The end of politics

By Hermann Ploppa.

Let us remember: at the very beginning of the hard phase of the Covid-19 quarantine, the FDP member of parliament Marco Buschmann warned that the forced closure of the shops could lead to a “revolution of the middle class”.

And FDP man Wolfgang Kubicki had the Bundestag’s scientific service conclude that Chancellor Merkel had committed an illegal presumption of office in her authoritarian flogging of the Corona regime. And FDP leader Christian Lindner said in the Bundestag, perhaps impressed by the brisk reckoning of Austrian opposition leader Herbert Kickl with his masked Chancellor Kurz <1>, that the corona measures of the federal government were completely disproportionate. The FDP would now terminate the all-party coalition of the Corona regime. The three FDP ranks were the only dissenters in the SARS Unity Party Germany (SED) at that time.

But now the FDP faction has grown so attached to the coronavirus and all the comfortable privileges of an opposition condemned to an idle existence that they no longer want to let Corona go. Although a national state of emergency has long since ceased to exist as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, they do not want to lift the state of emergency, but rather to bring about the lifting of it through their own legislative initiative <2>. On 25 March, the Bundestag had incorporated a number of special regulations into the Infection Protection Act. The regulations made Minister Spahn a de facto health dictator. Since then, he has been able to buy vaccines or reserve beds for Covid-19 patients, for example. He can issue bans and commandments without the Federal Council having to approve them. However, this must end when the emergency is over.

And the state of emergency is over. Corona deaths are almost non-existent. The number of people infected with Covid-19 – i.e. not even acutely ill people – is now less than 5,000, which is not even a per thousand figure for a population of 83 million. Recently, large open-air experiments were also conducted. Tens of thousands of demonstrators, crowded together, expressed their solidarity with their African-American fellow men in the USA. The insidious corona virus is said to spread from person to person at breakneck speed via aerosols. So after the demonstrations there should have been terrible mass infections. Transmission time: four days. Nothing happened. The epidemic is over: “This is now the case”, says the FDP bill. Nevertheless, Spahn’s dictatorial powers are to remain. The beds must remain reserved for the imaginary Corona patients.

Somehow even the liberal inmates of the Bundestag probably still have some memory traces in their corona-soaked brains that a certain intellectual honesty is actually indispensable: “The German Bundestag could refrain from repealing the determination of the epidemic situation of national importance. However, according to §5 paragraph 1 sentence 2 IfSG, the parliament is obliged to repeal the determination if its preconditions no longer exist”.

But this is something that must not take place for the sake of sheer death. The masked ball must continue, even if no fatal plague is detected. No ostracized knacker has yet been able to calmly and bluntly fetch the numerous dead of the last night from the orphaned town houses, accompanied by the monotonous sound of the death bell. Nevertheless, all means must be concentrated on the horrifying power of the Covid-19 virus, all members of the Bundestag are in complete agreement on this. Only a few AfD members of parliament are now calling for the restrictions on freedom of movement and the deadly harassment of small and medium-sized businesses to be finally lifted.

How does the AfD come to such a turnaround? At a time when the German government still regarded Corona as a pure Chinese problem back there in Wuhan and classified everyone who saw a danger in Covid-19 as a “conspiracy theorist”, the AfD pushed the Merkel government ahead of itself: “Germany is facing a catastrophe. Shutdown now!” said AfD Chairman Meuthen. In these circles, one relies, certainly not unrealistically, on the short memory of the people outside the country. Even the Left Party, including Sahra Wagenknecht, has nothing fundamental to criticize about the Corona regime of the German government. But please, for the welfare recipients a Corona special assistance of 200 euros! Surely a few crumbs from the table of the well-fed masters.

Are there fundamental constitutional objections in the ranks of the opposition parties? Even a critical word about the fact that the middle class is bleeding out, but Jeff Bezos with his tax fugitive wage dumping company Amazon can record dizzying growth? Critical remarks about the fact that probably thousands of German citizens are already suffering damage to their health because urgently needed operations are being postponed because of Corona? That the paranoia stirred up by the media is causing serious psychological damage, especially to children and the elderly? Not a critical word from the politicians, apparently not even behind closed doors.

These are truly undemocratic conditions. We are witnessing a transformation of our society. Here the principle of government no longer reigns <3>. That means: the population chooses a political elite, which is supposed to implement the will of the majority for a term of office. We now live in a system of governance. This means: democratically elected politicians sit at round tables with representatives of corporations, science and the media in order to get the best out of all “stakeholders”. It would be nice if at least the politicians at the round table were to bring out the interests of the majority will, the Volonté Générale. But even that is no longer the case. Because nowadays the leaders of all parties represented in the Bundestag are recruited and trained by elite insider groups such as Atlankbrücke, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger, Council on Foreign Relations or World Economic Forum. The training of the politicians as well as the guidelines of politics are provided by tax-exempt foundations like Bertelsmann or German Marshall Fund of the US, and many other foundations. Our politicians have sucked in the worldview of these cadre forges of super-rich oligarchs as their mother’s milk.

