bought and paid for by Wall Street, that Trump actually won.

However with the victory of Paria Trump, whose “America First” initiative posed a deadly threat to the business model of the neoliberal elite, both the neoliberal elite and the so-called “deep state” of powerful but unelected representatives in US intelligence services, ministries and other government agencies controlled by it could not and would not be accepted. This is how the alleged “Russia Gate” scandal was constructed: Over a period of two and a half years, Democratic leaders and top officials from the US Department of Justice, the US Attorney General’s Office, the FBI and the CIA accused President Trump and some of his closest associates of high treason, namely to be “Russian agents” controlled by Putin. Without presenting any evidence, the accusations of high treason, where based on an alleged British “intelligence dossier”.

One cannot imagine it, but this subject has dominated the headlines of US media and dominated political life for two and a half years, even in the craziest, supposed ” details “. It was only after the results of the investigations by Robert Mueller, the special investigator appointed by the US Congress, and his team turned out to be false that “Russia Gate” slowly disappeared from the top headlines. But to this day, there are still “Never Trump” fanatics who keep flogging the dead horse “Russia Gate” in the hope of sending it back into the race.

However, with “Ukraine-Gate” a replacement for “Russia Gate” has long since been found. It’s about a telephone conversation Trump had with the new president of Ukraine, Vladimir Selensky, in which Trump asked for information about a corruption affair in which his presidential opponent Joe Biden, when he was Democratic US Vice President under Obama, and his son Hunter Biden were apparently involved. Hunter Biden had received $50,000 a month in salary from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which did business with the US. Hunter’s only professional qualification for this job was apparently to be “son of the US Vice President. Hunter had received a total of $3.5 million without providing any service in return. This led to suspicions of corruption and an investigation by the Attorney General of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Attorney General, however, was soon fired by the Poroshenko government in Kiev at a breathtaking pace due to an intervention by Papa Biden. Joe Biden personally bragged about this in front of the camera at an event of the so-called US think tank “Council on Foreign Relations” on 23 January 2018: he had given the Ukrainian government an ultimatum, either the Attorney General would be dismissed within the next six hours or he would block the US guarantee for a loan of one billion dollars from the IMF to Ukraine. Even before the end of those six hours, the Attorney General had been fired, he told the audience with triumphant behavior.

Of course, the Democrats’ impeachment case against Trump is by no means about Biden. However, the corporate media – thanks to the Internet – tried in vain to sweep the interference and blackmail of the Ukrainian government under the carpet to protect his shady son Hunter Biden. Now they have discovered and denounced all the more vehemently the “enormous criminal offence of Trump”. This supposedly consists of the fact that he asked a foreign statesman to supply him with election ammunition against his rival Biden from the “Democratic” Party. This is the material from which those “Democrats”, with flimsy arguments and without any evidence, have constructed an impeachment procedure against Trump.

The two witnesses to the trial now presented by the Democrats as alleged whistleblowers are both U.S. intelligence officials who were infiltrated by the Deep State into the inner circle of Trump’s staff in the White House. All they can testify to is second-hand hearsay that would not be valid in a court of law. Nevertheless, the whistleblowers’ testimony is first presented to the world by such “democrats” and their “press-situates” as irrevocable truth.

The fact that there is an official transcript of Trump’s telephone call with Selensky by the White House staff, which has long since been published on Trump’s orders, cannot reassure the Democratic minds, although independent legal experts have found no misconduct on the part of the US President. Anyone who believes that they can build a successful indictment for impeachment on this shaky foundation also believes in Santa Claus. That is clear even among democrats.

The mere fact that the US Senate would have to approve Trump’s impeachment with 60 out of 100 votes and the Republicans would have a solid majority in the Senate should not seriously jeopardize Trump. Although many Republican politicians would prefer nothing more than to throw Trump in front of the bus, many US senators will be facing their own re-election next autumn. Their chances would be much worse if they made the mistake of voting with the “Democrats” to remove their own republican president before the election. Because of his successes in the US labor market, Trump continues to enjoy great, if not growing popularity with non-party voters and even at his own party base.

It is precisely this popularity that the Democrats – supported by the Deep State – want to undermine with the impeachment process. Their calculation is: If the headlines of the media report daily up to the elections in autumn 2020 what a terribly incompetent president this Trump is, then something will stick, which would increase the chances for a Democratic presidential candidate. It can be assumed that a democratic presidential candidate who identifies himself with the consensus of the security establishment in Washington and the “values” of the Deep State would also be preferred by many Republicans in the US Congress to having to endure another four years with Trump. The uprising in the Republican Party against Trump’s order to withdraw US troops from the Syrian-Turkish border shows how nervous Trump’s environment already is.

Unfortunately, Trump has been repeatedly slowed down by his own people from the deep state during the now almost three years of his term of office with regard to his détente initiatives and especially his efforts to normalise relations with Russia. Even the withdrawal of US troops from Syria mentioned at the beginning, in which Willy Wimmer saw a further indication of a possible end to global US warmongering, has since been partially revised again by Trump’s administration. US troops continue to stand in Syria to “protect” the oil wells there – supposedly from the IS.

In fact, the US troops there are supposed to prevent the rightful owner, the government in Damascus, from being able to use its own urgently needed energy resources for the reconstruction of the country. Thus the US government has discarded all humanitarianism, democracy and human rights frills and has finally revealed to the world its true nature, which is at the primitive level of a gang of criminals. But that will not prevent our elitist German transatlantics such as Röttgen and Ischinger from continuing their pilgrimage to Washington to receive orders.


This article was first published on 08.11.2019 by RT-Deutsch.


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