The Hidden Danger

The Digitalisation Mania Robs Us of All Humanity and Degrades Us to Totally Supervised Robot Humans


By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel.

The following commentary draws attention to a wake-up call by the renowned medical doctor and brain researcher Prof. Karl Hecht. The title is: “Thoughts are free – but with global digitalisation it’s over”. It was published by “Klagemauer.TV”, or “Kla.TV” for short: The content is about a hitherto concealed operation in the war of the “super-rich” against the vast majority of humanity. The declared goal: the establishment of a New World Order.

Never before, says the 96-year-old expert, have the technical prerequisites for a total dictatorship been as mature as they are today. In the age of digitalisation, he says, mind manipulation and thought control – especially through electromagnetic radio waves – have become ubiquitous reality. Only a conscious turning away from the ideology of digitalisation can save us from degrading into totally monitored robot humans. It is high time to stop this inhumane process and return to divine nature, because otherwise humanity will digitize itself away.

Elon Musk’s brain implant “Neuralink”, electromagnetic radio waves and 5G

Karl Hecht first talks about the beginnings of technical experiments in mind control in the 1950s and 1960s, which would be “old hat” from today’s perspective. He then moves on to talk about today’s digitalisation ideology, which generates great enthusiasm for this technology and promises a lot: prosperity, comfort, better schooling and even health and immortality. But in reality, digitalisation would bring total surveillance, make jobs disappear, make people sick and ultimately make them superfluous. Public opinion would be manipulated and in the end man would lose control over technology.

As an example, Professor Hecht mentions a recent invention by Elon Musk, one of those super-rich philanthropists and do-gooders. It is shocking news for him – and for all of us: Musk has invented a neuralink the size of a euro coin and is in the process of placing it on the skull with an incision through the scalp. This would create a connection or interface between the brain, this neuralink and a computer or mobile phone. According to Musk, this connection between brain and computer is necessary for mankind to keep pace with artificial intelligence (AI). Electromagnetic radio waves and the installation of the 5G mobile phone standard, even in space, are indispensable for this.

Stop the inhumane process!

So we are dealing with a technology that practically dehumanises the human being. The human being is being turned into a controllable machine, into a robot. This scientific truth must also be communicated to the youth and the inhumane process must be stopped!

The following quote by Galileo Galilei (1564 to 16429) is addressed in particular to the ruling gravediggers of nations and their servile and corrupt politicians and corporate media:

“He who does not know the truth is but a fool. But he who knows it, and calls it a lie, is a criminal.”

To the indolent contemporaries, the words of an American scientist who is reported to have said, according to Professor Hecht, that only the little secrets could be kept secret. The big secrets would be kept secret by the incredulity of the people. They would believe the scientific truth less than the lies.

Yet we all have a great responsibility for what we leave to the next generation. But our generation does not care about the future. Actually, we should leave our children something better than we have received. But we don’t seem to care about that.



Dr. Rudolf Hänsel is an educationalist and graduate psychologist.


Thanks to the author for the right to publish the article.


Image source: Naeblys / shutterstock


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