At the lower levels, the Federal Agency for Civic Education, the private Antonio Amadeu Foundation or the online encyclopedia Wikipedia define the framework within which political discourse is allowed to move. And defines crystal-clearly what is outside the permitted pros and cons of a politically correct debate. One learns that any criticism of banks and other private financial instruments is a priori anti-Semitic, because Jews are “almost always” on the board of directors of banks. How racist such a crude anti-Semitic understatement is, its inventors no longer even notice. The future teacher learns in advanced training courses that authors like Hermann Ploppa are not allowed to be read because Ploppa publishes in the conspiracy theory portal KenFM. The online portal Psiram is strongly recommended as further information for young educators. Now, at least in earlier times, people have learned that a source is only serious and citable if its author is clearly identified and the source portal provides information on who its owner is. So it has an Legal Notice/Disclosure. But that is not the case with Psiram. This hate and defamation portal evades legal prosecution through anonymity. It’s remarkable to see how the level of teacher training has slipped down to these days.

Just a small highlight. Because political education should actually be carried out by neutral, publicly controlled bodies and not by private foundations that represent the world view of the super-rich elites. We are dealing here with a privatisation of political education. This infiltration of public authorities by private, uncontrolled foundations runs through all political processes. It is a thing of the past that business representatives have to sit their butts off in the parliamentary lobby, i.e. the drafty foyer of political buildings, in order to be allowed to have a meeting with parliamentarians or government employees. For a long time now, representatives of banks, insurance companies or industry have been sitting in the middle of the ministries, still paid by their private employers, and writing laws, which are then waved through the parliaments one to one without question <4>. Again and again, individual cases are scandalized for the sole purpose of making them appear as individual cases and not as what they are: symptoms of a systemic revolution for private interests.

These monstrous shifts in power were made possible by changes in tax policy. More and more loopholes are opening up, as a result of which tax revenues are being withdrawn from the community of solidarity and transferred to tax havens. Changes in the law ensure that private foundations become increasingly attractive as a means of tax evasion. Now, private foundation owners can decide in feudal arbitrariness on what the tax-fugitive money is spent on – instead of the taxpayers’ solidarity community deciding in a democratic vote on what the money it generates is spent on. A loss of democracy. A loss of quality of life for the 99 percent.

And the beneficiaries of this tax theft use their loot primarily to increase their own power and opportunities for development – at the expense of the 99 percent. The notorious Texas oil billionaires David and Charles Koch used their tax loot to set up lavishly padded think tanks and pressure groups that now cover the world like mildew and bring the elites of many countries into line with the radical market ideology that the state has no choice but to be the beadle of the super-rich and that all profitable industries should be transferred from public to private hands. What Microsoft founder Bill Gates is doing with his neo-feudal tax evasionist power perfection in the health care system is now well documented.

It is also shocking to what extent the extra-parliamentary opposition is now controlled and steered by the super-rich oligarchs. The dangerous shock troops of the so-called Antifa are recognizably part of the worldwide network of the color revolutions. Through the networks of Black Lives Matter it is known that they are sponsored by the Soros and Ford foundations with considerable amounts of millions. It is also striking that the organizers of Black Lives Matter are freed from almost all corona restrictions, which are mercilessly put in place against critics of the Merkel’s corona regime.

And then people are surprised that the organization Campact also warns its members and supporters against appearing at Merkel critics’ rallies <5>. Even the apparently leftist group DEM25, once founded by the legendary former Greek Minister of Finance Yannis Varoufakis, warns of the dangerous germs of a fundamental Merkel criticism and invites its members to an online meeting with the great Corona Pope Christian Drosten <6>. Well, Varoufakis publishes regularly in Project Syndicate, an online portal that provides the press worldwide with columns for free <7>. Project Syndicate is part of the George Soros empire.

The authentic oppositional groups such as NotWithoutUs are harassed by an extremely harassing police force; by terrorist threats from the so-called Antifa. Recently, a new potent weapon has been used nationwide: at exactly the same time, when Corona-critical citizen groups dare to hold a rally somewhere in a very good way, a rally of the DGB, Linkspartei and/or DKP (German Trade Union Confederation) – by pure coincidence, of course – takes place at the same time on quite reasonable topics. There is a demonstration against the privatization of the health care system or against too high rents. All things that any reasonable person would take part in. But to always bring a reasonable concern to the table when people and resources are being sucked away from another very important and central concern such as the boundless misery of the Corona regime – that stinks to high heaven.

It is unmistakable that a stiff westerly wind has been blowing for the Left Party for a long time. The cross-dancer Sahra Wagenknecht was bitten away by her rivals in the Left Party, despite fantastic opinion poll results. The fact that Trump’s ambassador for Germany for the rough, Richard Grenell, will appear as guest of honor at the annual reception of the Left Party speaks volumes, where the Left Party is now to be found <8>.

This is all terrible, and it costs us a lot of energy. But the fact that the oligarchic faction is giving us such a unique selling point of fundamental criticism will make us strong. Because the lemming policy of the Corona regime’s united front will not be sustainable in the long run. And then we must show new ways forward. We are condemned to do so. We must prepare for that. We really do.




<3> Ausführlich dargelegt in Hermann Ploppa: Die Macher hinter den Kulissen – Wie transatlantische Netzwerke heimlich die Demokratie unterwandern. Frankfurt 2014

<4> Eine unter vielen Publikationen zum Thema: Sascha Adamek/Kim Otto: Der gekaufte Staat – Wie Konzernvertreter in deutschen Ministerien sich ihre Gesetze selbst schreiben. Köln 2009.



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