The German government is once again bowing to the Deep State of the USA

By Peter Frey.

The insistence of the German government, and in particular of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on the continuation and completion of the Nord Stream 2 project was a symptom of certain emancipation efforts towards the “unique nation”, i.e. the USA. In the meantime, however, the leaders in Berlin are increasingly subjecting themselves to blatant pressure from Washington on this issue as well.

The way German politicians are dealing with the pressure they have received from the USA regarding the continuation and completion of a second natural gas pipeline from Russia for the Central European market is a textbook example of how the balance of power in the so-called transatlantic alliance is actually set up. The kowtowing to the elites of the “unique nation” over Nord Stream 2 is now merging with serving action in other areas of politics and economics, including of course the “Corona crisis”.

Furthermore, it is becoming more and more obvious that the European states even accept the scripts for the implementation of US-American, even global elite politics as political-media guidelines and implement them well-behaved. The global project of “fighting a deadly virus” clearly shows parallels to the stalling of the regional, but strategically important natural gas project with Russia (1). All sorts of tricks are being used to bring it to a standstill, and fraudulent means are almost inevitable.

What is actually behind the sabotage of Nord Stream 2 has been chirping from the rooftops for years. It is only too obvious that economic and political elites from the USA want to force a competitor – who has a much more attractive offer to offer – out of the natural gas business with Central and Western Europe (2). However, turning to the US alternative of fracking gas is simply economic nonsense. Just as in the “Corona crisis”, the influential and globally networked pharmaceutical sector is enjoying enormous subsidies from the public coffers of dozens of countries – and only in this way can it make its business models profitable in the first place – government money is being pumped into the fracking gas infrastructure and at the same time the higher costs incurred are passed on to the customers (3).

The whole thing is also ecologically absurd, which nevertheless does not prevent the alleged eco-activists of the German Greens from using fracking gas to set the mood for this environmental crime. Their political leaders – as far as the use of fracking gas is concerned – would normally have to run in circles, but what is normal? Of all people, their climate hysterics, who can hardly bring themselves to pray for the “greenhouse gas” catastrophe, advocate a project that releases enormous quantities of methane. Methane is considered a “greenhouse gas” with 85 times the effect of carbon dioxide (4.5). Yet the alleged eco-party has long been well aware of the disastrous effects of fracking on the environment, as a 2011 analysis conducted by the party itself shows (6).

The Green Agenda is thus a stubborn ideology (7 to 9), acquired or adapted through decades of transatlantic indoctrination, which can obviously be exploited to introduce new, money-making economic projects. And so the Greens are also pioneers of a global environmental revolution, which is linked to the worldwide “renewal of the car park” with electric cars. This correlates impressively with a hatred of Russia that served before their foster fathers, which means that the Greens will do their utmost to represent national interests in the German Bundestag. Rather, they have been activists in everything that affects relations between Russia and Germany for some time now – which brings us to the staging of these days (10 to 12).

These are good times to realize how cheap the pretexts and provocations are that are used to legitimize one’s own dependent policies controlled by foreign interests, and not only with regard to the so-called Corona crisis. When the then U.S. ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, began to make increasingly blatant threatening gestures towards the German “partner” in 2019 in order to prevent the completion of Nord Stream 2, the reactions from government circles in Berlin were – well, pitiful (13). Washington did not dispute that its threats of sanctions were not covered by any international law, nor did it dispute that it was exposing the German government.

We do not know what other threats from the United States are being received by German politicians in the background, but they certainly exist. Which brings us to the principle of cause and effect, to causal connections. Politics often and gladly twists these, in order to be able to sell forced, unacceptable, often illegal and last but not least – also from the point of view of one’s own interests – absurd actions to the population as necessary, even without alternative.

Attentive contemporaries are almost inevitably confronted with the so-called Skripal affair. What was it all about back then: the investigation of a crime? Of course not, rather there was an enormous pressure from the USA on the European states to impose new sanctions against Russia, against its very own economic and political interests. A pretext had to be created for this, which could not be stupid enough (14). The main thing was that it would be emotionally strong enough to force the image of the evil poison-spraying Russians from Putin’s Kremlin into the hearts and minds of the people as a threat to the western democracy that has no alternative (15).

What counted were not strong circumstantial evidence, let alone proof – which was never disclosed – but simply the enemy images built up over decades. Enemy-pictures need no rationality, no logical chains of argumentation. Rather, they make use of the emotional bag of tricks of propaganda, stir up fears and mistrust, denigrate, defame. In private everyday life, one would avoid people who encourage such things before succumbing to them. The latter would have very negative consequences in social life. But the hate preachers from politics and media are still trusted, more or less blindly, their woodcut-like images of societies and people uncritically taken, and unfortunately also passed on.

The “poisoning” of Nawalny is nothing more than a cheap copy of the staging of the “Scripals poisoned by the Russians”.

So once again the image of the insidious poisoner squatting in the Kremlin was taken from the onboard poison kitchen (of propaganda), solely in order to be able to sell one’s own submission to U.S. interests as supposedly sovereign, well-founded politics. The urge to expand one’s own power is always coupled with an assuring, humping glance at those who are even more powerful. Once again we look at US politics. Just like his predecessors, Donald Trump as U.S. President represents the interests of powerful associations from industry and finance. These include the oil and gas sector (16). At this point it becomes obvious that the potential for a German eco-party to protest against Trump’s ignorance of transatlantic climate targets (17) quickly dwindles when it comes to the nitty-gritty.

For it is Donald Trump himself who is exerting vehement pressure on the European states to obtain the fracking gas from the USA. Only in this way can the sector survive there at all. In recent years, the price of oil has repeatedly been well below the break-even point and, in addition to hundreds of small production companies, hedge funds and, logically, the world’s largest supplier of production technology, Halliburton, are also affected (18,19).

In summary, it remains to be said: With a smokescreen comedy the German government, under pressure from the U.S., is trying to get out of a mutually advantageous contract for both sides – the Russian and the German – and is thus clearly acting against its own interests (20). This is also acting without any alternative for the brand Angela Merkel. It is the price to be paid when you get a whiff of power, because arrogance includes subjugation, and the hegemon of the last hundred years has not yet relinquished. Besides the “Corona crisis”, the hiccup around Nord Stream 2 is an eloquent example of this.

Please stay alert.

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